Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, November 29th, 2010


08:33 am       500 blk Silver                                Narcotics Paraphernalia
Officers Trujillo and Rosiak responded to a fight call.  The caller told the officers that he had seen the female in the fight drop something at the curb just before their arrival.  The officers found that the object was a glass narcotics smoking pipe.  The officers took the woman into custody.  She was cited and released at the scene.  Report number 101102250

11:15 am       4600 blk Mission                           Fraudulent Check
Officers Rosiak and Trujillo responded to a bank that had called regarding a person attempting to cash a fraudulent check.  The officers located the suspect and detained her pending the investigation.  Officers Hurwitz and Daggett assisted in the investigation and located narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia in her possession.  The suspect was taken to County Jail for booking.  Report number 101102692

12:51 pm       1700 blk Sunnydale                      Resisting/Marijuana
Officers Peregoy, Trail and Duffin responded with Sgt McDevitt to a person with a gun call.  The officers were told that in a playground area of the public housing complex, five young men were in possession of a black semi-auto handgun and that they were passing it around.  The officers arrived and took positions covering available areas of escape.  The officers were able to detain all of the individuals.  The officers located a handgun in a garbage bin nearby.  The gun was a realistic replica air gun.  All of the suspects were taken to Ingleside Station.  One of the suspects, a parolee, was found to be in possession of marijuana, packaged for sales.  That suspect was booked.  The suspect who was seen placing the gun in the waste bin was cited and released.  Another of the suspects was also cited and released for resisting arrest.  Report number 101103173

05:09 pm       3300 blk Mission                           Petty Theft/Parole Viol
Officer Preston responded to a shoplifting theft at a grocery store.  The store security officer provided a suspect description and direction of travel on a Muni coach.  Officers Pereira and Salcedo located the bus and detained a suspect  matching the description given.  Officer Toomey took the guard to that location to identify the suspect and positively identified him.  The suspect was taken into custody. The stole property was recovered.  Officer Preston found that the suspect had prior convictions for theft related offenses and that he was on probation.  The suspect was therefore booked for the offenses at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101104171

Other incidents:

02:00 am       3300 blk Mission                            Attempted Robbery
Two men, walking home from a grocery store, were approached by six Hispanic males.  One of the suspects demanded the victims’ money.  The victim refused to give the suspect his money and pushed the suspect away from him.  The suspect then kicked the victims’ feet out from under him and he fell.  The suspect began to beat the victim therefore the other victim attempted to help him and got beat by a second suspect.  All six suspects then ran from the scene, north on Mission Street.  Both victims suffered minor facial injuries.  The area was searched to no avail. Officers Vizcay and Ma prepared the report. Report number 101101945

08:00 am       1600 blk Noe                                Burglary, School, Forced
Officer Ocreto responded to a burglary call at a school.  The officer met with the principal who showed him that several exterior windows were opened by the suspect and several interior doors were damaged.  A projector was stolen from the school.  Report number 101102335

08:22 am       600 blk Congo                              Threatening Phone Calls
A man approached PSA Knuckles at Ingleside Station and reported that he had received numerous threatening phone calls and text messages from an unknown person who threatened his life.  Report number 101104068

12:00 pm       100 blk Whipple                             Theft, Vehicle Strip
PSA Knuckles prepared a report from a victim who stated that an unknown person stole the wheel covers from his vehicle tires and scratched the paint on the vehicle exterior.  The victim did not provide any suspect description.  Report number 101104563

02:26 pm       Mission/Silver                                Robbery w/ Force/ Battery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a battery call.  They were told that the victims’ cell phone was stolen.  The officers found the victim bleeding from the nose.  The victim told the officers that he was riding on a Muni bus when a group of five teenage boys of various races boarded the bus and sat in the rear of the bus.  One of the boys, a white male, 5’9, 160 lbs, wearing a silver hooded coat, began to bother the victim by poking him on the back of the head.  The victim repeatedly told the suspect to stop, but he persisted.  The victim then stood and told the suspect to stop and balled his fist at the suspect.  As the bus stopped at Mission and Silver the suspect punched the victim one time in the face causing the injury.  The victim told the suspect that he was calling the police and pulled out his cell phone.  The suspect knocked he phone from his hand and a second suspect, a Hispanic male teenager, picked up the phone and all five of the boys ran from the bus and immediately boarded a 44 line bus stopped at the same intersection.  The driver then called for 911 through his dispatch.  Report number 101103496

