Thursday, December 23, 2010

Important Announcement

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your continued interest in the Ingleside Station newsletter and website.  Due to staffing, the newsletter will not be produced from today through January 2, 2010.  On January 3rd you can expect a synopsis of the events over this period and then the resumption of the regular newsletter.  We wish you the most joyous holiday season.

Captains Message

Captain's Message:

Many years ago, a new bicycle was the Christmas gift of choice for most kids.  By Christmas afternoon, everyone with a new bike was pedaling around the block.  Within a few weeks, stories of bikes being stolen began to circulate in the neighborhood.  Now, let's fast forward to the present.  Laptops, i-phones and other electronic devices are the gifts of choice for kids of all ages.  But history tends to repeat itself.  When you display, play or use your newly received gift in public, on MUNI or near transit routes, criminals are eager to play the role of Grinch and steal your gift from you.  The criminals aren't as stealthy as the storybook Grinch.  They will brazenly snatch your i-phone from your hand, they will punch you and grab your backpack or they will pull a gun a take your laptop.

It's important to to be aware of your surroundings.  Don't bury your head in your i-phone.  You must avoid using these electronic devices in public.  Although you see everyone else using theirs in public, it's a false sense of security.  The criminals will follow you on foot or in a car and strike when the opportunity is in their favor.  If you must use your i-phone in public, keep your back against the wall.  You will have a 180 degree view of your surroundings, and criminals can't walk up from behind.

Stay safe,

Captain Louis Cassanego


Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010


12:55 pm       3100 blk Mission                 Robbery/Warrant
Officers Padilla and Gamboa responded to a robbery call.  The victim was injured when she was pushed to the ground and robbed by four suspects.  Witnesses chased and detained a suspect.  The detained female suspect was later booked on a warrant.  The three African American males who committed the robbery were able to elude capture.  Report number 101175241

03:15 pm       4th St/China Basin              Warrant Arrest
Officers Almaguer, Burke and Tam responded to the work address of an Ingleside District resident and took him into custody for a warrant.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was later booked.  Report number 100856234

12:10 pm       Crescent/Gates                   Stolen Property/Burglary
Officers Toomey and Sullivan responded to a call of suspects stealing mail.  The officers found the three suspects as were described and detained them.  Two of the suspects were juvenile males and one was an adult male.  The adult was the father of one of the boys and uncle to the other.  The officers found that the adult suspect told the boys they were walking to the store, but then handed them both plastic bags and told them to take mail out of mailboxes.  The suspect further showed the boys how to use a stick to help them reach the mail in some of the boxes.  The officers found that the suspects had a copious amount of “Live” mail in their possession from numerous residences in the area.  The officers attempted to contact the owners of the mail, making contact with a few.  The adult suspect was booked at Ingleside Station, and the young boys were released to a parent.  Report number 101175229

08:58 pm       200 blk Winding                  Cocaine/Fraud/Elderly Victim
Officers Hurwitz authored a search warrant of a particular residence due to an ongoing elder abuse investigation.  Officer Hurwitz, Daggett, Tam and Burke responded to the house to serve the warrant.  The officers met with the elderly victim who showed them into the house and the areas of the home occupied by the suspect.  The officers searched the areas and found narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia and many items in the victims’ name including his checkbook.  Numerous items in boxes with labels addressed to the victim were found in the suspects’ area of control and the victim did not have any idea of the purchases made in his name with his credit cards.  The officers concluded the search warrant.  Later the officers returned to the residence and took the suspect into custody.  He was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101177009

09:42 pm       3400 blk Mission                 Aggravated Assault w/ Knife
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a stabbing call with Officers Archilla and Kabanuck.  The officers found the victim suffering from a laceration on the side of his neck and called for an ambulance.  The suspect was located inside the residence and taken into custody.  The officers were told that the victim and his girlfriend were drinking alcohol together on the steps of their home.  They had an argument and the suspect (brother-in-law) of the girlfriend responded outside to make the victim leave.  The men engaged in a fist fight in the street then suddenly the suspect pulled out a knife and slashed the victim across the neck.  The victim was taken to the hospital for a non-life threatening injury.  The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101117093

Other incidents:

09:00 am       700 blk Vienna                    Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Araujo and Pai responded to an auto boost call.  The officers met with the victim who showed them that the driver side window of the vehicle had been smashed and that the airbag had been stolen from the vehicle steering wheel.  Report number 101174679

10:55 am       800 blk Foerster                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Trujillo responded to an auto boost incident that had just occurred.  The victim stated that she saw two African American males , 18-19 years old, by her vehicle and saw that the passenger window was smashed.  The victim yelled at the suspects and they fled in a gold colored Honda.  The victim was able to get the license plate information on the vehicle.  Officers Ocreto and McMilton responded to the address of the registered owner and found that the vehicle had been stolen, but the theft had not been discovered by the owner.  Report number 101174776

02:50 pm       2000 blk Alemany               Burglary, Hot Prowl, Force
Officers Salcedo and Pereira responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victims, one of whom was home during the burglary.  The officers found that the suspects forced entry into the home via the front door and exited through the garage level door to the backyard.  The family member who was home asleep at the time of the burglary heard movement in the home and saw the suspects hopping over the backyard fence and fleeing the scene.  The victim was able to recover a ball cap, apparently belonging to one of the suspects and several items that were stolen from the home.  Susp #1: African American male, 10-22 yo, 6’0, 185 lbs, wearing black jacket and blue jeans. Susp #2: African American male. Report number 101176142

06:25 pm       4200 blk Folsom                 Robbery, Street, w/ Gun
Officers Kabanuck and Archilla responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officers that she was walking home when she observed the suspect as she passed him.  As she approached her home the suspect ran up behind her and pointed a handgun at her.  The suspect demanded money and the victim, fearing for her life, allowed the suspect to take her purse from her shoulder.  The suspect then ran north on Folsom toward Crescent.  A search for the suspect was conducted to no avail.  The suspect was described as an African American male, 28-30 years old, 5’8, 220 lbs, wearing a black hat and black jacket. Report number 101176437

Vehicle Incidents:

06:00 am       100 blk Bacon                                  Stolen Auto
11:18 am       Silver/Gambier                                  Traffic Collision
03:00 pm       100 blk Brookdale                            Recovered Auto
03:00 pm       100 blk Brookdale                            Recovered License Plate
04:55 pm       100 blk Ottawa                                 Stolen/Recovered Auto
01:06 am       Edinburgh/Russia                            Suspended Driver


Incident Date:
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010


04:11 pm       Mission/Sickles                   Warrant/Marijuana Arrest
Officers Daggett and Hurwitz saw a man they knew had a warrant for his arrest.  The officers contacted the man and took him into custody.  A search of the suspect revealed that he had several baggies of marijuana in his possession.  Report number 101173132

06:35 pm       4600 blk Mission                 Warrant Arrest/Traffic Violation
Officers Salcedo and Pereira observed a bicyclist fail to stop for a red light at an intersection and conducted a traffic stop.  The officers contacted the rider and found that he had a warrant for his arrest.  The officers took him into custody and booked him at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101173198

12:14 am       Mission/Trumbull                 Evading/Suspended License
Officers McCall and Lozano observed a driver commit a traffic violation.  The officers turned on the overhead emergency vehicle lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop.  The driver then ran a red light and drove away at a high rate of speed.  The officers did not pursue, but rather headed toward the address the vehicle was registered to.  As they were driving in that direction, they found that the vehicle had spun out on the wet roadway and was disabled.  The officers ordered the suspect out of the vehicle and he did not comply.  The officers were able to remove him from the vehicle and take him into custody with the assistance of other officers who had arrived.  The driver was found to have a suspended license.  The vehicle was towed and the driver was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101174118

Other incidents:

04:15 am       400 blk Myra                        Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Contreras and HenryGarcia responded to an auto boost call.  The officers met with a witness and the victim. The witness heard a noise and looked out of the window to see two African American males across the street from her home rifling through her neighbors’ vehicle.  The witness also saw a 90’s model, square shaped white vehicle.  The victim saw one of the suspects as well from her home. Both called for the police.  The suspects were seen fleeing in the white vehicle.  The suspects were described as; Susp #1- 17-21 years old, 5’7, dark puffy jacket, light colored baggie blue jeans and blk knit cap, Susp #2- 17-21 years old, 5’7, white jacket, dark jeans, thin build.  Report number 101171001

