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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, October 30th, 2011

To All Ingleside Newsletter Subscribers:

Today is Halloween.  Please be safe if out in the evening time and always look out for children in the neighborhood.  The following tips are offered to our residents and parents alike:

·        Be sure children are accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager while going door-to-door.
·        Instruct children never to eat anything until they are home and the treats have been examined. Discard anything unwrapped.
·        Check wrappers of commercial treats for signs of tampering.
·        Call police if there are any suspicious treats.
·        Make sure costumes fit and child can see well. Wear face make-up instead of a mask. Wear light colored clothing or reflective tape for visibility.
·        Tell children to trick-or-treat in their own neighborhoods, on well-lit streets.
·        If children are going to be out after dark, make sure they carry a flashlight.
·        Teach children to use the sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side facing cars. Look both ways before crossing the street.
·        Know which friends your children will be with and which route they are taking.
·        Leave your porch light on so children will know it’s okay to visit your home.

Wishing everyone a Happy and SAFE Halloween!
Captain Daniel J. Mahoney
Ingleside Station 


0:15am                3100 Blk Mission          Burglary
Officers Ma and Jones were dispatched to a possible burglary in progress.  Several other Ingleside officers responded as well.  They spoke with the victim who stated she was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard someone walking around inside her residence.  The suspect then attempted to open her door and when she asked who was there she could see the shadow of an unknown person.  The victim exited her bedroom and when she looked down the hallway she observed an unknown male standing outside near her upstairs hallway window which leads to the roof.  The suspect then fled up the stairs and onto the rooftop area.  The victim provided the officers with a description of the suspect and said she could possibly recognize him if she saw him again. 

The victim said she called her mother about the incident and her mother called the police.  The victim and her mother searched her home and found no other suspects inside of the residence.  The victim said she did not know how the person got off the roof but maybe he had fallen.  The victim said she then walked outside and saw the suspect who had been inside her home in front of a Mission Street address with a bloody face.  The police detained him there and the victim identified him as the person who had been inside her home. 

The victim was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for medical clearance.  An arrest search of his person located various items that the victim recognized as belonging to individuals who resided in her home.  The officers took pictures of the scene and provided Sgt. Smith of Ingleside’s Special Investigative Team with them.  The sergeant responded to the hospital to interview the suspect and took custody of his clothing which were booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  The individual was to be booked for the burglary charge upon his release from the hospital.  Report 110874511 

5:00pm                5200 Blk Diamond       Warrant
Officer Preston was dispatched to investigate a shoplifting arrest.  He spoke with reportee who advised that he had an individual in custody for shoplifting.  The reportee stated the items had been recovered and he requested no further police action.  A record check revealed that the suspect had various outstanding warrants.  Officer Preston made a positive identification of him and booked him into custody for the warrants.  Report 110876824 

Other incidents:  

0:19am                3300 Blk Folsom          Theft
Officers Chan and Campos were on patrol when they were flagged down by a male victim who stated he was at a party and had given a friend a few items to place in her purse.  The friend stated she had placed the purse on the floor for a few minutes but didn’t notice it had been tampered with.  When the victim asked his friend for his things she noticed they were missing from her purse.  The victim wanted the incident documented because his credit card was missing. Neither individuals witnessed the incident and therefore could provide the officers with no further information.  Report 110874408

5:40am                4600 Blk Mission         Burglary
CPSAs Callaghan, Lee and Navarro responded to a burglary.  Several Ingleside officers responded prior to their arrival and did a walk through to clear the premises for any suspects who might be inside.  The CPSAs spoke with the owner of the business who stated she locked and secured the premises the night before and received a phone call from the alarm company that the burglar alarm had been activated.  She arrived and noticed various drawers opened and several items missing.  The owner advised the CPSAs that they had several surveillance cameras which captured the burglary on tape.  The CPSAs requested a copy of the tape for the Ingleside Special Investigations Team and took pictures of the scene which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They provided the owner with follow up information and an additional loss form should they notice any other items missing.  Report 110875111

