Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday July 25th, 2012

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2:31am                Mission/Trumbull         Vandalism
Officers Ferronato and Jones responded to a vandalism incident at the intersection of Mission and Trumbull. A suspect was caught spray painting at a nearby concrete bridge railing. Various others were spraying the side of the railing when a citizen spotted them. The citizen confronted them and managed to catch one. The citizen called the police and the officers read the suspect his Miranda rights. He was detained and cited for the vandalism. Report number 120585786

6:27pm                2200 blk Bayshore        Theft
Officers Yuen and Gonzalez responded to the area regarding a theft. A man was trying to sell an iPad to a person he contacted over the internet. They met at a nearby parking lot where the buyer stole the iPad and drove off. The victim called police and told the officers the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. Sergeant Gasanyan discovered the vehicle and detained the suspect. In the car, Gasanyan found counterfeit money and a cell phone on the passenger’s seat which was booked into evidence. He also ran a computer check of the car to discover it was a stolen rental car out of the State of Washington. The suspect was detained and questioned at Ingleside Station.  He was later released and an outside agency was informed about the counterfeit money. Report number 120587845

9:30pm                Carter/Geneva              Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer were patrolling in the area when Officer Barajas recognized a certain person driving. Barajas has had prior contacts with the individual and was aware knows that she has a suspended license. The officers stopped the vehicle and asked for her license which the driver was unable to provide. The suspect had given the officers a fake name, but Officer Barajas actually knew her real name. She was detained and transported to Ingleside station to confirm her identity. After confirming her identity, officers ran a computer check and noticed she had an outstanding warrant for a suspended license. She was then transported and booked at the county jail upon confirmation of the warrant. Report number 120588332

Other Incidents:

6:50am                Visitacion/Schwerin      Vandalism
Officers Hart and Phillips were patrolling in the area when they were flagged down by a nearby citizen. The citizen reported that someone had broken into her car. The victim states that earlier that day, she noticed a person looking into her vehicle and believed that they were trying to break in. The victim called police but the person had left. Returning from work, she discovered that her car’s front passenger’s window was shattered. No items in the vehicle were stolen. The victim refused to have her car fingerprinted and was given a follow up form. Report number 120587704

8:33am                400 blk Paris                 Identity Theft
Officers Chang and Park responded to an incident regarding identity theft at the 400 block of Paris. Several checks had been stolen from the family business and a large amount had been withdrawn from their bank. A member of the victim’s family stated that his mail was accidently given to an unknown person posing as a member of the family. The account was closed and the bank requested that the victim file a police report. The officers gave follow up forms for identity theft. The victim was also advised by police to contact the US Postal service regarding the mail theft. Report number 120586085

12:30pm              400 blk Cortland          Fraud
A person came to Ingleside Station to report fraud to PSA Heckenberg. The fraud victim was told by his bank that there were multiple fraudulent charges on his account. The bank told the victim that they will continue the investigation within their fraud department.  PSA Heckenberg gave follow up forms and procedures to the victim. Report number 120586314

12:56pm              1500 blk Geneva           Auto Boost
Officer Zabarte was on station duty when a person came in to report that someone broke into his vehicle. The victim states that an unknown suspect shattered the rear passenger’s window. Earlier that day, the victim had a verbal argument with one of his neighbor’s over their car blocking the driveway to their apartment complex. The neighbor refused to move the car and the victim called Department of Parking and Traffic. They cited the blocking vehicle and the neighbor made a threat to the victim. Avoiding any unnecessary confrontation, the victim left the area. When he returned home, he noticed the damage to his car. The victim believes that the neighbor may have been involved in the incident. Report number 120586


8:00am            600 blk Prague            Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, 2dr, Black
10:00am          200 blk Dublin             Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic, 4dr, Brown
11:15am          80 blk Bella Vista        Traffic Collision
1:00pm            210 blk Cortland         Stolen License Plate
6:30pm            1720 blk Alabama       Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Acura Integra, 2dr, Green