03:20 pm       500 blk Cortland                 Theft from Building
Officer Uang was approached at a community meeting and told that money for a raffle had been stolen from an officer drawer.  There was no suspect information.  Report number 101172899

01:15 am       4900 blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a grocery store regarding a shoplifting call.  The officers met with an employee who stated that she witnessed a Hispanic male, 20-25 years old, 5’6, 160 lbs, with black hair slicked back, run out of the store with 20+ Wii games in his arms.  The suspect jumped into the passenger seat of a green vehicle which then fled the scene.  The witness wrote down a license plate.  Officer responded to the residence corresponding with that vehicle and did not locate the vehicle or the suspects.  Report number 101174221

Vehicle Incidents:

09:30 am       Ocean/Phelan                                  Suspended Driver
11:20 am       Congdon/Maynard                           Unlicensed Driver
12:03pm        Unit blk Mount Vernon                    Recovered Auto
03:15 pm       Geneva/Cayuga                               Unlicensed Driver
04:00 pm       300 blk Surrey                                  Stolen Auto
07:10 pm       Russia/Mission                                 Suspended Driver
09:19 pm       Geneva/Cayuga                               Suspended Driver
11:05 pm       Mission/Trumbull                              Unlicensed Driver

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Captains Message

Captain's Message:

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  This is the season where you get the chance to reflect on the many blessings you have, both big and small, and give thought of those less fortunate, both financial and in health. 

Stay warm and take care,

Captain Louis Cassanego


Incident Date:
Monday, December 20th, 2010


01:20 pm       Rolph/Mission                     False Vehicle Registration
Officer Rand observed a vehicle parked in a No Parking Zone.  The driver saw the marked vehicle approaching and drove out of the zone.  The officer ran a record check on the license plate and found that it had not been registered since 2007 though there were 2011 tabs on the license plate.  The officer conducted a traffic stop and cited the driver for the false evidence of registration and towed the vehicle.  Report number 101168757

03:56 pm       Leland/Alpha                       Warrant Arrest
Officers Hintzen and Ng observed a man standing on the corner who they knew had warrants for his arrest.  They took the man into custody and confirmed the warrants.  The man was also served with a civil stay away order.  Report number 101169294

05:29 pm       5200 blk Diamond Hgts      Shoplifting Arrest
A grocery store security officer apprehended a female shoplifter that he observed concealing cosmetics in her pants. The guard stopped the woman after she failed to pay for the items and walked out of the store.  Officer Shugars responded to the store and took custody of the prisoner then cited and release her at the scene.  Report number 101169636

06:50 pm       1500 blk Sunnydale            Stay Away Order Violation
A known gang member and subject of a civil gang injunction was seen in the area he is not allowed to frequent by Officers Dudley and Antonian.  The man was taken into custody without incident and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101169808

08:40 pm       Unit blk Phelan                   Trespassing/Warrants
Officers Burlyga and Wong were conducting a building search when they located a trespassing in the building.  The man they located was known to the officers and had previously been removed from the campus and told not to return.  The man was combative with the officers who were eventually able to get him into handcuffs once other officers arrived to assist.  The man was found to have several warrants for his arrest.  He was later cited and released.  Report number 101170291

Other incidents:

05:00 pm       Unit blk Rosenkranz          Burglary, Residence, Force
Officer Shugars responded to a burglary call.  The victim told the officer that the kitchen window had been broken out and two laptop computers were stolen.  The front door was left unlocked by the suspect(s).  Report number 101169937

05:15 pm       100 blk Bemis                     Burglary, Apartment, Unlawful
Officers Cassinelli and Hom responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that he left his home secured except for his bedroom window which he leaves unlocked but closed. The victim stated that he returned to his home and found that someone had entered through the unlocked bedroom window and stole his flat screen television.  Report number 101170150

06:30 pm       5200 blk Diamond Hgts      Burglary, Apartment, Unlawful
Officers Jones and Khan responded to a burglary call.  The victim told the officers that he was only out for about 30 minutes, leaving the sliding door unlocked but closed.  The victim returned to find the sliding door ajar and his laptop computer was stolen.  No suspect information was available.  Report number 101170536