7:20am                Santos/Velasco            Theft
Officers Hui and Trujillo were dispatched to a robbery on a MUNI bus.  They met with the victim who advised them that she was sitting on the rear of a MUNI bus holding her Iphone in her hand.  When the bus reached the corner of Santos and Velasco a male grabbed the phone from her hand, exited the bus and ran into the Sunnydale Housing Projects.  The victim was not hurt and said she could not identify the suspect.  The officers spoke with the MUNI Inspector and ordered a copy of the video surveillance tape and provided the victim with follow up information.  Report 110875155

8:45am                2800 Blk Diamond      Theft
A victim came to Ingleside station and advised Officer Coles that she was at a coffee shop and put her purse down on the counter for a few minutes.  She walked away and when she returned found the pouch missing.  She spoke with a patron and asked him if he had seen her purse and he told her he hadn’t.  She came to the station to make the report and Officer Coles advised her to return to the scene.  The victim returned and found her purse on a garbage can with no items missing.  She called Officer Coles and advised her that she had found her purse.  Officer Coles advised her to save the follow up information and identity theft card which she had provided her should anyone who had access to her personal information use it fraudulently.  Report 110875478

10:30am              100 Blk Delano            Fraud
A victim came to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she received a call from her bank regarding unusual activity on her credit card.  The victim discovered various charges she had not authorized and the bank requested she file a police report so that they could perform an investigation.  The victim was unable to provide any further information and PSA Zabarte provided her with identity theft and follow up information. Report 110875434

11:15am              200 Blk Athens            Fraud
A victim came to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she received a letter from Pottery Barn congratulating her on her newly opened account.  The victim stated that she received several letters in August regarding opened accounts in her name which she did not authorize.  The victim did not know who opened the accounts but stated she was a victim of a robbery a few years earlier and that is possibly how her personal information was accessed.  She requested a police report for her protection from any further fraud. Report 110875531

2:10pm                100 Blk Genebern       Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told Officer Giannini that she was the Executor of her late sister’s estate and had filed a tax return on her behalf.  When she received no response from the Internal Revenue Service she notified them and was advised that a return had already been filed on her late sister’s behalf.  The victim asked all the members of her family if anyone knew of anyone who had filed the report and they responded that they didn’t.  The victim wanted the incident documented should any further fraud occur. Report 110876755

6:09pm                Unit Blk Nahua           Vandalism
Officers Park and Chang responded to investigate the vandalism of a vehicle.  They spoke with the victim who stated he parked and secured his vehicle when a few minutes later his niece heard a loud “pop” and noticed a dark vehicle alongside of her uncle’s car and saw a male sitting inside the vehicle.  The vehicle then drove away.  The victim went outside and noticed the front window of his vehicle was smashed.  Neither the niece nor the victim could recognize the person inside the vehicle and could not provide any further information or reason why someone would damage the vehicle.  Report 110876755

9:00pm                Alemany/Farragut      Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that he parked and locked his vehicle and when he returned found a few windows shattered and various items missing.  He then was notified by his bank that various charges had been made to his account.  He advised the bank that he did not authorize the transactions and the bank requested he file a police report for further investigation.  The victim was unable to provide any further information.  PSA Zabarte inspected the vehicle for any physical evidence with negative results. Report 110876090


  6:55am          Justin/Alemany                        Traffic Collision
  9:10am          I-280 on ramp                        Traffic Collision
  3:45pm          Rey/Visitacion                        Traffic Collision
  4:03pm          900 Blk Rutland                     Recovered License Plate
  9:30pm          Unit Blk Peralta                      Stolen Auto

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29, 2011

Incident Date:
Saturday, October 29th, 2011


11:38pm              Brookdale & Santos               Warrant
Officers Seavey and Padilla were on patrol when they spotted a suspect that they knew was on probation.  The suspect was with another male subject.  The officers stopped to contact the suspect, and also identified the second man.  The first suspect was cleared of any warrants, but the second subject was wanted for a parole violation.  The officers arrested the subject.  Report 110871391

