Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 30, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, May 30th 2012


0:10am                Unit Blk Santos            Robbery
Officer Pedersen and several other Ingleside officers responded to an address to attempt to arrest a suspect who was wanted for robbery.  They arrived at the residence, knocked at the door and were escorted inside by one of the tenants.  They located the suspect and took him into custody without incident.  Report 120426572

7:00pm                3300 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officers Castillo and Leong were sent to investigate a possible robbery and shoplifting.  They met with the reportees who had a female detained.  One of the reportees had been assaulted by the suspect as they attempted to take her into custody.  Although he had a bandage on his cheek area, he refused medical assistance.

Both reportees stated that they saw the suspect enter the store, placed several items into a bag and exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  They detained her and she struggled with them as they attempted to escort her back inside the store.  The officers took pictures of the injury to the reportee and provided all parties with follow up information.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station and booked at the instruction of Sgt. Weggenmann.  Report 120429639

7:46pm                500 Blk Carter              Traffic Violation
Officers Hom and Gomez were on patrol when they affected a traffic stop on a vehicle which was speeding.  They made contact with the driver who presented a California Identification Card as identification.  A record check revealed her driver’s license was suspended.  She was given a citation and the vehicle was towed to Auto Return at the instruction of Sgt. Riskin.  Report 120429645

11:22pm              Unit Blk Santos             Robbery Arrest
Sgt. Alvarez and several other Ingleside officers were on surveillance in search of robbery suspects.  They had made several contacts with the particular suspects at a known address and were aware that most of them were on probation with an active search condition.  They knocked on the door of the address and were escorted inside by a tenant.  All parties in the home were detained and a search of the premise located a large amount of US Currency.  The officers then came into contact with the wanted suspect.  He was taken into custody without incident and all other parties were issued Certificate of Release forms.  The officers took pictures of the evidence and the home which they booked into evidence.  Report 120426572

Other incidents:  

12:00pm              100 Blk Andover          Burglary   
Officer Rueca was sent to investigate a burglary.  The victims advised that they locked and secured the home and when they returned found the front gate damaged and front door open.  They said that several items were missing.  Officer Rueca’s investigation determined the front gate to be the point of entry and exit as he could see it had been damaged and forced open.  He was unable to locate any other sign of forced entry.  He took pictures of the damage and the condition of the home which he booked into evidence.  He attempted to lift any fingerprint evidence to no avail.  He provided the parties with follow up information and an additional loss form.  He did not contact CSI due to the lack of physical evidence.  Report 120425596

1:00pm                Unit Blk Liebig             Vandalism
Officer Bernard was dispatched to a possible burglary.  He met with the reportees who stated they locked and secured their bedroom door and when they returned found the door damage.  Although some items were out of place, they did not believe that anything was missing.  The reportees said they share the home with other family members but did not see anyone enter the room or remove any items.  The officer provided them with follow up information.  Report 120388477

4:00pm                1300 Blk Alemany        Graffiti
Officers Frisk and Campion-Healy responded to the vandalism of a home.  They spoke with the victim who stated that when she left her home this morning she noticed someone had graffitied one of the sides of the building.  She did not see anyone vandalize the property and was unable to provide any further information.  The officers provided her with follow up information and booked all items into evidence.  Report 120426572


  6:11am          Huron/Lawrence         H&R
  7:45am          600 Blk Portola          H&R
10:24am          Unit Blk Trumbull       Recovered vehicle: 1995 Honda Prelude 4D, green
  2:30pm          Unit Blk Madrid         H&R

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, May 29th 2012


3:49pm                4700 Blk Mission St               Battery
Officers Aslam and Wilson responded as back-up to Officers Trail and Peregoy.  The officers were flagged down in regards to an incident of battery.  Officer Aslam interviewed both parties who were involved in a road rage incident.  The victim was spit on by the subject during the altercation.  The victim wanted to press charges against the suspect and signed a citizen’s arrest for battery.  The suspect was cited and released from the scene with a court date.  Report 120425740

10:05pm              3900 Blk Mission St               Warrant
Officer Gomez was on patrol driving behind a vehicle.  The vehicle had a broken center brake light, so the officer decided to pull the vehicle over.  The officer contacted the driver and advised her of the violation.  A records check of the driver revealed that she was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The driver was taken into custody without further incident.  Report 120426964