08:55 pm       29th St/Church                     Att. Robbery w/ Knife
A woman reported to Officers Khan and Jones that an African American male, 20-25 years old, 5’8, 150 lbs, with hair in shoulder length dreadlocks approached her with a large knife in his hand and a red scarf over his face.  Upon seeing the knife the victim dropped her belongings to the ground and began to yell.  The suspect backed away then turned and ran from the victim.  A witness told the victim that the suspect possibly got into a black Chevy Malibu.  Report number 101170423

11:00 pm       Phelan/Judson                    Robbery, Street, w/ Gun
Officers Henry-Garcia and Contreras responded to a robbery call.  The officers met the victim at his home near where the incident occurred.  The victim told the officers that he was walking to his home when he noticed an African American male, 20-30 years old, 5’11, 280 lbs, wearing a black hat, black t-shirt, black jeans and a diamond earring in his right ear.  The victim continued walking toward the man when the man suddenly drew a handgun from his waistband and told the victim to give him money and also demanded his cell phone.  The victim handed the suspect his wallet and phone.  The suspect also wanted the victims’ backpack, but since it contained only books and dirty clothes the suspect returned it to the victim.  The suspect directed the victim to walk in a certain direction and he complied.  The suspect fled in an unknown direction.  Report number 101170592

11:15 pm       Santos/Velasco                  Robbery w/ Gun, Att Carjacking
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to a robbery/carjacking call with numerous other Ingleside Station officers who searched the area for the suspects to no avail.  The officers met with the victim who stated that he was walking to his home when he was approached from behind by two African American males who grabbed him and spun him around.  One of the suspects pointed a short barreled shotgun at the victim and demanded his money and car keys.  The other suspect began to check all of the victims pockets, taking his wallet and car keys.  The suspects then ran to the victims’ vehicle parked nearby and attempted to get in.  The suspects had apparently dropped the keys to the vehicle and therefore broke out a window to make entry.  The suspects entered the vehicle but were unable to start it.  The suspects then ran from the vehicle northbound on Santos.  Report number 101170063

Vehicle Incidents:

09:45 am       Ocean/Lee                                       Suspended Driver
10:20 am       Ocean/Phelan                                 Unlicensed Driver
10:29 am       London/Geneva                              Unlicensed Driver
02:28 pm       Cesar Chavez/ Mission                  Unlicensed Driver
02:50 pm       Congdon/Maynard                          Traffic Collision
08:45 pm       Schwerin/Sunnydale                      Suspended Driver
10:28 pm       Athens/Geneva                               Unlicensed Driver

Monday, December 20, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, December 19th, 2010


01:31 am       400 blk Madrid                    Disturbing the Peace
Officer Padilla responded to a home regarding a noise complaint.  The caller told the officer that a home about a block away was having a very loud party and was disturbing his peace.  The officer found that other officers had warned the partiers earlier in the night.  The complainant told the officer that he wanted to make a citizens’ arrest of the resident.  The officer cited the resident for the noise complaint.  Report number 101165292

Other incidents:

07:40 am       200 blk Ellsworth                Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to a call and met with the victim and witness.  The witness told the officers that the victims’ vehicle was broken into by an African American male wearing a black cap with a red logo, and blue pants.  The victim found that his Visa and bank debit card were stolen from the vehicle.  Report number 101165424

06:05 pm       Unit blk Santos                   Robbery, Street, w/ Force
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were flagged down by a woman who stated that she had been robbed by two African American females and two African American males who surrounded her after she got off of a 9X Muni bus.  The victim stated that the two female suspect punched her and stole her MP3 player which was hanging on her neck.  The four suspects then ran from the scene together toward the public housing complex.  Report number 101166579

08:09 pm       3700 blk Mission                 Battery
Officers Hom and Kneuker responded to a fight call.  A store owner and a patron were struck by an irate man who tried to make a claim to the owner that he did not give his change when he made a purchase.  The suspect punched the store owner and inadvertently struck the patron who happened to be in the way.  The suspect had fled the scene and was not located.  Report number 101166808

09:00 am       2000 blk Geneva                 Vandalism to Vehicle    
Officer Frisk was approached at Ingleside Station by a victim who stated that his parked, locked and unattended vehicle was damaged overnight by an unknown suspect.  The victims’ right rear window was shattered and the vehicle was rifled through, but nothing was stolen.  Report number 101165719