4:25pm                Paul & San Bruno Ave           Possession
Officers Obot and Johnson were dispatched to a call of a person with a gun.  Dispatch informed the officers that there were several other subjects with the suspect.  The officers searched the area for several minutes and spotted two suspects standing next to each other talking.  The suspects looked at the officers.  The first suspect reached his hand into his jacket and then zipped it closed as if trying to conceal something.  The suspect turned and looked at the officers several times.  The officers noticed that suspect’s jacket was a heavy, puffed jacket and noted that the weather at the time was very warm.  Based on the officer’s experience, suspects often wear heavy jackets, even on warmer days, to conceal firearms.  The officers made contact with both suspects.  Officer Obot conducted a pat search of the first suspect in the heavy jacket for weapons.  The officer immediately felt what he recognized to be a handgun and swiftly placed the suspect under arrest.  Several other subjects surrounded the officers yelling aggressively demanding that they let the suspect go.  The officers called for other PD units to respond for assistance.  Several officers responded and assisted in controlling the surrounding subjects.  The handgun was then retrieved from the inside of the suspect’s jacket pocket and secured.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked on possession of a loaded firearm.  Report 110873494 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!***

6:18pm                400 Blk Madrid St                  Stay Away
Officers Chang and Abucay responded to a report of an argument.  The victim told the officers that she had asked the suspect to help her move a piece of furniture.  The suspect accidently dropped the furniture, causes drawers to fall out.  This angered the victim, who began to yell at the suspect.  The suspect agreed with the victim’s story.  A records check revealed that the victim had an active stay away order from the suspect.  The suspect was arrested for violating the stay away order.  Report 110873789

Other incidents:  

2:46am                4400 Blk Mission St                 Mischief
CPSA’s Lee, Callaghan and Navarro were dispatched to a report of a broken window.  A witness said that he saw the window intact earlier in the evening.  When he went outside later to smoke, he realized someone had broken the window.  It did not appear as if the suspect entered the premise because nothing was disturbed inside.  Report 110872813

8:00am                300 Blk Dorado Terrace         Vandalism
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding vandalism of a vehicle.  The victim returned to his vehicle and discovered that several of its windows had been smashed.  Nothing was taken from inside.  Report 110869697
11:10am              5600 Blk Mission St                 Burglary
CPSA’s Navarro and Lee responded to a report of a burglary.  The victims returned home and entered the premise.  They noticed that several of their personal items were on the floor and realized that many items were missing. It was unclear how the suspect entered the premise since there were no signs of forced entry and the doors were all locked upon the victim’s return.  Report 110872888

11:44am              3400 Mission St                        Burglary
Officers Bernard and Johnson were dispatched to a theft report.  Two suspects entered the victim’s store and approached the ATM machine.  The suspects threw the ATM machine onto the ground, picked it up and carried it out of the front door.  The victim watched the suspects put the machine into the back seat of an older sedan.  The victim alerted the manger, who called the police.  The suspects fled.  Report 110872634

12:50pm              Unit Blk Del Vale Ave             Burglary
Officers Pai and Turner responded to a report of an attempted burglary.  The victim was at home when a suspect rang the doorbell.  The victim looked through the peep hole and saw the suspect walking away from the door and then out of view.  The suspect returned to the front door, this time carrying a crow bar.  The victim heard a noise as if the suspect was trying to pry the door open.  The victim yelled through the door that she was called the police.  The suspect fled.  Report 110869857

1:56pm                500 Blk Cortland Ave              Theft
Officer Hornstein was dispatched to call regarding theft.  Two suspects had entered the victim’s place of business and looked around.  The suspects left, and then returned a short time later.  One suspect asked the victim for help, and she walked to the back of the store with her.  The second suspect grabbed a bag full of cash from the front counter and fled.  The second suspect fled after the first.  Report 110873080

5:00pm                700 Blk Moultrie St                 Disturbance
Officers Campos and Chan responded to a report of a possible fight.  The victim told the officers that he has an ongoing problem with the suspect.  In this case, the victim was BBQ’ing.  The suspect walked by and kicked over the BBQ and fled.  Report 110873676

5:00pm                1800 Sunnydale Ave                Burglary
Officers Hart and Barajas were flagged down by a victim regarding a burglary.  The victim told the officers she left her residence and closed her window, but does not remember locking it.  When she returned home, she discovered the window was open and cash missing from inside.  Nothing else seemed to have been taken.  Report 110873654

5:30pm                Unit Blk Blythdale Ave           Theft
Officer Duffin was flagged down by a victim.  The victim had a 12 week old puppy in her residence.  She left her front door to her residence slightly ajar, but not enough that the puppy could get out.  Later, she discovered that the puppy was gone.  A witness told her she saw a possible suspect carrying a puppy that looked similar to hers.  Report 110873212

