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July 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, July 27th, 2012

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1:35am       Burrows/Peru                         Stolen/Recovered Vehicle
Officers McMilton and Peregrina responded to a call about a vehicle break in. While driving to the area the officers located a car matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle. Officer McMilton observed a person ducking on the passenger side of the car. The officers made contact with the subject. The subject told the officers that she was trying to sleep and that the vehicle belonged to a friend. Officer McMilton visually inspected the car as she was talking to the suspect and noticed a knife in the ignition, but no keys. Numerous Ingleside units responded as backup. Officer Almaguer immediately recognized the suspect from a prior case he had, and told Officer McMilton that the suspect was on felony probation and had a search condition. The officers exercised the search condition found a stolen car stereo, burglary tools and prescription drugs not belonging to the suspect. Ingleside Officers searched the area for any cars that may have been broken into and located a car right across the street from the suspect vehicle. The registered owner of the car was contacted and responded to the scene. The victim immediately saw the stereo and said “Yes! That’s mine!”  The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to ingleside Station for booking. While at the station officer Lozano was sent to locate the registered owner of the car the suspect was found in. Too bad for the suspect when the owner reported that the car was stolen and that no one had permission to drive it. Officer McMilton contacted poison control to identify the pills in the suspects’ possession; poison control confirmed the officer’s suspicion schedule one controlled substance. This female suspect is now a resident of a California Correctional institute. Report number 120591880. This is……
****Best Arrest of the Day****

7:18pm       1500 blk Sunnydale               Warrant Arrest
Officers Johnson, Hart and Obot were on patrol when they saw a suspect that had an outstanding warrant. Officer Obot was let out on foot to follow the suspect while his partners positioned the car in front of the suspect. With no avenue of escape, the suspect had to surrender. The suspects warrant was for theft in the amount of $20,000. The officers coordinated efforts yielded an arrest without any running or risk to the officers or any innocent bystanders. Report number 120331216   

Other Incidents:

6:15am       100 blk 28th                              Theft
Officers Park and Chang were sent to investigate an auto boost in progress. While on the way to the scene dispatched notified the officers that the suspect had fled.  The officer’s conducted a search of the area for the suspect to no avail. The officers then contacted the victim and learned the following: the reportee was inside her home when she heard glass shattering outside. The reportee looked outside and saw a suspect rummaging through a car. The reportee said that she saw the suspect walked away with something that resembled a television. After speaking to the victim it was learned that the item was an electromagnetic massage machine. Report number 120592054

8:30am       Unit blk Stanford Heights      Burglary
Officer Duffin was dispatched to a burglary call. When the officer arrived he was met by the victim and the reportee. The victim told the officer that he left his house in the morning fully secured and locked. The victim told the officer that he received a call from his housekeeper that told him that his house had been broken into. The officer observed damage to the front door and the home ransacked. The burglar made off with property in excess of $6000. Officer Duffin contacted CSI to respond to process the scene. Report number 120593597

9:30am       100 blk Eastwood                   Burglary
Officer Pereira responded to investigate a burglary case. When he arrived he was met by the victims. The victims told the officer that he left his house in the morning and returned in the afternoon to find that the deadbolt on his front door was unfastened. Once the victim went inside he discovered several open drawers but it appeared nothing had been taken. The victim told the officer that the only property missing was a package of strawberries. CSI was not notified due to the lack of physical evidence. Report number 120594141

10:45am     400 blk Argonaut                   Theft
Officer Curry prepared a report for a victim of theft came into the station. The victim told the officer she parked her car outside her residence but did not locked it while she ran inside the house for a moment. When she returned she discovered several items missing. Report number 120593143

11:40am     3300 blk Mission                    Burglary
Officers Pedroza, Curry, Sanchez and Preston responded to a burglary call. When the officers arrived they were met by store security and reviewed surveillance footage of the crime. The reportee states that she was working at a register and left briefly when she returned a suspect was breaking into the register. While reviewing the footage Officer Pedroza noticed the suspect was not wearing gloves and called CSI to process the scene. Officer Pedroza also noticed that the suspect had entered and exited the store with another suspect. The first suspect is described as a Black male between the ages of 35 and 50 and has black hair. The suspect was last seen wearing a light blue button down shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and grey khaki shorts and black tennis shoes. The second suspect is described as a black male between the ages of 30 and 50 with black hair. The suspect was last seen wearing a black vest over a blue or grey long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. Report number 120592907 