08:03 pm       Geneva/ San Jose                        Robbery w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery call with numerous other Ingleside Station officers.  Officers Yuen and Paras detained two suspect who were later viewed by the victim and were not identified as the suspects.  Officers Park and Chang detained another man who matched the suspect description, but he was also not identified by the victim.  The victim told the officers that she boarded an 8X Muni coach at the Phelan loop and saw two Hispanic males seated in the rear of the bus.  As the bus approached the stop at Geneva/San Jose one of the males grabbed her iPod touch which she had in her hand and tried to take it from her.  She struggled against him as the bus stopped.  She continued to hold onto the phone as the suspect pulled her from the bus and she fell onto the street injuring her leg. The suspect was able to get the device from her and ran from the scene.  The suspect was 20-22 years old, 5’7, medium build, clean shaven and wearing all black clothing.  Report number 101104739

Vehicle Incidents:
07:45 am       500 blk Edna                                    Stolen Auto
08:40 am       100 blk Brookdale                           Stolen Auto
12:03 pm       Brazil/Mission                                   Unlicensed Driver
12:52 pm       Persia/Paris                                      Traffic Collision
02:09 pm       Unit blk Raymond                            Recovered Auto
04:15 pm       Mission/Sickles                                Suspended Driver
05:20 pm       Unit blk Natick                                  Recovered Auto
08:32 pm       Unit blk Brookdale                           Recovered Auto

Monday, November 29, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, November 28th, 2010


01:45 am       400 blk Rolph                                  Battery
Officer Hermosura responded to a battery call with Officers Ma and Reyes.  The officers met with all of the parties.  The victim and her husband had been accosted by a friend of the husband, a woman who he had a previous relationship.  The suspect was intoxicated and struck the victim across the face causing swelling and a small laceration.  The suspect was cited and driven to her home.  Report number 101099469

04:24 pm       100 blk Vienna                                Threats
Officers Lim and Shugars responded to a call of threats.  The officers met with two women, roommates.  The victim, the owner of the house had rented a room to the suspect.  The women had a discussion regarding the suspect moving out by a certain date when the suspect threatened to burn down the house and kill the victim.  The suspect admitted to making the threats.  She was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101101014

05:27 pm       1700 blk Sunnydale                       Firearm in Vehicle
Officers Antonian and Dudley observed a known gang member with a suspended license operating a vehicle.  The officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver.  The driver stated that his license was not suspended.  A computer query to DMV proved otherwise.  The man was cited and released.  An inventory of the vehicle was conducted and the officers found that the locked glove box contained a loaded handgun.  The officers searched for the suspect in the area to no avail.  Report number 101100931

07:03 pm       100 blk Peralta                               Driving Under Influence
During the course of a vehicle accident investigation it was determined by Officer Archilla that the driver of the involved vehicle appeared intoxicated.  The officers found that he was unable to perform any Field Sobriety Test due to his level of intoxication and previous health problems.  A Preliminary Alcohol Screening was performed at the scene and revealed the driver was intoxicated.  He was taken to SFGH for treatment for his injuries and a blood draw was performed for evidence.  Report number 101101296

Other incidents:

10:05 pm       100 blk Richland                             Vandalism to Vehicle
A witness heard glass breaking and looked out of his window.  He saw two young Hispanic male adults with baseball bats near a parked and unattended marked police vehicle.  The witness saw that the police vehicle had a shattered window and called 911.  The officer who had been operating the vehicle detained one man, who was later viewed by the witness and not identified as having been involved.  Further search of the area for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101101644

Vehicle Incidents:

01:30 am       Unit blk Natick                                  Stolen Auto
02:27 am       Blythdale/Brookdale                        Traffic Collision
04:39 am       Mission/Trumbull                              Unlicensed Driver
05:00 am       Geneva/San Jose                            Unlicensed Driver
07:03 pm       Peralta/York                                      Traffic Collision