09:00 am       Unit blk Los Palmos            Theft from Locked Autos
Officer Wong responded to an auto boost call.  The officer met with the victims, husband and wife, who reported the both of their vehicles were parked, locked and unattended, when an unknown suspect broke out a window in each vehicle and stole gifts and credit cards.  One card was used to pay for a cell phone bill.  Report number 101165781

11:05 pm       200 blk Day                         Theft from Locked Auto
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a call of an auto boost that had just occurred.  The officers located two vehicle that had been broken into, one of the victims and the witness who had called for the police.  The witness stated that one African American man and another male subject fled in a  light blue Honda sedan prior to the officers arrival.  The witness observed the driver of the vehicle break out the windows of both victim vehicles, reach into the vehicles and then get back into the Honda and drive away.  The owner of the second vehicle was not located.  The area was searched to no avail.  Report number 101167232

Vehicle Incidents:

12:33 am       Elk/Chenery                          Unlicensed Driver
01:55 am       Mission/Ocean                     Unlicensed Driver
03:00 am       Ocean/Howth                       Traffic Collision
11:10 am       Mission/Persia                      Unlicensed Driver
10:19 pm       Mission/Persia                      Unlicensed Driver


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 18th, 2010


05:02 am       Unit blk Brookdale              Burglary, Non-Residential, Force
A corner store was burglarized and a vehicle description was broadcast.  About one hour later Officers Apodaca and Gabriel located the vehicle used in the burglary and apprehended one of the two suspects in the burglary.  Numerous other burglaries are likely tied to this suspect and his accomplices.  The suspect was found to have evidence linking him to the burglaries as well as burglary tools.  The vehicle had been stolen previously and was towed for further investigation.  Report number 101162141

07:25 pm       300 blk Rolph                     Methamphetamine/Heroin
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Burke were conducting a passing call at a home where they had received information that narcotics were being sold. The officers saw the resident standing nearby with two other men who looked like they were about to engage in a transaction as the officers approached.  The officers detained the subject of the investigation and found that he possessed methamphetamine.  The officers took him into custody and got a search warrant for his home.  The officers found large quantities of numerous varieties of narcotics and other illegal items in the house.  The suspect was booked at County Jail.  A woman at the house was cited and released for resisting arrest.  Report number 101163967

10:30 pm       Mission/Ocean                    Warrant Arrest
Officer Lundy responded to a call of a person in the roadway. The officer found the man who was described and ran a computer query.  The officer discovered that the man had a warrant for his arrest and took him into custody.  The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101164498

Other incidents:

01:30 am       4600 blk Mission                Breaking Windows
A woman called 911 believing that her home was being broken into by an unknown suspect.  Officers Lundy and Dilag arrived and found that the front door of the restaurant below the caller had been broken, but no entry had been made.  The restaurant owner was notified of the damage and responded to the scene.  Report number 101161820

02:15 am       600 blk Chenery                 Burglary, other Building, Force
Officers Morse and Vizcay responded to an alarm call with Officers Otaguro and Baldovino.  The officers found that the suspect had fled the scene.  The owner of the restaurant arrived and showed the officers video surveillance footage of the incident.  The suspect was visible in the footage.  The suspect was an African American male, 35-45 years old, with black hair, and a close cropped beard.  The loss was several bottles of liquor from the bar area of the restaurant.  Report number 101161933

03:15 am       200 blk Valley                     Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Wong responded to a vandalism call.  A convertible car top was slashed by an unknown suspect and entry into the vehicle was obtained, but nothing was stolen.  Report number 101162527

05:02 am       1800 blk San Jose             Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Baldovino was flagged down by a delivery driver who showed him that the front door of a convenience store was shattered.  The officer searched the store and found that the suspect had fled the scene with the store cash register.  The store owner responded to the scene and played the surveillance camera footage for the officer.  At the same time other officers had a suspect detained that matched a different burglary.  One of the officers working on that investigation responded and viewed the tape from this incident and found that it was the same suspects.  Report number 101162141

