Thursday, October 27, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011


1:48pm       3300 Blk Mission          Shoplifting
Officers Rand and Turner responded to investigate a shoplifting incident.  They spoke with reportee who told them that he observed a male enter the store, place several items inside his coat and walk by all the open registers without attempting to pay for any of the items.  Reportee detained the suspect outside the store and escorted him back inside.  The officers identified the suspect through his SFPD mugshot and he was cited for the shoplifting offense at the instruction of Sgt. Escobar.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and was provided with follow up information.  The officers took pictures of the recovered merchandise and booked them into evidence at Ingleside Police Station.  Report 110864330 

8:06pm       Unit Blk Curtis             Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz, Rueca and Elton responded to an address that has been the subject of a public nuisance and various calls for police service. Upon their arrival they could hear arguing coming from inside the home.  They made contact with the individuals inside who exited the home, along with the owner of the home who is known to the officers to be on active felony probation.  Officer Hurwitz advised the occupants that they would be exercising a search of the premises which is one of their conditions of probation.  Inside the home the officers located narcotics in plain view which one of the detainees admitted to be hers.  The officers believed that the white powder rock like substance was crack cocaine.  The female suspect admitted that the narcotics belonged to her. 

The officers then requested a narcotics dog respond to the scene for an additional search.  The dog located a clear plastic bag containing an off white rock inside of it also believed to be crack cocaine.  Next to the white rock was a clear glass smoking pipe and an ID card bearing the name of another individual who was detained at the scene.  They placed the woman who owned the purse and male who the identification card belonged to under arrest for the narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia.  The parties were transported to Ingleside station where Officer Hurwitz performed a presumptive test on the white rocks which tested positive for the crack cocaine.  Because of the tireless investigation of these officers two suspects were arrested for narcotics and both individuals taken into custody and booked at ingleside Station.  Report 110865667 This is the

Other incidents:  

7:48am       Cambridge/Felton        Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Heckenberg that she boarded a MUNI bus with her purse inside her handbag.  She said that the bus was crowded and she had to stand for a few minutes until she finally was able to occupy a seat.  When she sat down she noticed that her purse was missing from inside of her bag.  The victim did not see or feel anyone reach inside her bag and was unable to locate any witnesses.  PSA Heckenberg contacted MUNI dispatch to request a copy of the video surveillance tape and provided the victim with follow up information.  Report 110863376

10:50am     Naples/Geneva              Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Flynn that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found the entire vehicle had numerous deep scratches to the paint area.  The victim did not see anyone damage his vehicle and wanted the incident document for insurance purposes.  Report 110864948

11:15am     100 Blk Niagara           Burglary
CPSAs Der and Reynolds responded to investigate a burglary.  Upon their arrival they spoke with various tenants of the home who told them that their mother had left and secured the premises and when they returned found the front ate and front door were left open.  They said they had searched the home and there was no one inside but that the downstairs unit had an open door.  The CPSAs requested an officer respond to the scene to clear the home for any possible suspects who might still be inside.  Officer Frisk immediately responded and her walk through established the in-law area of the home was empty.  The tenants spoke minimal English and CPSA Der performed the interview in their native language of Cantonese.  They told her that the home was in disarray and various items missing.  The mother responded to the scene as well as noticed various items missing as well.  The CPSAs processed the scene and recovered a few latent fingerprints which they lifted and delivered to Ingleside’s Special Investigation team.  They took pictures of the scene which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station and provided the tenants with follow up information for themselves as well as the downstairs tenants who were not available to be interviewed.  The CPSAs spoke with several neighbors who might have witnessed anyone entering or leaving the premises but were unable to locate any witnesses.  Report 110864249

1:10pm       Unit Blk Phelan            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga responded to assist in the investigation of a theft.  The victim advised him that she placed her shoulder bag in a locker and secured it with a combination lock.  The victim went to her class and when she returned found the combination lock missing and several items missing from her bag.  She was unable to provide the officer with any further information and there was no video surveillance or cameras inside of the locker room.  The officer provided the victim with follow up information. Report 110861643

4:04pm       Visitacion/Britton        Discharge of Firearm
Officers Trail and various other Ingleside officers assigned to the Sunnydale Housing Unit were on patrol when dispatch broadcasted a “Shot Spotter” activation in the area of the 100 Block of Britton.  The officers canvassed the area for any victims, suspects or witnesses and a crime scene.  Officer Peregoy located various shells casings which they collected took pictures of and booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  The officers detained an individual who was walking away from the area. They spoke with several citizens who reported they heard some gunshots but were unable to provide the officers with any further information.  The officers notified SFPDs Gang Task Force and advised of the incident.  The officers were unable to locate any victims and the detainee was released at the scene. Report 110864788

8:00pm       4500 Blk Mission          Burglary
CPSAs Callaghan and Navarro were dispatched to a burglary.  Officer Anderson responded to the scene and did a search of the premise with negative results.  They spoke with reportee who told the CPSAs that the premises were locked and secured by an employee the evening before and this morning found the padlock cut and the chain which secured the front door on the ground.  The reportee stated he did not believe anything was missing from the premises at the time but was unsure.  He told them that he has various surveillance cameras inside the store and would view them and provide copies of any evidence to the Ingleside Special Investigations Team.  The CPSAs took pictures of the scene and processed it for latent prints.  They were able to lift two prints from the area and delivered them to the investigator who would be assigned to the case at Ingleside station.  They booked the photos into evidence and provided the reportee with follow up information. Report 110863285
9:45pm       Mission/30th                   Vandalism
Officer Dominguez was dispatched to a vandalism of a MUNI bus.  He met with the driver of the bus who told him a male had boarded the bus, apologized for breaking the window and ran off of the bus.  The driver exited the bus and walked to the rear where he noticed a window had been damaged.  He asked the passengers if anyone had witnessed the vandalism and their response was negative.  The driver provided the officer with a description of the suspect and believed he could identify him.  Various Ingleside officers searched the area to no avail.  The officer provided the driver with follow up information and contacted MUNI dispatch to order a copy of the surveillance video.  Report 110865639


    7:23am        San Jose/Mt. Vernon               Traffic collision
    8:33pm        Unit Blk Theresa                     Recovered vehicle
  10:49pm        100 Blk Milton                        Recovered vehicle
    1:59pm        Unit Blk Cotter                       Recovered vehicle
    5:45am        Unit Blk Phelan                       H&R
  10:50pm        100 Blk Cortland                    Recovered vehicle