Monday, December 20, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, December 19th, 2010


01:31 am       400 blk Madrid                    Disturbing the Peace
Officer Padilla responded to a home regarding a noise complaint.  The caller told the officer that a home about a block away was having a very loud party and was disturbing his peace.  The officer found that other officers had warned the partiers earlier in the night.  The complainant told the officer that he wanted to make a citizens’ arrest of the resident.  The officer cited the resident for the noise complaint.  Report number 101165292

Other incidents:

07:40 am       200 blk Ellsworth                Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to a call and met with the victim and witness.  The witness told the officers that the victims’ vehicle was broken into by an African American male wearing a black cap with a red logo, and blue pants.  The victim found that his Visa and bank debit card were stolen from the vehicle.  Report number 101165424

06:05 pm       Unit blk Santos                   Robbery, Street, w/ Force
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were flagged down by a woman who stated that she had been robbed by two African American females and two African American males who surrounded her after she got off of a 9X Muni bus.  The victim stated that the two female suspect punched her and stole her MP3 player which was hanging on her neck.  The four suspects then ran from the scene together toward the public housing complex.  Report number 101166579

08:09 pm       3700 blk Mission                 Battery
Officers Hom and Kneuker responded to a fight call.  A store owner and a patron were struck by an irate man who tried to make a claim to the owner that he did not give his change when he made a purchase.  The suspect punched the store owner and inadvertently struck the patron who happened to be in the way.  The suspect had fled the scene and was not located.  Report number 101166808

09:00 am       2000 blk Geneva                 Vandalism to Vehicle    
Officer Frisk was approached at Ingleside Station by a victim who stated that his parked, locked and unattended vehicle was damaged overnight by an unknown suspect.  The victims’ right rear window was shattered and the vehicle was rifled through, but nothing was stolen.  Report number 101165719

09:00 am       Unit blk Los Palmos            Theft from Locked Autos
Officer Wong responded to an auto boost call.  The officer met with the victims, husband and wife, who reported the both of their vehicles were parked, locked and unattended, when an unknown suspect broke out a window in each vehicle and stole gifts and credit cards.  One card was used to pay for a cell phone bill.  Report number 101165781

11:05 pm       200 blk Day                         Theft from Locked Auto
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a call of an auto boost that had just occurred.  The officers located two vehicle that had been broken into, one of the victims and the witness who had called for the police.  The witness stated that one African American man and another male subject fled in a  light blue Honda sedan prior to the officers arrival.  The witness observed the driver of the vehicle break out the windows of both victim vehicles, reach into the vehicles and then get back into the Honda and drive away.  The owner of the second vehicle was not located.  The area was searched to no avail.  Report number 101167232

Vehicle Incidents:

12:33 am       Elk/Chenery                          Unlicensed Driver
01:55 am       Mission/Ocean                     Unlicensed Driver
03:00 am       Ocean/Howth                       Traffic Collision
11:10 am       Mission/Persia                      Unlicensed Driver
10:19 pm       Mission/Persia                      Unlicensed Driver