05:08 am       400 blk London                   Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Padilla responded to a burglary call at a store and conducted a walk through with Officers Vizcay and Morse.  Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to assist with the investigation.  A witness provided a suspect and vehicle description to the officers.  One of the suspects was located with the vehicle a short time later.  Report number 101162113

07:20 am       100 blk Otsego                    Battery
Officers Rand and Wong responded to a family fight call.  An adult daughter and her father had a physical fight in the kitchen.  Neither claimed any injury and neither party was willing to pursue criminal charges against the other. Report number 101162204

08:32 am       1600 blk Valencia               Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Curry with Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a burglary call.  The officers found the front glass door leading to two businesses was shattered.  The store owners were contacted and responded to the scene.  The cash register had been stolen and was located in a nearby parking lot.  A bank card belonging to one of the victims had been stolen in the incident and it was discovered that it had been used several hours earlier to make a purchase at a convenience store.  Officers Altamirano responded to that store and was able to obtain video and photos of the suspect in that use of the card.  Report number 101162301

09:30 am       4300 Mission                       Att. Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Rand responded to a restaurant regarding a burglary.  The officer met with the restaurant manager who discovered the front door of the restaurant was damaged.  Entry was not obtained to the restaurant, but evidence was left behind which was seized.  Report number 101162414

09:45 am       4200 blk Mission                 Burglary, Store, Force
Officers Duffin and Hart were flagged down by a hair salon owner who showed them that the glass front door to the store was smashed in and that the cash register was stolen.  The officers located the cash register, minus the cash nearby on the sidewalk.  Report number 101162436

09:50 am       1700 blk Church                 Vandalism to Property
Officer Wong responded to a restaurant where an employee discovered that a window screen had been damaged by an unknown suspect overnight while the restaurant was closed.  The officer saw that the suspect was not able to pull the screen away from the window sufficiently to make entry into the building.  Report number 101162577

03:40 pm       Unit blk Montezuma           Shooting into Inhabited Dwelling
Officer Leong responded to a shooting into inhabited dwelling call.  The victim told the officer that he did not see or hear anything during the time of the incident, and merely noticed the damage to his front window.  The officer searched the home for any further evidence to no avail.  Report number 101163478

05:54 pm       Unit blk Leland                   Battery
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a battery call.  An intoxicated man, walking home, was battered by an unknown Samoan male.  The victim did not claim any injury.  Report number 101163638

08:42 pm       500 blk Portola                    Vandalism to Property
An audible alarm was activated at a school.  Officers Leong and Paras responded and walked the campus with a school district security officer.  They located a broken glass door window on the lower level.  Nothing appeared out of place within the school.  Report number 101164341

Vehicle Incidents:

06:32 am       Cayuga/Santa Rosa                       Stolen/Recovered Auto
09:03 am       Mission/Excelsior                             Unlicensed Driver
09:55 am       Cayuga/Geneva                              Traffic Collision
11:56 am       Alemany/Seneca                             Traffic Collision
04:30 pm       Monterey/Edna                                Traffic Collision
06:50 pm       Crescent/Ellsworth                          Unlicensed Driver
07:29 pm       Geneva/Madrid                                Traffic Collision
10:55 pm       Unit blk Arnold                                 Stolen Auto


Incident Date:
Friday, December 17th, 2010


03:40 pm       4700 blk Mission                 Firearm, Possession of Loaded
Officers Morrow, Naval, and Barajas responded to a fight on a Muni coach.  Upon their arrival they found the coach stationary.  The victim and his family were off of the bus and the driver and suspect were on the bus.  The officers found that the victim and his family were upset with the bus driver and the victim exchanged words with the driver.  The driver then closed the doors on the victims’ foot when he and his family disembarked several blocks later.  The victim and the driver then had further words and the suspect stepped in and physically assaulted the victim, pushed him to the ground and brandished a knife at the victim.  The victims’ family was outside of the bus with the doors closed and attempted to get the driver to open the door for them.  In-so-doing the victims’ son broke the glass on the door.  While holding the victim down at knifepoint, a handgun fell from the suspects pocket onto the floor of the bus.  The officers took the suspect into custody.  The handgun was located as well as the knife.  The suspect was later cited and released from Ingleside Station.  Report number 101160446

Other incidents:

06:00 am       600 blk Sunnydale             Att Burglary, Church, Force
Officer Toomey and Tillan met with a custodian at the church who told them that a window leading to a confessional had been broken.  Access to the building had not been achieved and there was no suspect information available.  Report number 101159853

07:35 am       5200 Diamond Heights      Theft, Shoplifting
Officer Johnson responded to a theft call at a grocery store. The officer was told that an African American male, 40-50 years old, 6’0, 180 lbs, with a goatee, wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt, black coat, and dark jeans, ran out of the store with a case of liquor.  The suspect was accompanied by an African American female, 5’5, 200 lbs, wearing all black clothing.  The suspects got into a red Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by another African American male and fled the scene.  Report number 101159041

11:00 am       1600 blk Valencia              Burglary/ Theft/ Vandalism
Officers Morse and Vizcay responded to a laundromat regarding a theft.  The officers met with the victim who showed them the surveillance video of the incident.  The officers saw an African American male, 30-40 years old, 5’8, 200 lbs, enter the store and with two screwdrivers pried open the coin boxed of three washing machines.  The victim estimated that the loss was about $250.00.  Report number 101161381

12:30 pm       Unit blk Ottawa                  Burglary, Apartment,Force
Officer Preston responded to a burglary call.  The victim found that his home was entered through a bedroom window and that a locked bedroom had been forced open and unknown items had been stolen. Report number 101159966

12:43 pm       Unit blk Brookdale             Fire Report
A witness noticed the rear of a small truck on fire and attempted to extinguish it while his wife called 911.  The fire department arrived and extinguished the blaze.  The owner of the truck was contacted.  SFFD Inspector Kelly arrived and conducted an investigation.  Report number 101160424

03:00 pm       700 blk San Jose               False Personation
An agent for a property management company entered a unit to find equipment that was apparently used for making false identifications.  PSA Cato was working at Ingleside Station completed the report.  Numerous items of evidence were seized and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101166212

04:35 pm       Geneva/Santos                   Robbery w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that he was seated on a Muni coach with his cell phone in his hand when an African American male, 20-30 years old, 6’2. 200 lbs, yanked the phone from his grasp then ran off of the bus.  The incident was likely captured on the bus video surveillance system.  Report number 101160509

07:00 pm       Unit blk Norwich                 Theft of Credit Card
Officer Hom prepared a report regarding the theft of a credit card.  The officer met with the victim who had been notified by a large store where she had applied for a store credit card that someone had attempted to make a large purchase with her card.  The victim stated that she never received the card in the mail.  She was notified that all of the charges were declined.  Report number 101166660

07:45 pm       100 blk Leland                    Battery
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi was approached at Ingleside Station by a man who stated that he was battered by another man.  The victim stated that he was not injured in the incident, but that he had a preexisting medical condition that could be exacerbated.  Report number 101162533

Vehicle Incidents:

12:03 am       Cortland/Bennington                      Unlicensed Driver
08:00 am       3300 blk Folsom                              Stolen Auto
08:49 am       Persia/Edinburgh                            Suspended Driver
03:00 pm       Silver/Mission                                   Stolen Auto
09:50 pm       1600 blk Alemany                           Stolen Auto
11:48 pm       Mission/Persia                                 Unlicensed Driver


Incident Date:
Thursday, December 16th, 2010


10:10 am       3300 blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Morgante and Martinez responded to a grocery store where a security guard had a woman in custody for shoplifting. The officers took custody of the prisoner and later cited and released her.  Report number 101155986

11:44 am       Unit blk Towerside               Recovered Auto/Probation Viol
Sgt McDevitt observed a vehicle, double parked, with two occupants.  The sergeant ran a computer query and found the vehicle was reported stolen.  Sgt McDevitt was joined by Officers Hopkins, Uang, Obot, Johnson, Trail and Peregoy.  The driver was taken into custody and the passenger was later released.  The driver was also in violation of her probation and was operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The driver was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101156235

04:47 pm       1600 blk Geneva                 Threatening Public Employee
A young man was identified at a suspect in a threats report against a Muni operator.  Officers Cassinelli and Castillo located the subject and took him into custody for the incident.  Report number 101043557