12:40pm     Unit blk Phelan                      Theft
SFCCPD Officer Boyko was patrolling the San Francisco Community College Ocean Campus when he was dispatched to the Wellness Center. The victim told the officer that he had secured his belongings in a locker and when he returned later his locker door was open and his belongings were scattered on the floor and that several items were now missing. Report number 120593046

4:20pm       Unit blk Phelan                      Theft
SFCCPD Officer Torres was patrolling the San Francisco Community College Ocean Campus when he was dispatched to the book store. The reportee told the officer that he was loading boxes in his truck and left the hand truck on the loading dock, when he returned several minutes later it was gone. Officer Torres and his partner Officer Green searched the area but could not locate the hand truck. Report number 12058801

5:00pm       700 blk Sunnydale                 Vandalism
Officers Lustenberger and Benavidez responded to a call of a vandalism incident. Officers arrived on scene and spoke with the reportee who told the officers that she parked her three cars alongside other cars belonging to the church. When she came back to them the next morning she noticed deep scratches to the first vehicle, damage to the windshield of the second vehicle and a damaged mirror on the third vehicle. Report number 120594345

5:45pm       5700 blk Mission                    Weapon
Officers Shugars and Archilla responded to a call regarding a suspect having a weapon in public. Officers Burke and Campos were already on scene and looking at security footage. Officer Archilla began to interview the witness and was told that while she was working a Hispanic male suspect came into her business and ordered something. The suspect then raised his shirt and pulled out a handgun, which he cocked and put back in his waistband. The witness tried to alert the other patrons but was afraid the suspect might begin shooting. The suspect then said something to the witness and left the business. Report number 120594000

6:00pm       100 blk 28th                             Theft
Officers Park and Chang responded to a call regarding a residential burglary. The officers met with the victim who told them he had just moved to San Francisco and was storing his belongings in a shared garage. He came back the day after he stored various items and an empty garage. The loss is in excess of $2000. CSI was not called due to the lack of evidence. Report number 120592399

6:00pm       800 blk Peru                           Att. Stolen Vehicle
Officer Chang responded to a call of an auto boost. When he arrived he met with the victim whom stated that she parked her car the previous night and locked it. When she came back the next morning the driver side seat was fully reclined and various keys were on the driver seat. The victim stated that she never puts the seat that far back and has never seen the keys before. The victim checked the rest of her vehicle and found nothing to be missing or out of place. Report number 120592838

8:45pm       500 blk Flood                         Vandalism
Officers Archilla and Shugars were dispatched to a vandalism incident. They arrived on scene and met with the victim. The victim them that she left her house the previous day and when she returned an unknown suspect had thrown a baseball sized rock through her front door’s window and in addition wrote obscenities on the door. The victim does not know who could have done this. Report number 120594317

10:00pm     Geneva/Lisbon                       Theft
Police Services Aid Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report for a victim of theft. The victim told the PSA that he parked and locked his car the previous night and when he returned in the morning two bicycles had been stolen and his rear window had been smashed. Report number 120592888

10:55pm     700 blk London                     Vandalism
Officer Dominguez and Hom were dispatched to meet with a citizen regarding a vandalism incident. They met with the reportee whom told the officers that when she arrived home she saw blood on the sidewalk and on her garage and a knife that had been put through the mail slot. The officers closed off the area and began their investigation of the scene. They contacted dispatch to see if any stabbings had been reported only to learn that there weren’t any. The officers then began to follow the trail of blood. 2 female subjects approached the officers and told them that they were walking home and noticed that they were being followed by 2 unknown female suspects. One of the suspects yelled obscenities at them as they followed them. One of the victims produced a knife from her waistband and turned towards the two suspects. The suspects, upon seeing the knife fled. The victim told the officer that that she was upset so she hit a car windshield with the knife in her hand injured her finger. Although the subject’s injuries were non- life threatening the officers provided them with first aid. The owner of the car with the cracked windshield was notified but did not wish to pursue police action. Report number 120594624
  7:36pm          Mansell/Visitacion                  Traffic Collision: Hit & Run
  9:00pm          800 blk Peru                            Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda CRX, 2H, White
  9:45pm          Shawnee/Cayuga                    Stolen Vehicle: 2007 Mercedes R350, 4dr, Silver
12:30am          200 blk Oxford                       Stolen Vehicle: 1989 Honda Civic, 4dr, Silver