Other incidents:  

9:17am                600 Blk Hearst St                   Vandalism
Officer Trujillo took a report regarding vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim reported three work vehicles had been damaged at a work sight overnight. Report 120424576

10:54am              Unit Blk Garrison St              Robbery
Officers Muro and Larocca and several other Ingleside officers were dispatched to a report of robbery.  The officers met with the victim, who appeared to be in shock from the incident.  The victim was making a delivery when a suspect approached him and demanded some boxes from the delivery truck.  A second suspect was also present, and stood by the passenger side of the vehicle as the lookout.  The first suspect lifted his jacket and showed the victim a gun that was tucked into his waistband.  The suspect jumped in to the truck and began throwing packages onto the street where the second suspect was standing.  Both suspects gathered up several boxes and fled the scene.  Four of the packages were recovered by other officers searching the area.  Report 120424861

12:11pm              Italy & Lisbon St                   Robbery
Officer Johnson responded to a report of robbery.  The officer contacted the victim, who was bleeding from the mouth and suffered from a small scratch to his cheek.  An ambulance was summoned.  The victim told the officer that he had parked and was about to exit.  Two suspects approached the driver side door, and one of them opened it.  The first suspect demanded the victim’s money.  The victim handed the suspect his wallet and asked the suspect to only take his money, not his ID.  The suspect agreed and took the victim’s cash out of the wallet.  The second suspect opened the passenger side door and began rummaging through the glove box.  The victim started to scream for help.  The second suspect told the victim to shut up and punched him twice in the mouth.  The suspects both fled on foot.  A witness heard the commotion and saw the suspects fleeing the scene, but refused to cooperate with providing further information.  Medics arrived and treated the victim with an ice pack.  Report 120425126

1:14pm                Unit Blk Gladys St                 Burglary
Officers Wong and Pai were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim went to her front porch to retrieve her bicycle when she discovered it was gone.  She looked closer at the fence where the bicycle was secured and noticed that the fence post that the bicycle was locked to was pulled away from the railing.  She also realized that the main door that leads in to her apartment was unlocked, although she was sure that she had locked it. The officers located a crowbar nearby that was likely used to pry the fence post from the railing.  Report 120425251

1:35pm                300 Blk Monterey Blvd         Theft
Officer Hornstein responded to investigate a theft incident.  The victim went into his storage unit and realized that several pieces from his camping equipment were missing.  The suspect could have gained access to his storage unit from the unit next to his by climbing over the wall.  The victim wasn’t sure when the items went missing as he had not used them in some time.  Report 120425411

6:47pm                3100 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Tam and Hurwitz were dispatched to a silent hold up alarm that is activated in cases of an emergency, usually when a robbery is occurring.  The establishment was known to the officers for illegal gambling.  The victim told the officers that he just stepped outside in front of the premise when he was surrounded by four suspects.  One of the suspects had a shot gun.  The suspects barged into the establishment and ordered everyone to the ground.  The suspects made off with cash, and no one was injured.  The suspects fled in a vehicle.  Report 120426572

7:48pm                200 Blk Brazil Ave                  Burglary
Officers Labutan and Pereira responded to a burglary incident.  The victim came home to find her residence had been ransacked.  There were no signs of forced entry.  Several pieces of jewelry were taken.  The victim identified possible suspects, but did not see who stole her belongings.  Report 120426550

8:19pm                300 Blk Monterey Blvd           Burglary
Officer Gomez was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim removed her bicycle from her storage unit so that she could go for a ride.  She specifically remembered locking the unit before she left.  When she returned, she found that the lock to the unit was damaged and several items were taken from inside.  An adjacent storage unit also had damage to the lock.  Report 120426663


  6:20am          1200 Blk Alemany Blvd          Stolen vehicle: 2003 Dodge Caravan, blue
  6:50am          100 Blk Conrad St                  Recovered vehicle: 2002 Dodge Caravan, maroon
10:10am          Unit Blk Duncan St                 Recovered vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic 4D, blue
  6:09pm          100 Blk Mirando Way            Recovered vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord 2D, blue