05:52 pm       1800 blk Sunnydale            Theft from Building/Battery
Officers Johnson and Obot responded to a robbery call with Sgt McDevitt.  They found, upon their arrival, that two female friends had an argument and that one woman took the other ones cell phone during the physical confrontation.  The suspect was located and taken into custody.  She was found to have a warrant for her arrests and she was booked at Ingleside Station.  The cell phone was not located. 
Report number 101157562

11:57 pm       Geneva/Moscow                  Warrant Arrest/Suspended Lic
Officers Padilla and Seavey observed a driver commit a traffic offense and therefore conducted a traffic stop.  The driver was found to have a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest.  The female passenger of the vehicle was also found to have a warrant for her arrest.  Both were transported to Ingleside Station where they were booked.  Report number 101158639

Other incidents:

11:00 am       4400 blk Mission                 Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Sullivan responded to a restaurant and met with the owner.  The glass front door to the restaurant had been smashed by an unknown suspect and a cash box was stolen.  Report number 101156304

02:33 pm       1500 blk Sunnydale            Civil Gang Injunction Svc
Officer Obot served a documented gang member with a civil gang injuction.  Report number 101156780

03:27 pm       700 blk Sunnydale              Battery
Officers Chang, Park and Ng responded to a battery call.  The officers found all of the parties and discovered that a female juvenile had struck a male juvenile after he called her a name.  The male struck her back.  No one was injured and none of the parties wanted to pursue the matter criminally.  Report number 101157051

04:05 pm       200 blk Desmond               Theft from Unlocked Vehicle
PSA Flynn was approached at Ingleside Station by a man who stated that he left his wallet in his unlocked vehicle overnight.  He returned to the vehicle to find the wallet had been stolen.  Report number 101160418

06:20 pm       400 blk Cortland                 Theft, from Building
Officers Yuen and Paras responded to a theft call.  The officers met with the victim, a restaurant employee, who stated that a man had stolen money from her wallet.  The victim stated that the suspect entered the restaurant and asked to use the restroom.  The man was directed toward the restroom, but the victim found him in the storage room.  She pointed to the restroom and the suspect entered.  The victim entered the storage room and found that her wallet had been taken out of her purse and was open with money missing.  The man exited the restroom and denied taking the victims money.  He then ran out of the restaurant.  Suspect Description: African American, 20-21 years old, 6’1, 150 lbs, brown hair and eyes, wearing a red plaid jacket, dark color skinny jeans, carrying a black tote bag. Report number 101157603

06:29 pm       400 blk Banks                     Robbery w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery in progress. The officers met with the victim and a witness.  The suspects had fled the scene.  The victim was a pizza delivery man.  The witness had ordered a pizza, but the pie that was delivered was wrong, so as the victim was returning to his vehicle, he was robbed by two African American males; both about 6’0, 170 lbs, and both were wearing all black clothing and black caps.  The victim was punched numerous times  and robbed of the pizza.  The suspects also attempted to steal money but were unsuccessful because the witness yelled at them and called for the police.  A search for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101157631

06:45 pm       300 blk Cortland                 Theft, from Building
A woman, closing her business was approached by a subject with the same physical description as the other theft on Cortland Street.  She told the man that she was closed for the day and he lingered suspiciously in the store, then left.  Moments later the victim discovered that her laptop computer had been stolen.  The suspect had left the store in an unknown direction.  Report number 101157738

07:30 pm       100 blk Santos                  Burglary, Residence, Unlawful
Officers Hom and Cassinelli responded to a burglary call.  The victim stated that he left his home secured and returned to find a second story window open and his front door unlocked.  He entered his home and found that his computer, stereo and some food was stolen from his home.  Report number 101157857

Vehicle Incidents:

07:26 am       500 blk Alemany                              Recovered Auto
07:54 am       200 blk Ocean                                  Suspended Driver
11:40 am       100 blk Ripley                                   Recovered Auto
11:44 am       Unit blk Towerside                           Recovered Auto
03:32 pm       Mission/Randall                               Suspended Driver
06:00 pm       Unit blk Phelan                                Stolen Auto
07:00 pm       Blythdale/Santos                             Traffic Collision
07:59 pm       Ocean/Delano                                  Unlicensed Driver
08:06 pm       Mission/Persia                                  Suspended Driver