9:30pm                San Jose & Niagara Ave        Robbery
Officers Lozano and McCall were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking down the street when a suspect struck him in the back of the neck, causing the victim to fall to the ground. The suspect demanded the victim’s money.  The suspect kicked the victim several times in the face and on his body.  The victim passed out for about 10 minutes.  When he came to, the victim realized the suspect made off with $20 from his pocket.  Report 110874743


  8:00am          Unit Blk Arbor                        Stolen vehicle
12:30pm          1400 Blk Guerrero                  Hit & Run
  2:03pm          Geneva & 280 0n ramp           Vehicle accident
  3:00pm          700 Blk Cayuga Ave               Hit & Run

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday, October 28th, 2011


9:00am                400 Blk Raymond Ave          Assault
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of an assault.  The victim said that she had given the suspect some direction, which he refused to follow.  The suspect ran towards the victim and rammed her with his shoulder three different times.  The victim was not seriously hurt.  The suspect was cited for assault.  Report 110869261

2:20pm                400 Blk Geneva Ave              D.U.I.
Officers Pai and Turner were dispatched to a report of an accident.  The driver of a vehicle that struck two pedestrians had admitted he was under the influence of PCP.  The officers contacted the suspect and noticed that he could not sit still and appeared agitated and nervous.  The officers believed that he was under the influence of narcotics.  An ambulance was summoned for the suspect.  While en route to the hospital, the suspect again admitted that he had ingested PCP shortly before driving.  The suspect was treated and booked into county jail for driving under the influence of drugs.  Report 110870020

8:45pm                100 Blk Kingston St              Impersonation
Officer Najarro was dispatched regarding a suspect who had been impersonating a police officer.  The victim told the officer that the suspect had approached him the day before.  The suspect flashed a badge and told the victim that he could not double park his vehicle.  The suspect told the victim that the next time he would ticket him.  The following day, the victim saw the same suspect sleeping on the sidewalk.  The victim asked the suspect if he was a cop.  The suspect told the victim that he works with the police and “they all know me”. The officer contacted the suspect.  The suspect pulled his shirt up slightly, revealing a gold badge.  The suspect was cited for impersonating an officer and the badge was seized as evidence.  Report 110869471

Other incidents:  

5:00am                1600 Blk Alemany Blvd         Vandalism
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding vandalism.  The victim parked his vehicle and left. Upon his return, he found that the back window had been shattered.  Nothing was disturbed inside the vehicle.  Report 110869318

7:45am                200 Blk Santa Rosa Ave         Theft
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and locked his vehicle, but left a window slightly ajar.  The victim returned to the vehicle and realized several items had been taken from inside.  Report 110869073

11:02am              1500 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Assault
Officers Hart and Barajas responded to a report of a burglary in progress.  The victim said that when she arrived home, she found that the front door to her residence had been damaged.  She entered her home and looked around, believing that the suspect was not inside.  The victim called 311 to report the damage to her door.  While she was on the phone, a suspect struck her in the head with an unknown object, and she fell face down to the floor.  The suspect fled.  The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of a head injury.  Report 110869528

12:46pm              Brookdale & Santos              Shooting
Officers Johnson and Obot responded to a report of gunshots being fired.  Several other Ingleside officers also responded.  The officers searched for a victim and located a trail of blood.  A witness reported having seen a victim who had been shot in the face run by her residence.  The officers were then notified that SFGH had a walk in victim with a gunshot wound.  The officers responded to the hospital and located the victim who had in fact been shot.  Other officers stayed behind at the crime scene.  Report 110869813

3:00pm                5400 Blk Mission St              Fraud
CPSA’s Navarro and Der were dispatched to a report of a fraud.  The suspect had entered the victim’s business and chased a check for over a thousand dollars.  The victim received a call from her bank the following day notifying her that the check she cashed for the suspect was for an account that had already been closed.  The victim called the suspect several times and finally reached him.  The suspect agreed to pay the victim back.  The suspect returned to the business and paid the victim some of the money back.  The suspect has still not paid the remaining balance.  The victim discovered the suspect had cashed another check from the same closed bank account at another business.  Report 110870359