Incident Date:
Saturday, November 27th, 2010


11:40 am       4400 blk Mission                             Warrant Arrest
Officer Pai was working uniformed patrol in a marked police vehicle when he observed a vehicle run a red light in front of him.  The officer conducted at traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver acknowledged his mistake.  The officer conducted the customary computer checks of the driver and found that he had two warrants for his arrest.  The driver was placed under arrest and transported to County Jail for booking.  Report number 101097651

01:42 pm       1100 blk Sunnydale                       Warrant Arrest
Officers Uang, Hopkins, and Trail were on patrol in a Public Housing area when they observed a man who they believed was a known gang member and subject to a civil gang injuction.  The officers contacted the man who was not the subject they believed him to be.  The man the officers stopped had two warrants for his arrest and was taken into custody.  He was later booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101097899

05:10 pm       4900 blk Mission                             Shoplifting/Warrant
Officer Fung was flagged down by a security guard at a grocery store.  The guard told the officer that he had a suspect in custody for shoplifting.  The officers took custody of the arrestee and conducted a computer query.  The officer found that the suspect had two outstanding warrants.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked.  Report number 101098405

Other incidents:

10:00 am       200 blk Mullen                                 Vandalism to Vehicle
Officers Rand and Wong responded to a vandalism call.  The officers met with the victim who showed them that all four tires on her vehicle had been flattened while it was parked and unattended over night.  The victim believed that a family member was responsible for the vandalism due to a longstanding feud.  Report number 101097598

10:00 am       Unit blk Seville                                Injuring Phone/Cable
Officer Fung responded to a Landlord/Tenant dispute call.  The victim stated that his landlord had been on the property then suddenly his phone line and satellite TV had been disconnected.  The officer observed that the phone was not functional and that the line for the satellite dish was disconnected.  The landlord was gone and the victim did not have contact information.  Report number 101097786

11:00 am       300 blk Mullen                                 Battery
Officer Kabanuck responded to a battery call.  The officer met with both parties, adult brother and sister, who stated that they had been drinking when they got into an argument about the family dog.  The two committed minor batteries against the other and neither wished to pursue criminal charges.  Report number 101098643

Vehicle Incidents:

12:15 am       Geneva/Prague                                Suspended Driver
10:45 am       Geneva/Naples                                Traffic Collision H/R
12:41 am       Mission/Geneva                               Unlicensed Driver
02:45 pm       Geneva/Naples                                Traffic Collision
09:40 pm       Crescent/Andover                            Unlicensed Driver
11:15 pm       Alemany/Silver                                 Traffic Collision


Incident Date:
Friday, November 26th, 2010


11:00 pm       4900 blk Mission                             Shoplifting
Officer Chan responded to a store where the store manager had a subject under arrest for shoplifting.  The manager observed the suspect exit the store without making a purchase.  The manager stopped the subject and asked him to open his jacket.  The manager observed that the suspect had a number of items hidden in his jacket sleeves.  The suspect was taken into custody.  The officer assumed custody of the suspect who was then cited and released.  Report number 101096625

Other incidents:

12:05 am       500 blk Alemany                             Breaking Windows
Two young women had been in an argument earlier in the evening.  The suspect went to the victims’ home and threw a hammer through the kitchen window.  The suspect was not located. Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded and conducted the investigation.  Report number 101094083

02:40 am       4500 blk Mission                             Vandalism to Property
Officer Trujillo met with a resident manager of a multi-unit apartment building.  The manager reported that the roll up garage door for the building had been damaged in an unknown manner and was inoperable.  No evidence that the damage was caused by a vehicle was clearly evident to the officer.  Report number 101094544

08:15 pm       Folsom/Bernal Heights                   Battery
Officers Androvich and Conceicao responded to a battery call.  The victim told the officers that she was crossing the street when a white Japanese make van almost struck her.  She stated that the driver, a Hispanic male, 30-35 years old, 5’9, 150 lbs, with uncombed black wavy hair, exited the van and apologized to her, then approached her and grabbed her blouse at her chest.  The victim retrieved a can of mace from her purse and sprayed the suspect in the face.  The suspect retreated to his van and drove away.  The victim suffered some scratches on her chest, but was otherwise uninjured.  Report number 101096346