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Friday, July 27, 2012

July 26, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, July 26th, 2012
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7:00pm       4900 blk Mission          Fraud
Officers Morse and Pedersen responded to an incident regarding burglary and a forged prescription. A woman was detained by a supermarket’s security after being suspected and caught trying to receive medication using a forged prescription. The suspect came to the supermarket’s pharmacy and used a stolen ID card and forged prescription to obtain muscle relaxants. The pharmacist was skeptical at the large amount of medication requested, and questioned the doctor’s signature on the prescription. The pharmacist stated he has been working in the city for a long time and knew most of the prescribing doctors. He recognized the doctor’s signature as an ophthalmologist who specializes in the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the eyes. The pharmacist said that an ophthalmologist would be highly unlikely to prescribe a muscle relaxant in their line of work. The officers questioned the suspect and witnesses and using their expertise, they determined that the stolen ID card was being fraudulently used. The suspect was charged with burglary of the ID card, intending to receive items under a false name, and using a forged prescription. They advised the suspect of her Miranda rights and transported her to Ingleside Station.  She was then booked at the county jail. Report number 120591266

8:46pm       Unit blk Patton             Firearm
Officers Almaguer and Barajas were patrolling when they noticed three men standing in front of a home holding open containers partially covered with brown paper bags. Based on the officer’s experience, it is common for individuals to conceal alcoholic beverages in brown paper bags. The officers confronted the three subjects and asked for identification. All three provided identification and it was confirmed that they were drinking an alcoholic beverage. One of the suspects was brought out to a staircase next to an open area, free of debris for further questioning. When the man sat down, the officer noticed the sound of a large object hitting the ground. The suspect had tried to discard a loaded handgun from the police officer. Officer Pedersen located the gun and handcuffed the suspect. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station and was cited for the possession of a loaded firearm and public consumption of alcohol. Report number 120591448

Other Incidents:

2:35am       410 blk Cortland          Vandalism
Officer Duffin responded to an incident regarding vandalism. A restaurant’s front windows were shattered by an unknown suspect. An employee noticed the shattered windows were already covered up with cardboard and tape when she arrived for work. The restaurant did not have any video surveillance, however, a bike shop next door had video surveillance. The store manager of the bike shop gladly gave a copied version of the surveillance tape to the officers which revealed that an unknown suspect had thrown a trash can at the restaurant’s front windows. The evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and the manager of the restaurant was provided with follow up forms and advised to contact their insurance company. Report number 120587027

4:00pm       790 blk Faxon              Theft
PSA Heckenberg was on station duty when a person came in to report a theft. The person stated that several items from her car were stolen. She left her parked car locked and fully intact. When her sister checked on the car, she noticed that the glove box was open and several items were missing. There was also a large scratch on the rear window that appeared after she parked her car. Some of the stolen items were a set of keys, sunglasses, and other personal belongings. The victim is worried about of the set of stolen keys because the keys allow access to a majority of doors at where she works at. PSA Heckenberg gave follow up forms and a Marcy’s card to the victim. Report number 120587168

4:00pm       Unit blk Florentine       Theft
Officers McCall and Lozano responded to a theft incident. A landlord told the officers that his tenants stole $500 dollars from a kitchen counter drawer. The tenants were unable to pay rent that month and were moving out at the end of the month. However, they unexpectedly moved earlier and stole the money. The tenants were not responding to their phones and the landlord had no information regarding their possible whereabouts. The officers advised the landlord to change all the locks in the house and gave a follow up form. Report number 120591658


3:40am     20 blk Brazil       Stolen Auto: 1996 Honda Accord, 4D, Grey
8:32am     320 blk Murray   Recovered Auto: 2002 Volk. Passat, 4D, Silver
12:18pm   300 blk So. Hill   Recovered Auto: 1993 Honda Civic, 4D, Blue
8:23pm     240 blk Oxford   Recovered Auto: 1998 Honda Civic, 4D, Green
9:00pm     200 blk Athens    Stolen Auto: 1993 Ford Mustang, 2D, Red
10:30pm   1220 blk Athens  Stolen Auto: 1988 Mazda MX-6, 2D, Grey