4:04pm                1800 Blk Burrows St            Theft
CPSA’s Der and Navarro responded to a report of a theft.  The victim told the officers he was tricked into loaning a suspect money.  The suspect told the victim he desperately needed money or he was going to lose his vehicle because he could not afford to pay for it.  The victim gave the suspect several thousand dollars, and the suspect promised to pay the money back within a week.  Several weeks passed and the victim was unable to reach the suspect.  The victim finally spoke with the suspect, who said he was not going to pay the money back.  At a later date, the victim was with a different suspect.  This suspect told the victim that he needed money to finish a remodeling job.  Over time, the victim gave the suspect tens of thousands of dollars.  Although the suspect promised to pay the victim back, he did not.  The suspect told the victim that he did not have any money to pay him back.  Report 110867481

11:30pm              San Jose & Mt. Vernon         Robbery
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking when she was approached by two suspects.  One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s purse and then demanded her jacket.  The victim handed her jacket over to the suspect because she feared what he might do to her.  The two suspects fled.  Report 110870042


  7:15am                      Unit Blk Robinson Dr             Stolen vehicle
  8:00am                      900 Blk Ellsworth St              Stolen vehicle
  9:15am                      200 Blk Valley St                   Recovered vehicle
  9:50am                      200 Blk Duncan St                 Recovered vehicle
11:30am                      Diamond & Wilder St             Vehicle accident
12:51pm                      Unit Blk Delta St                    Recovered vehicle
  2:00pm                      Detroit & Flood St                  Accident-H&R
  3:00pm                      Silliman & Brussels                 Accident-H&R
  5:00pm                      Unit Blk Newman St              Accident-H&R
  5:05pm                      Lippard & Bosworth               Recovered vehicle
  6:48pm                      Portola & Teresita Blvd          Vehicle accident

Friday, October 28, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, October 27th, 2011


3:43pm                Otsego/Onondaga          Warrant
Officer Aslam was on patrol when he spotted a suspect driving on the wrong side of the street. When the officer pulled the suspect over he did a record check and realized the suspect had an outstanding warrant for battery. The officer took the suspect into custody and the suspect was booked on the listed warrant and traffic charges at Ingleside Station. Report number 110867390

4:53pm                3300 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Chew and Lim were sent to investigate a shoplifting incident. The officers met with Loss Prevention Officer Rollinson who had the suspect detained. The L.P. officer stated he placed the suspect under citizen arrest because there were items in the suspects’ purse that were unpaid for. The officers collected the receipt, a statement from the L.P. officer and the Citizens Arrest Form and booked them at Ingleside Station. Report number 110865106

7:22pm                300 blk Congdon          Graffiti
Officers Blume and Shugars were on patrol when they observed a suspect writing on an electrical box. The officers pulled up alongside the suspect and the suspect without him noticing. The officers were able to place the suspect under arrest and recover the marking instrument used to damage City property. Another vandal behind bars because of watchful officers!! The writing instrument was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 110868031. This is ****The Best Arrest of the Day****

Other incidents:

9:50am                Unit blk Phelan            Theft
Officer Bermudez was sent to investigate a theft case. The Officer met with the victim who stated he had placed his belongings inside a locked locker. The victim said he left to work out, and when he returned he realized his locker was opened, the lock was missing and he was missing money from his wallet. There were no witnesses or suspects found. Report number 110866966

11:56am              600 blk Moscow            Fire Code Violation
Officers McCarthy and Soulette responded to follow up on a complaint of someone running an illegal business from their residence. Upon the Officers arrival they came across mounds of recycling junk, car batteries and tires. Tires are very flamable and are not easily extinguished. The Officers called SFFD to evaluate the situation. Fire Engine 43 responded as well as Battalion Chief Cremen and Fire Inspector Fedigan. The fire Inspector issued the suspect with a notice of compliance and stated that the residence must be cleaned by the next morning, or else a Fire Code Violation would be issued. The suspect stated all the hazardous materials would be disposed of properly. This neighborhood is now a safer place and rid of noxious tire fumes. Report number 110866784