08:30 pm       500 blk Geneva                             Theft from Locked Auto
Officer Cavanaugh was approached at Ingleside Station by a man who stated that his vehicle had been broken into.  The victim stated that he parked and locked his vehicle and left it unattended for several hours.  He returned to his vehicle to find that the front passenger window was smashed out and a bag of clothing was stolen.  Report number 101096443

08:35 pm       500 blk Geneva                              Theft from Locked Auto
A woman responded to Ingleside Station and told Officer Leong that her vehicle, parked, locked and unattended, had been broken into by an unknown suspect.  The victim stated that the suspect stole the face plate from her car stereo.  Report number 101096465

Vehicle Incidents:

01:29 am       Mission/Florentine                           Traffic Collision
02:50 am       Naples/Silver                                     Traffic Collision
08:05 am       Mission/Cortland                              Unlicensed Driver
11:20 am       4300 blk Mission                              Stolen Auto
12:30 pm       Unit blk Duncan                               Stolen Auto
12:40 pm       Moscow/Brazil                                  Stolen License Plate
02:00 pm       1800 blk Alabama                            Stolen  Auto
04:30 pm       Alemany/Seneca                             Unlicensed Driver
07:40 pm       Mission/30th St                                 Unlicensed Driver
08:40 pm       Hahn/Visitacion                               Suspended Driver
10:00 pm       400 blk Cayuga                                Stolen License Plates
11:15 pm       400 blk Cayuga                                Recovered License Plate
11:15 pm       200 blk Day                                       Stolen Auto
11:42 pm       1900 blk Sunnydale                         Recovered Auto


Incident Date:
Thursday, November 25th, 2010


No Incidents to report.

Other incidents:

02:40 am       100 blk Lisbon                    Theft from Locked Auto
Officers Morse and Reyes responded to an auto boost call.  The officers met with the victim who told them that she had left her vehicle parked, secured and unattended.  She returned to find the right rear window was smashed, the ignition was damaged and the engine turned on without a key, and items of clothing and groceries were stolen from the vehicle.  Report number 101092184

06:00 am       Joost/Ridgewood              Vandalism to Vehicle
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi was approached at Ingleside Station.  A man reported that his parked, locked and unattended vehicle was tampered with and damaged by an unknown person overnight.  Report number 101094798

09:50 pm       Crescent/Murray                 Robbery w/ Knife
Officers Contreras and Hermosura responded to a robbery call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that a Hispanic male, 17-20 years old, jumped out at him from between parked vehicles, brandishing a knife.  The suspect demanded the victims property.  Fearing for his safety the victim handed the suspect his wallet and cell phone.  The suspect ran from the scene with two other Hispanic male teens toward the Alemany Public Housing complex.  Report number 101093831

Vehicle Incidents:

08:00 am       100 blk Teddy                                   Stolen License Plate
07:51 pm       1900 blk Sunnydale                         Recovered Auto


Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010


10:20am        3300 blk Mission                       Shoplifting
Officer Tillan responded to a grocery store where a security guard had taken custody of a man for shoplifting.  The officer took over custody of the man after the guard told him that he observed the suspect place six packaged steaks into a shopping cart and then walk past the open and manned cash registers with no effort to pay for the items in the cart. The                        steaks were recovered.  The suspect was identified and then cited and released.  Report number 101089539

03:16 pm       200 blk Blythdale                     Parole Viol/Battery of PO
Officers Trail, Peregoy, Obot and Duffin were conducting a traffic stop when an uninvolved man approached then and began cursing and interrupting the officers investigation.  The officers knew the man to be a parolee and advised him to stop interrupting the investigation.  Two of the officers began to approach the man, who then walked away, while verbally threatening the officers with bodily harm.  The officers completed the traffic stop and then searched the area for the suspect, locating him nearby.  The suspect attempted to flee from the officers, but was unsuccessful even though he kicked one of the officers causing an injury.  The officers took the suspect into custody.  His parole officer was notified of the incident and approved a parole hold of the suspect.  The suspect was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101090439