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday July 25th, 2012

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2:31am                Mission/Trumbull         Vandalism
Officers Ferronato and Jones responded to a vandalism incident at the intersection of Mission and Trumbull. A suspect was caught spray painting at a nearby concrete bridge railing. Various others were spraying the side of the railing when a citizen spotted them. The citizen confronted them and managed to catch one. The citizen called the police and the officers read the suspect his Miranda rights. He was detained and cited for the vandalism. Report number 120585786

6:27pm                2200 blk Bayshore        Theft
Officers Yuen and Gonzalez responded to the area regarding a theft. A man was trying to sell an iPad to a person he contacted over the internet. They met at a nearby parking lot where the buyer stole the iPad and drove off. The victim called police and told the officers the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. Sergeant Gasanyan discovered the vehicle and detained the suspect. In the car, Gasanyan found counterfeit money and a cell phone on the passenger’s seat which was booked into evidence. He also ran a computer check of the car to discover it was a stolen rental car out of the State of Washington. The suspect was detained and questioned at Ingleside Station.  He was later released and an outside agency was informed about the counterfeit money. Report number 120587845

9:30pm                Carter/Geneva              Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer were patrolling in the area when Officer Barajas recognized a certain person driving. Barajas has had prior contacts with the individual and was aware knows that she has a suspended license. The officers stopped the vehicle and asked for her license which the driver was unable to provide. The suspect had given the officers a fake name, but Officer Barajas actually knew her real name. She was detained and transported to Ingleside station to confirm her identity. After confirming her identity, officers ran a computer check and noticed she had an outstanding warrant for a suspended license. She was then transported and booked at the county jail upon confirmation of the warrant. Report number 120588332

Other Incidents:

6:50am                Visitacion/Schwerin      Vandalism
Officers Hart and Phillips were patrolling in the area when they were flagged down by a nearby citizen. The citizen reported that someone had broken into her car. The victim states that earlier that day, she noticed a person looking into her vehicle and believed that they were trying to break in. The victim called police but the person had left. Returning from work, she discovered that her car’s front passenger’s window was shattered. No items in the vehicle were stolen. The victim refused to have her car fingerprinted and was given a follow up form. Report number 120587704

8:33am                400 blk Paris                 Identity Theft
Officers Chang and Park responded to an incident regarding identity theft at the 400 block of Paris. Several checks had been stolen from the family business and a large amount had been withdrawn from their bank. A member of the victim’s family stated that his mail was accidently given to an unknown person posing as a member of the family. The account was closed and the bank requested that the victim file a police report. The officers gave follow up forms for identity theft. The victim was also advised by police to contact the US Postal service regarding the mail theft. Report number 120586085

12:30pm              400 blk Cortland          Fraud
A person came to Ingleside Station to report fraud to PSA Heckenberg. The fraud victim was told by his bank that there were multiple fraudulent charges on his account. The bank told the victim that they will continue the investigation within their fraud department.  PSA Heckenberg gave follow up forms and procedures to the victim. Report number 120586314

12:56pm              1500 blk Geneva           Auto Boost
Officer Zabarte was on station duty when a person came in to report that someone broke into his vehicle. The victim states that an unknown suspect shattered the rear passenger’s window. Earlier that day, the victim had a verbal argument with one of his neighbor’s over their car blocking the driveway to their apartment complex. The neighbor refused to move the car and the victim called Department of Parking and Traffic. They cited the blocking vehicle and the neighbor made a threat to the victim. Avoiding any unnecessary confrontation, the victim left the area. When he returned home, he noticed the damage to his car. The victim believes that the neighbor may have been involved in the incident. Report number 120586


8:00am            600 blk Prague            Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, 2dr, Black
10:00am          200 blk Dublin             Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic, 4dr, Brown
11:15am          80 blk Bella Vista        Traffic Collision
1:00pm            210 blk Cortland         Stolen License Plate
6:30pm            1720 blk Alabama       Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Acura Integra, 2dr, Green