May 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, May 28th 2012


8:09pm                1200 Blk San Jose Ave          D.U.I.
Officers Archilla and Chan responded to a report of a vehicle stuck on the MUNI tracks.  The officers located the vehicle and advised MUNI to stop running trains until it was safe to do so.  Upon further investigation, the officers realized that there was no one in the vehicle, but that it was disabled from damage caused to the axle.  While waiting for the tow to arrive, a suspect approached the officers and told them that the vehicle was his.  The officers immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath.  The officers asked the suspect if he had been driving and he told them “yes”.  The suspect admitted to the officers that he had at least two shots of alcohol, and kept repeating himself as he spoke.  He had other signs of being under the influence, such as watery, bloodshot eyes and an inability to stand steady on his feet.  The officers moved the suspect to a safer location and conducted field sobriety tests on him.  The officers determined that the suspect had been driving under the influence of alcohol.  The suspect was subsequently arrested.  Report 120423471

Other incidents:  

8:04am                5600 Blk Diamond Hgts        Vandalism
Officer Morrow responded to a report of vandalism to two vehicles.  The victim had left both of her vehicles parked on Diamond Heights in the evening. The following day, she returned to her vehicles and discovered all the tires on each vehicle had been slashed.  Report 120421726

1:28pm                100 Blk Laidley St                 Burglary
Officer Morrow was dispatched to a burglary report.  The victim’s had left for a day trip.  The witness arrived at the house and found that it had been burglarized.  The victim’s were notified of the incident and responded to the scene.  The officers determined that the suspect had entered through the window on the front door that had been smashed out.  Some large items were moved from their original locations, such as a large screen TV.  Other items were stolen.  The victim’s advised that the residence had an alarm system installed, but it had not been activated.  The officer searched the area for witnesses but was unable to locate any.  Report 120422564

2:10pm                Unit Blk Niagara St               Stay Away Order
PSA Zabarte took a report from a victim regarding a violation of a court order.  The victim provided proof of a valid restraining order issued against the suspect.  PSA Zabarte was able to confirm the order through a records check.  The victim said that the suspect came to her residence.  The victim confronted the suspect and threatened to call the police.  The suspect fled the premise without further incident.  Report 120422586

3:11pm                800 Blk Bosworth St              Vandalism
Officer Antonian was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to report vandalism.  The victim was in her residence when she heard footsteps coming from the stairs that lead to the back entrance.  The victim walked to the rear door and saw the suspect standing on the stairs.  She yelled at the suspect and asked what he was doing there.  The suspect fled down the stairs, through the victim’s garage and ended up in front of the residence.  The suspect got into a vehicle and fled.  The victim believes she saw some kind of object in the suspect’s hand, but was unsure of what it was.  The victim continued to tell the Officer that about two weeks ago, she found an unknown liquid on her vehicle, which she later discovered was battery acid.  The acid caused damage to the vehicle.  The victim has had several other incidents with the suspect, all of which she reported to the police.  Report 120422724 

3:25pm                3100 Blk San Bruno Ave       Dog Bite
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of a dog attack.  The victim was walking her dog when suddenly an off-leash pitbull charged out of a nearby house.  The pitbull bit her dog on the back and carried it into a bush where it mauled at her dog.  The owner of the pitbull came out of the house and gained control of the pitbull.  The victim found her dog hiding in the suspect’s driveway, cowering under a truck.  A witness wrapped the injured dog in a jacket and told the victim to take the dog to a veterinarian.  Due to the dog’s injuries, it had to be euthanized.  The suspect agreed to take care of the victim’s vet bills, and provided her with some information.  The officers returned to the address where the suspect had been earlier, and was unable to contact her.  The officers contacted the witness, who provided the officers with the suspect’s true identity, since she had lied to the victim regarding her information.  The officers were unable to locate the suspect or the suspect’s dog.  Report 120422809

4:33pm                5500 Blk Diamond Hgts.       Vandalism
Officers Chan and Archilla responded to a report of several cars being broken into.  When they arrived, there were several tow trucks on scene.  The officers contacted a victim.  The victim told the officers that he owns five cargo vans, which were all parked on the street along Diamond Heights Blvd.  Although he could not name a suspect, the victim believes that one of the neighbors is upset with him parking all of the vans in the area.  The victim discovered that all of the tires were slashed on four of his vehicles, causing an estimated $2,000 in repair and replacement costs.  Report 120423114