03:43 pm       2200 blk Bayshore                   Marijuana Offense
Officers Chan, Chang and Park conducted a traffic stop on a driver who had failed to stop for a stop sign.  The officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle passenger compartment and even stronger odor toward the rear of the vehicle.  The driver was found to have no license to operate a motor vehicle.  The officers placed the suspect under arrest and searched the vehicle.  The officers located a large quantity of marijuana in the trunk of the vehicle with baggies and a scale to portion the marijuana for sales.  The suspect was taken to County Jail where he was booked.  Report number 101090520

11:15 pm       Mission/Persia                           Graffiti on Muni
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded with numerous other Ingleside station officers regarding a vandalism call on a Muni Bus.  The officers met with the driver who pointed out a young man as the suspect who broke out a window on the bus causing it to fall onto the street.  The officers placed the suspect under arrest.  The suspect then told the officers that he had also done the graffiti that was on the bus and gave the officers the yellow marker he had used to write his “tag” all over the rear of the coach.  The officers conducted a search of the suspect and found an additional marker.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where he was booked.  Report number 101091794

Other incidents:

12:45 am       500 blk Alemany                        Threats
A woman reported that her eleven year old daughter received a threat from an 18 year old neighbor on Facebook.  The victim has changed schools once already due to the younger sisters of the suspect bothering her at school.  Report number 101091998

07:50 am       200 blk Blythdale                      Burglary, Residence
Officers Wong and Rand responded to a burglary call.  The victim told the officers that she had been staying at a relatives home due to another incident in the public housing unit and returned home to find that someone had entered the unit through a sliding door and stole several small jewelry items and ransacked the house.  The victim stated that she had left the home with broken windows for several weeks.  Report number 101088951

09:02 am       100 blk Appleton                        Battery/Threats
Officer Johnson responded to a battery call.  The officer met with the victim who stated that she was battered and threatened by her nieces’ husband.  The victim told the officer that she has had prior incidents with the suspect. The victim stated that the suspect pushed her and threatened her life.  Report number 101089062

09:35 am       5200 blk Diamond Heights         Robbery, Bank
Officer Johnson responded to a bank robbery call and met with the teller who was robbed.  The victim teller told the officer that a Hispanic female, 30-40 years old, 5’7, 150 lbs, with black hair, and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, pink gloves and a multicolored scarf approached her teller window.  The suspect threatened the teller and demanded the money.  The teller complied and the suspect fled the store in an unknown direction.  Report number 101089147

09:55 am       Argonaut/Burr                            Robbery w/ Gun
Officers Rand and Wong responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officers that he was working as a gardener when he was approached by five African American males in late teens or early 20’s.  The shortest of the suspects, about 16-17 years old, 5’2, pointed a handgun at the victim while the other suspects searched him, stealing his cell phone and keys.  The suspects then ran toward Sunnydale Ave.  Report number 101089200

11:30 am      Unit blk Phelan                           Theft from Building
SFCCPD Officer Boyko prepared a report for a student who left his backpack unattended in a cubbie at the Wellness Center during his workout.  Upon his return the student found that his cell phone and sunglasses were gone.  The sunglasses were found on the floor later.  Report number 101089670

02:08 pm       Cayuga/Naglee                           Evading Officer
Captain Cassanego observed a suspicious person in a vehicle and conducted a short surveillance.  The suspect soon started the vehicle and the captain followed him.  The suspect made numerous turns throughout the neighborhood while the captain had the dispatcher run the license plate on the vehicle.  The dispatcher advised the captain that the vehicle was stolen.  By then the suspect had driven into the Taraval district and the captain was joined by a Taraval officer who attempted to conduct a traffic stop with a marked vehicle.  The suspect took off at a high rate of speed.  The captain directed the officer to cancel any pursuit.  Report number 101090100