July 24, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
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2:57am                Excelsior/Munich         Stolen Vehicle
Officer McCall was patrolling the Ingleside when he witnessed a vehicle fail to make a complete stop at a traffic signal. Officer McCall conducted a records check and saw that the vehicle was registered to an address the same vehicle had been stolen from. Officer McCall then affected a traffic stop and told the driver the reason he was getting pulled over.  The suspect told the officer that he didn’t know the car was stolen. Officer McCall then searched the vehicle for contraband and found several tools which are used in the theft of vehicles. Officer Ferronato brought the victim/owner of the car to the scene and told the officers it was the car she reported stolen, but the tools located inside did not belong to her. Another records check revealed that the suspect had a suspended license and was on probation. Due to the vigilance of Officer McCall, a stolen vehicle was returned to its rightful owner and a criminal was arrested. Report number 120582629

12:22pm              500 blk Excelsior          Drugs
Officer Tam served a search warrant on a known criminal. The suspect had an active felony warrant for possession and sale of Methamphetamine. Officer Tam was assisted by numerous other Ingleside officers. Officer Tam and several other Ingleside officers responded to the residence and announced their presence as police officers.  The officers entered the residence. The officers went downstairs, located the suspect in the kitchen and informed him of the active warrant.  They placed the suspect in handcuffs. Officer Johnson then walked the suspect out of the residence and conducted a search of the suspect.  He located a clear plastic bag containing drugs. Officer Tam then gave the drugs a field test which yielded a presumptive positive result. Because of the officers’ training and experience they were able to enter the premises without any problems and were able to safely transport the criminal to the station for booking. Report number 120583718

6:10pm                200 blk Moultrie           Drugs
Sergeant Alvarez, Officers Johnson and Hurwitz were on patrol when they saw two subjects exiting a house that is known for criminal activity. Officer Hurwitz decided to make consensual contact with the subjects; both were willing to talk with the officer. While speaking with both subjects, the female subject began to look nervous and looking for a way to leave. Officer Hurwitz believed the subject was in possession of a weapon or tool. The officer searched the female subject for the safety of everyone in the area. Prior to the search, Officer Hurwitz asked the female subject if she possessed anything illegal to which she responded “no”. Officer Hurwitz then found a glass pipe known to be used for ingesting drugs.  The suspect then told the officer she had a bag of drugs, but that it didn’t belong to her. Officer Hurwitz then seized the pipe and suspected drugs and arrested the female suspect. Due to the knowledge and experience of the officers, they were able to apprehend a suspect in possession of drugs. Report number 120584669             

Other incidents:

2:25am                Precita/Mission            Robbery
Officer Contreras was on duty at Ingleside station and prepared a report for two victims of a robbery. The victims told the officer they had been walking on Precita approaching Mission when they were approached by two suspects. The first suspect pointed a gun at both of the victims and demanded their property. The victims complied and gave the suspects what they possessed.  They were not injured and refused medical treatment.  Report number 120585703

12:00pm              Unit blk Wanda            Fraud
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report for a victim of fraud. The victim told PSA Zabarte that she received a call from her bank regarding an overdue account. The bank provided the victim with the name of a person who had opened the account. The victim told PSA Zabarte she did not open the account or give permission to anyone to open it. Report number 120583279

12:00pm              4700 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Chan and Khan responded to a possible burglary call. When they arrived, they were met by a victim that told the officers when he had come home during the day that some items were stolen. Officer Chan spoke to another victim whose belongings had also been stolen. Both victims believe to know the suspect and have had problems similar to this in the past. Report number 120584374

8:00pm                3500 blk Mission          Burglary
Officers Quintero and Gomez were dispatched to a call of a burglary. The officers arrived on scene and were met by two victims. The victims told the officers that they secured their bikes in the garage of their building and that when they returned later they had been taken. The victims told the officers that there is a code known only to the residents of the building and that it’s possible another tenant forgot to close the door over the weekend.  Due to a lack of physical evidence, CSI was not called to process the scene. Report number 120585134

10:00pm              Unit blk Santa Ynez     Theft
Police Services Aide Cato was at Ingleside station to prepare a report for a victim of theft. The victim told PSA Cato that he had parked his car in his driveway but left the doors unlocked. When the victim came back to his car he saw his glove compartment was open and that several items were missing. Report number 120584471