5:51pm                200 Blk John F. Shelley         Theft
Officers Pereira and Quintero took a report regarding a car break in.  The two victims took their dogs to the park to walk them.  They left their vehicle secured and left it unattended for about 15 minutes.  When they returned, they discovered the rear passenger window was smashed.  One of the victim’s had left her iPhone and laptop in the vehicle, and they were both taken.  Report 120423283

5:54pm                Unit Blk Wilder St                 Theft
Sgt. Inocencio took a report of a vehicle break in.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle early in the morning.  She returned late in the afternoon and found one of the vehicle’s windows had been smashed.  The victim’s GPS was stolen from inside.  Report 120423227

6:07pm                Unit Blk Baden St                  Theft
Officer Antonian took a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle, and left it for several days.  When she returned, she discovered the driver side door was unlocked.  The victim walked around to the passenger side of the vehicle and found the passenger door slightly open, although still locked.  The victim went in to her vehicle and found leaves, branches and some dirt inside.  Her paperwork from the glove box was scattered about and the face plate from the CD player was missing.  Report 120423255

9:41pm                100 Blk Britton St                  Burglary
Officers Ma and Jones were dispatched to a burglary incident.  The victim secured his residence and then left for the day.  When he returned late that night, he entered his residence and discovered that a suspect had ransacked it.  The victim looked around and found the window leading into a bedroom on the second floor had been damaged.   The officers located a screwdriver next to the damaged window, which did not belong to the victim.  There was also damage to the front door of the residence.  The victim noticed many items that were missing, including a laptop, camera, TV and several pieces of jewelry.  Report 120423813

10:59pm              4800 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded to a panic alarm.  The officers contacted two victims and two witnesses.  One victim had been working at the cash register when a suspect walked into the restaurant.  The suspect demanded money and lifted his shirt, exposing a handgun tucked in to his waistband.  The victim opened the register and started handing over the money.  The suspect told the victim to empty out a second cash box located underneath the register, which he did.  A second victim, who was away from the register at the time of the incident, saw the suspect put his hand in the tip jar. The second victim walked up to the suspect and tried to grab the tip jar away from the suspect. The suspect again lifted his shirt, revealing the handgun.  The second victim jumped back, startled. The suspect fled with over $2,000 in cash.  Report 120423904


  1:24am          Virginia & Eugenia Ave           Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  9:00am          Precita & Harrison St              Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  6:18pm          500 Blk Raymond Ave           Recovered vehicle: 2002 Acura TL 4D, black
  6:32pm          400 Blk Arlington St               Stolen license plate: CA
  8:29pm          San Jose & Randall St            Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  8:30pm          3400 Blk Mission St               Recovered vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic 2D, red
  8:30pm          3400 Blk Mission St               Recovered vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic 2D, silver
11:30pm          Girard & Harkness Ave          Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run

May 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, May 27th 2012


2:49pm                Mission & Ocean Ave           Traffic Violation
Officers Fung and Sugitan were on patrol when they spotted a suspect riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, a violation of the traffic code.  The officers stopped the bicyclist and advised him of the violation.  The officers questioned the suspect regarding the bicycle.  The suspect told the officers that he purchased the bicycle for $3,000, but was unable to tell the officers what model it was.  The officers grew suspicious and retrieved the serial number of the bicycle.  The officers conducted a records check of the serial number, but the bicycle did not come back stolen.  The officers took several pictures of the bicycle as evidence and issued the suspect a citation for the traffic code violation.  The suspect was released from the scene.  Report 120420013

8:07pm                5200 Blk Mission St               Warrant
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol wearing plain clothes, in an unmarked vehicle.  The officers spotted two suspects that they recognized from prior police contact.  The suspects were also involved in an investigation regarding a stolen vehicle.  The officers knew that one of the suspects was wanted for an outstanding warrant and the other was on probation with a warrantless search condition.  The officers stopped their vehicle, contacted the suspects and identified themselves as police officers.  The officers asked one of the suspects to take a seat on the ground.  The ground was clearly free of debris when the suspect sat down.  The officers handcuffed the second suspect who had the outstanding warrant.  She was also in possession of a glass pipe commonly used to ingest narcotics, and a digital scale that had narcotic residue on it.  The suspect also had tools on her person that were consistent with tools used in burglaries. 