4:00pm                300 blk College             Fraud
Police Service Aide Navarro and Der responded to a report of fraud. The victim stated when he came home he noticed two Fedex envelopes on the ground by the front door. Inside the envelopes were checks for over $2,000 each. The victim said in one of his emails there was instructions to keep a certain amount for himself and send the rest to an unknown suspect. The victim informed the officers that he had no idea of who the individuals were who sent him the email, nor did he know who the person he was instructed to send the check to. The victim stated he believed these checks were fraudulent, and requested to file a police report. The PSAs took the checks, Fedex air bills and copies of the emails and booked all evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 110866615

9:10pm                500 blk Precita              Robbery
Officers Shugars and Blume quickly responded to investigate a robbery report. The victim stated she was walking down the street when an unknown suspect came up from behind her and put her in a bear hug. The victim stated the suspect was trying to take her purse, but the victim put up a fight and wouldn’t let go of the purse. Eventually the victim got scared and yelled for help. By this time she let go of the purse. The suspect fled from the scene. The victim stated that she continued to walk down the street and located her purse a short distance away from where the incident occurred. The victim said immediately after the suspect fled, two bicyclists came up and handed her a wallet and a cell phone they said they found on the ground a short distance away. The victim recognized the items as hers and took possession of them. The Officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results. Report number 110868241

Vehicle Incidents:

12:30am                      300 blk 30th St                     Stolen Vehicle
  5:30am                      Joost/Brompton                    Stolen Vehicle
  7:48am                      Valley/Noe                           Recovered Vehicle                 
  9:38am                      300 blk Benton                     Recovered Vehicle
10:49am                      100 blk Rome                       Recovered Vehicle
  1:10pm                      300 blk Gambier                   Recovered Vehicle
  5:21pm                      1800 blk Burrows                 Recovered Vehicle 
  6:00pm                      Geneva/Mission                    Hit and Run
  6:35pm                      100 blk Ellington                  Stolen Vehicle
  8:00pm                      Unit blk Ellington                  Stolen Vehicle


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011


1:48pm       3300 Blk Mission          Shoplifting
Officers Rand and Turner responded to investigate a shoplifting incident.  They spoke with reportee who told them that he observed a male enter the store, place several items inside his coat and walk by all the open registers without attempting to pay for any of the items.  Reportee detained the suspect outside the store and escorted him back inside.  The officers identified the suspect through his SFPD mugshot and he was cited for the shoplifting offense at the instruction of Sgt. Escobar.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and was provided with follow up information.  The officers took pictures of the recovered merchandise and booked them into evidence at Ingleside Police Station.  Report 110864330 

8:06pm       Unit Blk Curtis             Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz, Rueca and Elton responded to an address that has been the subject of a public nuisance and various calls for police service. Upon their arrival they could hear arguing coming from inside the home.  They made contact with the individuals inside who exited the home, along with the owner of the home who is known to the officers to be on active felony probation.  Officer Hurwitz advised the occupants that they would be exercising a search of the premises which is one of their conditions of probation.  Inside the home the officers located narcotics in plain view which one of the detainees admitted to be hers.  The officers believed that the white powder rock like substance was crack cocaine.  The female suspect admitted that the narcotics belonged to her. 

The officers then requested a narcotics dog respond to the scene for an additional search.  The dog located a clear plastic bag containing an off white rock inside of it also believed to be crack cocaine.  Next to the white rock was a clear glass smoking pipe and an ID card bearing the name of another individual who was detained at the scene.  They placed the woman who owned the purse and male who the identification card belonged to under arrest for the narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia.  The parties were transported to Ingleside station where Officer Hurwitz performed a presumptive test on the white rocks which tested positive for the crack cocaine.  Because of the tireless investigation of these officers two suspects were arrested for narcotics and both individuals taken into custody and booked at ingleside Station.  Report 110865667 This is the

Other incidents:  

7:48am       Cambridge/Felton        Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Heckenberg that she boarded a MUNI bus with her purse inside her handbag.  She said that the bus was crowded and she had to stand for a few minutes until she finally was able to occupy a seat.  When she sat down she noticed that her purse was missing from inside of her bag.  The victim did not see or feel anyone reach inside her bag and was unable to locate any witnesses.  PSA Heckenberg contacted MUNI dispatch to request a copy of the video surveillance tape and provided the victim with follow up information.  Report 110863376

