Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, June 28th, 2011


11:50am             1400 Blk Sunnydale            Aggravated Assault
Officers Hornstein and Goldsborough responded to a call regarding a fight.  Upon arrival, they located a male victim who was bleeding from a cut to his neck.  Victim told the officers that his roommate had assaulted him and was currently within the residence in a back room.  The officers searched the residence, located the suspect in a back bedroom and detained the suspect without incident.  Victim told the officers that he had gotten into an argument with the suspect.  Suspect suddenly produced a tool that appeared to be a knife. He attempted to grab the knife from her hand but was unsuccessful.  Victim then grabbed a nearby phone and struck the suspect in the head.  Suspect made a verbal threat to kill the victim and then slashed victim’s neck.  The suspect also sustained a slight laceration to the neck from the struggle. An ambulance responded to the scene and rendered aid to both subjects. After further investigation officers determined this to be a mutual combat situation and both subjects were taken into custody.   Report  110520247

3:23pm               100 Blk Santos                    Warrant Arrest
Officers Tam and Padilla were on patrol when they recognized a known suspect walking within the Sunnydale Housing Projects.  After conducting a computer query, they discovered that the male had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked in at Ingleside Station.     Report 110161704

Other incidents:        

1:46am               Sickles at Mission               Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras were dispatched to the call of an attempted robbery. Victim told the officers that he had been walking down Mission Street and boarded a MUNI bus.  Upon exiting the bus he realized that four males had followed him off of the bus and attempted to grab his backpack.  The Victim’s backpack was wrapped around both arms and he did not allow suspect’s to grab the backpack.  Suspect’s than assaulted the Victim, causing minor injuries to his face.  The suspect’s then fled from the area.  An ambulance responded to the scene.  Officers were unsuccessful in locating the involved suspects.    Report 110521881

2:41am               5300 Blk Mission                 Burglary
Officers Lozano and McCall responded to a burglary.  Victim stated that she had been sleeping when she suddenly heard loud noises coming from the rear of her residence.  She went to see what was causing the noise and discovered damage to her back door.  No other damage was noted and no items appeared to be missing. Officers photographed the damage and booked the evidence in at Ingleside Station.     Report 110519303

9:15am               500 Blk Monterey                Burglary
Officers Lozano and McCall responded to the call of a burglary.  Victim advised officers that she left for work that morning and closed her garage door.  She was unable to recall whether or not the garage door had been locked.  When she returned from work she found her garage door open and several items missing.  Officers were unable to find any signs of forced entry and Victim had no further information.       Report 110521609

10:00am             600 Blk London                             Vandalism
Victim responded to Ingleside Station to report a vandalism.  She stated that she had parked and secured her vehicle.  Upon returning, she found that her rear window was smashed and some scratches were on the car.  There was no suspect information.  Report 110519814

2:00pm                Unit Blk of Tiffany           Threats
Officers Marino and Aslam responded to a call regarding threats.  Victim advised that a known suspect who has a drug history began making threats towards her over the phone.  Victim told officers that she felt that the threats were credible and was fearful that the suspect would act on those threats.  She wanted the incident documented.      Report  110520134

4:40pm                 Cortland at Coral Ridge      Robbery
Officers Blume and Gonzalez responded to a robbery.  Victim told officers he had been walking on Cortland Avenue when approached by a male that demanded his money.  The suspect told the victim that he had a gun and demanded any money in his possession.  Suspect then reached into the victim’s pants pocket, removed a cellular phone and then fled the area.  Victim provided a suspect description and officers searched the area unsuccessfully.  Victim feels that he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.             Report   110520980

8:22pm                 Ocean Ave at HWY280 On Ramp     Robbery
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to the call of a robbery.  Victim stated that she had been listening to her IPhone while text-messaging when an unknown suspect grabbed her from behind.  Suspect grabbed the back of her head, jerking her head backwards.  The suspect then grabbed the victim’s cellphone and pushed her down to the ground.  The suspect then fled the area towards Ocean Avenue.  Victim provided the police with a detailed suspect description but officers were unsuccessful in locating the suspect.  Victim was unsure if she could identify suspect if she saw him again.                Report  110521502

11:00pm               Unit Blk of Santa Rosa      Burglary
Officer Rand responded to a burglary.  He met with the reportee upon arrival and was advised that the building had been secured when he last exited.  Upon returning, he discovered that forced entry had been made and that several rooms had been ransacked.  Several expensive pieces of electronic equipment had been stolen from the premises and various items damaged.  Officers photographed all damage discovered on-scene and booked all evidence in at Ingleside Station.  Station Investigators will be conducting further investigation of this burglary.      Report    100519632

11:20pm              5000 Blk Mission                Burglary
Officer Larocca was dispatched to a commercial burglary.  Reportee advised that upon arrival at work, he discovered the front gate lock cut and pried open.  Entry was made into the premises and various items were discovered missing.  Suspect entered through the front door.  Reportee refused any further police assistance.            Report   110519933


  7:50am                     1500 Blk Alemany               Recovered Vehicle
  4:43pm                     Unit Blk of Liebig                 Recoverd  Vehicle
  9:15pm                   Geneva at Mission                Hit & Run