12:00am              Unit blk Circular          Theft/Fraud
Officers Khan and Chan responded to a call regarding a fraud investigation. The officers arrived on scene and spoke with the victim. The victim stated that she had been called by a suspect telling her that she had won a sweepstake and she needed to mail a check to process her winnings.  The suspect then mailed the victim her proceed check which bounced. The victim and suspect spoke and the suspect told the victim he was sorry and would send another check. The victim told one of her relatives about the situation who found it strange and notified the police. The victim told the officers that she believed the suspect to be an honest person although the first check bounced. The officers told the victim to no longer speak with the suspect or give him anyone’s personal information. Report number 120585504

  1:10am          4900 blk Mission         Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4dr, Blue
  5:35am          Ocean/San Jose           Traffic Collision
  7:14am          Unit blk 30th                Recovered Vehicle: 2006 Cadillac DTS, 4dr, White
  8:31am          1600 blk Alemany        Recovered Vehicle: 1999 Saturn S4, 4dr, Drk Green
  9:10am          300 blk Coleridge        Recovered Vehicle: 2000 Honda Civic ES, 2dr, White
10:40am          500 blk Ellington          Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Toyota Camry, 4dr, Black
11:33am          29th/Diamond              Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Nissan Maxima, 4dr, Green
12:00pm          400 blk Oxford           Recovered Vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic, 4dr, Grey
12:00pm          Ingleside Station          Recovered License Plate
  4:00pm          Esmeralda/Elsie           Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  4:25pm          300 blk Moultrie         Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Nissan Pathfinder, 4dr, Brown
  7:00pm          800 blk Naples           Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Honda Accord, 2dr, Blue
  7:45pm          200 blk Duncan          Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Honda Accord, 2dr, Green
  8:00pm          Prague/Pope               Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic, 4dr, Grey
  9:00pm          500 blk Paris              Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord, 2dr, Blue
  9:00pm          700 blk Vienna           Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4dr, Blue
10:00pm          500 blk Cordova        Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Acura Vigor, 4dr, Beige
11:00pm          Prague/Brazil              Stolen Vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, 4dr, Beige

July 23, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, July 23rd, 2012
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3:45pm       3300 blk Mission                    Theft
Officers Lim and Chew responded to a shoplifting incident at a local supermarket. A male suspect was caught shoplifting a pack of diapers from the store. The supermarket’s security apprehended the suspect and waited for police to arrive.  During that time, the suspect made threats to one of the security officers that the officer believed to be credible. The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station for the threat and the shoplifting. While still at the same location, a citizen flagged the officers down to notify them that store security had arrested another shoplifter in a different part of the store. The suspect was detained by the store’s security for shoplifting a bottle of whiskey. Officer Chew arrested the suspect and performed a pat down; he located a knife in the suspect’s front pocket. The officers then conducted a criminal records check and discovered that the suspect was on probation and also had two active warrants for failure to appear in court. The suspects were booked at Ingleside station for their respective crimes. Report number 120581198 and Report number 120581273

Other Incidents:

1:40am       4800 blk Mission                    Assault
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were dispatched to a restaurant on the 4800 block of Mission. A fight had broken out in front of the restaurant and two men suffered injuries from the brawl. Officers arrived at the restaurant and discovered debris and broken glass in front of the restaurant.  Officer Gabriel talked with one of the men involved in the fight and saw that he had blood on his face. The man said he was okay and declined further medical attention. The officers stood outside the restaurant to ensure that all parties were safe and that another fight would not break out. Shortly thereafter, the officers were dispatched to the same location.  A second suspect appeared and attempted to open the back door of the officers’ patrol car.  When asked what he was doing the suspect replied, “I’m leaking” and then the officers noticed a stab wound to his left side.  Officers called for paramedics and continued to investigate.  Officers Rodarte and Habib arrived to assist in the investigation. Officer Rodarte, a certified SFPD Spanish interpreter, got the full story from both suspects. Earlier that morning, both men were in the restaurant and had bumped into each other.  When one attempted to apologize, the other ignored it and began a verbal argument which developed into a fight outside the restaurant and both suspects threw beer bottles at each other.  Both men were transported to SFGH for treatment to their wounds.  Report number 120579795

2:50am       200 blk Ellington                   Malicious Mischief
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to an incident regarding damage to a vehicle.  A car’s windows were shattered and the owner called police for assistance.  Report number 120577573

10:30am     Mansell/John F. Shelley        Theft
Officers Wong and Morrow were dispatched to respond to a theft incident. A car had been broken into and the owner’s belongings were stolen. The victim stated that her purse, credit cards, and some money were stolen and she saw a man running away from the vehicle.  She did not know the man and does not believe she would be able to recognize him.  Report number 120580388