02:21 pm       Schwerin/Garrison                      Weapon, Deadly
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a call of a person with a gun.  The officers met with the victims, a 16 year old boy, his mother and younger brother.  The victims stated that they were waiting for the bus near a group of young people who were hanging out.  Several of the group, two African American teens, began to taunt the 16 year old calling him names.  The suspects then called out for others to join them.  They were joined by four other African American boys one of whom was armed with a handgun.  The victims ran into the security gate at a merchant and were assisted by a security guard.  The suspects fled the area and were not located.  Report number 101090150

10:27 pm       3300 blk Mission                          Shoplifting
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro responded to a store where a shoplifting incident had just occurred.  The officers met with a store clerk who observed the suspect, Hispanic male, 25-30 years old, 6’0, 1215 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, gray shorts, with a goatee and a fisher mans’ hat, enter the store and pick up a BBQ grill in a box.  The clerk recognized the man as a suspect in previous shoplifting incidents.  A woman suddenly entered the front of the store and yelled to the suspect that the bus was coming.  The suspect ran out of the store with the item, making no attempt to pay.  The clerk observed the suspect board a 24 line Muni bus.  Report number 101091669

Vehicle Incidents:

08:00 am       Plymouth/Ocean                               Traffic Collision H/R
08:00 am       100 blk Randall                                 Stolen/Recovered Auto
09:35 am       5200 blk Diamond Heights             Traffic Collision
10:00 am       1400 blk Somerset                           Stolen Auto
11:46 am       200 blk Judson                                 Traffic Collision H/R
02:39 pm       Ocean/Geneva                                 Traffic Collision
03:10 pm       Geneva/Ocean                                 Traffic Collision
05:00 pm       5200 blk Diamond Heights             Stolen Auto

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010


12:18 am       Mission/Whipple                 Vandalism Arrest
Officers Padilla and Seavey were patrolling the district when they saw three subjects running from a parking lot. Since there were no buses in the area the officers decided to see what the subjects were running from. The officers then observed the subjects look at them, and then throw something to the ground. The officers investigated and found it to be candy. The officers went back and discovered that there was a broken candy vending machine. The owner of the machine was present and told them what was missing. The items the subjects threw on the ground was exactly the same! The three subjects were arrested then cited to appear in court. Report number 101088503

5:10 pm         1900 blk Sunnydale           Recovered Auto
Officers Cassinelli and Hom were patrolling the district when they saw a car that matched that of a stolen car. the officers tried to catch up to the car already in traffic. The officers got a good look at the driver and the other occupants of the car. The car headed to the Sunnydale area. The headlights were turned off and the car sped up. The officers saw as the car crashed into another car then watched the suspects get out and run. By this time the officers (who were not in pursuit) were at the crash site and began a foot chase. Numerous Ingleside units responded and assisted with apprehension of the suspects. Both suspects were arrested for the stolen vehicle, reckless driving and hit and run. Report number 101087577

6:41 pm         50 Phelan                             Possession of Weapon
SFCCPD Officer Wong was sent to investigate a woman that was in the building after it was closed. The suspect was incoherent so an ambulance was called. The suspect was cleared and the officer conducted a warrant check. The officer discovered that the woman had an outstanding traffic warrant. The woman was also carrying a canceled knife. The suspect was arrested for all the aforementioned. Report number 101087931

Other incidents:        

1:00 am         3800 blk Mission                 Robbery       
Officer Baldovino was sent to investigate a robbery case. Other Ingleside officers were already responding to assist. The victim told the officer that he and the second victim were headed to the store. The victims observed that the store they were headed to be closed so they turned and were headed back home. The victim told then officer that 3 suspects came up from behind and pushed them to the ground and held a knife to the side of their face. The suspects rummaged through both victims pockets then fled on foot. Both victims lost cell phones and wallets. One of the victims had a small no life threatening injury. Report number 101088644

10:00 am       Desmond/Visitacion          Theft from Auto
Police Services Aide Knuckles prepared a report regarding a theft from auto. The Victim told the PSA that he parked his car at the mentioned location only to return later and discover that the window had been broken and the Handicapped placard been stolen. Report number 101087771