The officers then conducted a probation search on the second suspect.  As the suspect stood up, a key fell from the suspect’s pocket.  The key was altered with file marks, consistent with keys used to start vehicle engines of certain older model Honda’s that are often stolen. 

The first suspect was arrested on her outstanding warrant and two other charges.  The second suspect was cited for possession of burglary tools and released from the scene.  Report 120420938

3:26pm                Unit Blk Prospect St             Warrant
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol working in plainclothes.  The officers were focused on one particular residence that had received several complaints regarding criminal activity.  The officers had both made prior arrests at this residence in the past.  The officers spotted a suspect that they recognized from prior police contact and who was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect spotted the officers, and he made a motion towards the house as if he was about to flee inside.  The officers exited their vehicle and identified themselves as police officers.  Officer Tam asked the suspect for his name.  Officer Hurwitz overheard his answer, and told Officer Tam that the suspect was lying about his name.  Realizing that he knew Officer Hurwitz from prior contact, the suspect gave his correct name.  The officers confirmed the suspect’s outstanding warrant and he was arrested.  Report 120420176

Other incidents:  

7:13am                4100 Blk San Bruno Ave       Shooting
Officers Pai and Wong were dispatched to a report of a broken window.  The victim told the officers that she was home when she suddenly heard a window of her residence shatter.  The victim did not immediately call the police, waiting until the morning to report the incident.  The officers located a hole in the window consistent with a bullet hole.  The officers were unable to locate a casing or any other evidence.  The officers contacted dispatch who advised them that there were two shots fired calls around 2:30 and 2:45am.  Report 120419301

12:21pm              5500 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a report of a robbery involving a gun.  The robbery had occurred approximately 30 minutes prior to the victim calling the police.  When the officers arrived, they contacted the victim.  The victim said he was alone in his store when a suspect approached him.  The suspect pulled his hand out of his pocket and pointed a gun at the victim.  The victim was scared and told the suspect to take whatever he wanted.  The suspect ordered the victim to grab a plastic bag and empty the contents of the cash register into it.  The suspect also demanded a pack of cigarettes.  The suspect fled.  The victim told the officers he tried to call 911, but kept misdialing because he was so confused.  The victim instead called his boss who instructed him to wait until the morning to call the police.  The officers were able to view surveillance footage of the incident.  Report 120419680

2:07pm                1600 Blk Dolores St               Burglary
Officer Naval was dispatched to a report of an attempted burglary.  The victim told the officer that a couple days prior, he had left his residence to go on vacation.  All of the windows and doors were secured.  The victim received a phone call from a neighbor informing him that there was a burglary in the area, and that he police had taken a suspect in to custody.  When the victim returned home, he found damage to the exterior of his home, such as the roof and gutters as if the suspect had walked on the roof at some point.  The suspect did not gain entry into the victim’s residence.  Report 120419969


11:14am          1500 Blk Geneva Ave             Stolen vehicle: 2004 Toyota Corolla 4D, turquoise
11:34am          100 Blk Harvard St                 Stolen vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic 2D, green
  1:00pm          Avalon & Naples St                Stolen vehicle: 1988 Toyota Camry 4D, silver
  1:10pm          5300 Blk Mission St               Stolen vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord 2D, grey
  1:23pm          Delano & San Juan Ave          Vehicle accident: two vehicle’s involved, hit & run  
  2:40pm          Unit Blk Roemer Way            Stolen vehicle: 1990 Toyota Camry 4D, black  
  5:09pm          Carrizal & Velasco Ave          Vehicle accident: 1 vehicle/1 ped involved, minor injuries
  7:20pm          Vienna & Brazil Ave               Vehicle accident: two vehicle’s involved, hit & run
  7:25pm          700 Blk Brazil Ave                 Recovered vehicle: 1988 Toyota Camry 4D, silver