10:50am     Naples/Geneva              Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Flynn that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found the entire vehicle had numerous deep scratches to the paint area.  The victim did not see anyone damage his vehicle and wanted the incident document for insurance purposes.  Report 110864948

11:15am     100 Blk Niagara           Burglary
CPSAs Der and Reynolds responded to investigate a burglary.  Upon their arrival they spoke with various tenants of the home who told them that their mother had left and secured the premises and when they returned found the front ate and front door were left open.  They said they had searched the home and there was no one inside but that the downstairs unit had an open door.  The CPSAs requested an officer respond to the scene to clear the home for any possible suspects who might still be inside.  Officer Frisk immediately responded and her walk through established the in-law area of the home was empty.  The tenants spoke minimal English and CPSA Der performed the interview in their native language of Cantonese.  They told her that the home was in disarray and various items missing.  The mother responded to the scene as well as noticed various items missing as well.  The CPSAs processed the scene and recovered a few latent fingerprints which they lifted and delivered to Ingleside’s Special Investigation team.  They took pictures of the scene which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station and provided the tenants with follow up information for themselves as well as the downstairs tenants who were not available to be interviewed.  The CPSAs spoke with several neighbors who might have witnessed anyone entering or leaving the premises but were unable to locate any witnesses.  Report 110864249

1:10pm       Unit Blk Phelan            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga responded to assist in the investigation of a theft.  The victim advised him that she placed her shoulder bag in a locker and secured it with a combination lock.  The victim went to her class and when she returned found the combination lock missing and several items missing from her bag.  She was unable to provide the officer with any further information and there was no video surveillance or cameras inside of the locker room.  The officer provided the victim with follow up information. Report 110861643

4:04pm       Visitacion/Britton        Discharge of Firearm
Officers Trail and various other Ingleside officers assigned to the Sunnydale Housing Unit were on patrol when dispatch broadcasted a “Shot Spotter” activation in the area of the 100 Block of Britton.  The officers canvassed the area for any victims, suspects or witnesses and a crime scene.  Officer Peregoy located various shells casings which they collected took pictures of and booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  The officers detained an individual who was walking away from the area. They spoke with several citizens who reported they heard some gunshots but were unable to provide the officers with any further information.  The officers notified SFPDs Gang Task Force and advised of the incident.  The officers were unable to locate any victims and the detainee was released at the scene. Report 110864788

8:00pm       4500 Blk Mission          Burglary
CPSAs Callaghan and Navarro were dispatched to a burglary.  Officer Anderson responded to the scene and did a search of the premise with negative results.  They spoke with reportee who told the CPSAs that the premises were locked and secured by an employee the evening before and this morning found the padlock cut and the chain which secured the front door on the ground.  The reportee stated he did not believe anything was missing from the premises at the time but was unsure.  He told them that he has various surveillance cameras inside the store and would view them and provide copies of any evidence to the Ingleside Special Investigations Team.  The CPSAs took pictures of the scene and processed it for latent prints.  They were able to lift two prints from the area and delivered them to the investigator who would be assigned to the case at Ingleside station.  They booked the photos into evidence and provided the reportee with follow up information. Report 110863285
9:45pm       Mission/30th                   Vandalism
Officer Dominguez was dispatched to a vandalism of a MUNI bus.  He met with the driver of the bus who told him a male had boarded the bus, apologized for breaking the window and ran off of the bus.  The driver exited the bus and walked to the rear where he noticed a window had been damaged.  He asked the passengers if anyone had witnessed the vandalism and their response was negative.  The driver provided the officer with a description of the suspect and believed he could identify him.  Various Ingleside officers searched the area to no avail.  The officer provided the driver with follow up information and contacted MUNI dispatch to order a copy of the surveillance video.  Report 110865639


    7:23am        San Jose/Mt. Vernon               Traffic collision
    8:33pm        Unit Blk Theresa                     Recovered vehicle
  10:49pm        100 Blk Milton                        Recovered vehicle
    1:59pm        Unit Blk Cotter                       Recovered vehicle
    5:45am        Unit Blk Phelan                       H&R
  10:50pm        100 Blk Cortland                    Recovered vehicle