10:30 am       900 blk Geneva                   Fraud  
Officer Soliman from Southern Station prepared a report regarding a fraud case. The victim told the officer that she was photo copying her license and walked away and left it at the copier. The victim returned but it was gone. Report number 101080559

11:43 am       Allison/Cross                       Robbery
Officers Jung and Chang were sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officers that she was walking on the street when she heard footsteps behind her. The victim said that a suspect ran up and grabbed her purse and fled on foot. The victim was not injured. Report number 101083086

11:50 am       Alder/Ankeny                       Hot Prowl Burglary
Officers Walker and Morgante were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that she went to the store and left her husband (who is bedridden) at home. The victim told the officers that she was gone for no longer than 30 minutes. The victim told the officers that when she got home she noticed that the back door and gate were now open. The victim went on to say that she saw that the dresser drawers were open and ransacked. Officers learned that a similar burglary had occurred just up the street. CSI was called and will respond. The husband was not injured. Report number 101086579

12:10 pm       300 blk Wilde                       Burglary
Officers Tillan and Toomey responded to investigate a burglary case. The officers learned that another burglary that was similar had occurred down the street. The witness gave officers vehicle descriptions and direction of escape. The victims arrived and described the loss. CSI was called and will also respond to both locations. Report number 101086701

12:53 pm       300 blk Granada                 Battery
Officers Chew and Barajas were sent to investigate a battery case. PCO officer was issuing a citation for overtime parking when a suspect approached and spat on the PCO. The suspect then got into his car and drove off. The PCO was not injured. Report number 101083406

1:30 pm         San Jose/29th                       Aggravated Assault
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding an assault that occurred down the street. Te victim told the PSA that he had been drinking at a bar and a fight broke out. The suspect and he were separated by security and everyone left. The suspect returned with a crowbar and began a second attack on the victim. The victims injuries were non- life threatening. Report number 101076764

2:30 pm         100 blk Cayuga                   Theft from Building
Officer Ocreto was sent to investigate a theft case. The reporting party told the officer that an unknown suspect had broken into 12 secured lockers and removed the property. No suspects were observed. Report number 101082486

7:30 pm         500 blk Bosworth               Purse Snatch
Officer Leong was sent to investigate a purse snatch case that had occurred. The victim told the officer that she had just gotten off of BART and was walking when she was taken by surprise by the suspect who approached her from behind. The suspect did not say anything. The victim told the officer that the suspect was able to get the purse with little struggle. The victim was not injured. Report number 101087834 

10:00 pm       300 blk Winding Way         Vandalism to Auto
Officers Johnson and Bernard were sent to investigate a vandalism case. the victim told the officers that he parked his car in front of his house only to discover that an unknown suspect had popped his two tires. No suspects were observed. Report number 101085719

10:00 pm       Acadia/Monterey                Vehicle Strip
Police Services Aide Knuckles prepared a report regarding an auto strip. The victim told the PSA that he parked his car and secured, only to return the next morning and discover that his catalytic converter was missing. No suspects were seen. Report number 101087561

11:00 pm       Unit blk Liebig                     Exhibiting a Deadly Weapon
Officers Lozano and McCall were sent to investigate a fight with a knife. The officers were able to locate the alleged victim in the fight but discovered that he was uncooperative. The suspect had fled. DCPD located the alleged suspect and discovered that he did not have a knife. All subjects were drinking. No injuries were sustained by anyone. Report number 101085286


  3:50 am       Naples/Brazil                        Traffic Accident
  8:30 am        Alemany/Ottawa                  Traffic Accident
  1:30 pm        Russia/Athens                     Traffic Accident
  1:44 pm        Bosworth/ Lyell                     Traffic Accident
  4:30 pm        100 blk Ellington                  Stolen/Recovered Auto
  5:00 pm        500 blk Campbell                 Stolen Auto
  5:30 pm        1880 blk Geneva                 Stolen M/C
  6:10 pm        San Jose/30th                       Traffic Accident
  8:00 pm        Raymond/Alpha                   Stolen Auto
  8:50 pm        Peru/Naples                          Traffic Accident
  9:30 pm        Unit blk Mirando                   Stolen Auto