2:00pm       100 blk Loehr                        Burglary
Officer Howard was flagged down by a citizen at the 100 block of Loehr. The woman stated that someone had attempted to burglarize her apartment. Officer Howard inspected the front gate and noticed that two screws were missing from it. The woman said that the screws were in place earlier. The premise showed no forcible entry and no items were stolen.  Report number 120575743

2:00pm       300 blk Edinburgh                Theft
Officer Chan responded to an incident regarding a possible burglary. Money from a man’s bedroom was reported to be possibly stolen by a handyman working on the home. One of the residents checked a briefcase in the bedroom where one of the blinds was installed. They noticed that several envelopes containing cash and a few silver coins were missing from the briefcase. They called the handyman’s company to file a complaint and were advised to make a police report.  Report number 120581405 

3:00pm       Unit blk Lundys                     Auto Boost
Police Services Aid Cato prepared a report for a victim of a vehicle theft. The victim reported that several items were missing from the glove compartment in the vehicle. She stated that there was no identifiable point of entry and her car was still locked when she returned.  Later that day, Officer Cunnane alerted her that an unknown suspect was attempting to cash one of her personal checks and the victim stated that she did not carry her checks in her car. She could not explain how the unknown suspect got possession of the check.  Report number 120581637

 4:30pm      200 blk Andover                    Aggravated Assault
Officers Gomez and Kerlegan responded to a domestic argument and Officers Sugitan and Fung responded as back up. A landlord and a tenant were fighting and a nearby car’s rear window was shattered. Each party had a different side to the story. The landlord stated that he was called by a neighbor that a tenant and another man were destroying his house. The landlord came in and a man who was supposedly illegally staying with the tenant was arguing with him. During the argument, the man threw tiles at the landlord and walked out of the home. The landlord locked the man out and he began pounding on the door and punched the side of the home causing bleeding to his fists. The man then continued to shatter the windows of a car belonging the landlord’s wife which caused several lacerations to his forearms.

They interviewed the suspect who had a different story on what happened. The man said he was staying in the living in the home for the last five months and had a dispute with the landlord about the living situation at the home. They began arguing, and when trying to unlock the front gate, the landlord struck his hands with a rock causing the lacerations. As for the shattered car window, the man stated he dodged a thrown rock by the landlord and the rock broke the window. No further police action was requested by either party.  All the evidence was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 120581433

6:00pm       100 blk Rolph                        Theft
Police Services Aid Cato prepared a report for a victim of theft. The victim was on MUNI with his cell phone in his hands when an unknown suspect snatched the phone and fled the bus. The victim stated that the incident happened too fast for him to react. PSA Cato gave him follow up information and procedures. Report number 120581900

8:00pm       500 blk Forester                     Theft
Police Services Aid Zabarte was on station duty and prepared a report for a victim of theft. The man’s car had been broken into and several of his belongings were stolen. The rear window was shattered and some clothing and other belongings were stolen. PSA Zabarte informed the victim of follow up procedures. Report number 120579911

10:00pm     1100 blk Geneva                    Disturbing the Peace
Officers Paras and Shugars responded to an excessive noise complaint at the 1100 block of Geneva Ave. A resident living behind a bar complained that he could hear loud noises from the bar from bands performing, music playing, and loud customers every night. Officer Paras provided the victim with a Citizen’s Arrest Form which he signed. He also agreed to not cite them without warning them about the noise. The officers responded to the bar and talked to two employees about the complaint. Report number 120582390

11:00pm     Unit blk Nantucket                Vandalism
Officers Chew and Lim responded to an incident regarding vandalism. A person’s fence was tagged with spray paint. The owner did not see the unknown suspect. Report number 120580504

  6:00am          Paris/London                          Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  8:58am          5300 blk Diamond                  Recovered License Plate
10:51am          Portola/Miraloma                    Traffic Collision
11:50am          Unit blk Santa Ysabel              Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Quest, 4H, Red
  1:03pm          100 blk Delta                          Recovered Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Tundra, PK, Whi
  2:30pm          100 blk Ney                           Stolen Vehicle: 1999 Saturn SL2, 4dr, Green
11:00pm          1200 blk Athens                     Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, 4dr, Tan