Incident Date:
Tuesday May 26th, 2012


3:54pm       4900 blk Mission          Warrant Arrest
Officer Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol when the observed a car driver right through a stop sign. The officers made a stop on the car to issue a citation. When the officers walked up to the car they made contact with the driver and a passenger. The officers noted the passenger looked familiar. The officers conducted a warrant check and discovered that the passenger had an outstanding $5000 warrant for vehicle theft. The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 120417747

5:05am       1600 blk Dolores           Hot Prowl Burglary
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were sent on a hot prowl burglary in progress. As the officers entered the house they found a male subject on the floor and another standing holding a folding chair. The victim told the officer that he was in his bedroom sleeping with his wife and their young child. The victim told the officers that they heard noise from downstairs. The victim went down to investigate and was face to face with an unknown suspect who was telling the victim that he was going to burn his house down as in front of the stove. The victim was in fear that this crazed suspect was going to start a fire; picked up a folding chair and told the suspect that if he did not stop and step away from the stove he would be hit. The victim repeated this to the suspect several times, and then struck the suspect getting him away from the stove thus eliminating the threat. It was at this time the officers arrived and took custody of the suspect.
The victim and his family were safe with no injuries. The suspect suffered a fracture on his hand. This arrest is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***. The credit for the arrest goes to the victim, job well done. Report number 120416614

8:20pm       200 blk Cayuga            Warrant Arrest
Officers Burke and Campos were working plain clothes detail. The officers were armed with information regarding gang members hanging out in this area. The officers responded to the area and immediately found a group of subjects. The officers recognized several of the subject’s they they had dealt with in the past. The officers conducted a warrant check on the subjects and discovered that one of the subjects was wanted on a drug warrant with a $41,000 bail. The subject was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 110364261

9:05am       Ingleside SIT                 Investigation/Arrest
Sgt O’Brien was investigating two burglary cases from SF City College. The officer was able to recognize the suspect by the description given in the reports. After an exhausted investigation the officer responded to the suspects address. When the officer arrived to the location she was let into the home. Inside the home the officer located property from two separate incidents. The suspect was booked on two counts each of 2nd degree burglary and possession of stolen property. Another burglar gets booked by the Ingleside SIT team solving two cases! Report numbers 120289853 and 120393921

Other Incidents:

12:00am     Unit blk Surrey             Burglary
Officer Gomez was dispatched to investigate a burglary. The victim told the officer that he went out last night and returned at midnight. The victim told the officer that he did not notice anything unusual and went to sleep. The victim told the officer that when he went into the garage he noticed damage to the door and his $2,000 bicycle missing. Report number 120418193 

7:30am       Unit blk France            Vandalism
Officer Najarro was sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim flagged the officer down and told him that he parked his car last night and that when he returned in the morning he discovered that an unknown suspect had broken a window on his truck and damaged the steering column. Report number 120416692
8:50am       50 Phelan                      Theft from Auto
SFCCPD officer Wong responded to a theft case. the victim told the officer that he parked and locked his car before class and that when he returned he discovered his window broken and his MP3 and GPS missing. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120417167

11:03am     900 blk Ellsworth          Vandalism
Officers Phillips, Hart and Johnson were sent to investigate a vandalism incident on MUNI. The MUNI driver told the officers that while operating the bus an unknown suspect was crossing the street mid block. The driver stopped the bus to avoid hitting the subject. The driver told the officers that the subject walked past the door and struck it with something he had in his hand and causes it to shatter. The subject then walked away. Report number 120416965  

  1:44am          Unit blk Lisbon           Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  4:00am          Alemany/Mt Vernon   Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  8:33am          200 blk Santa Rosa    Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  5:10am          200 blk Brookdale      Stolen Auto: 1987 Toyota Corolla, 2dr Blk
  6:00pm          Tompkins/Folsom       Stolen Auto: 1989 Chevy 1500 PK, White
  7:30pm          800 blk Peru               Stolen Auto: 1995 Honda Accord, 4dr Blk


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, May 25th, 2012


4:16pm                Geneva & Naples St               Weapons
Officers Tam and Hurwitz were conducting surveillance.  The officers spotted a suspect exit a residence known for narcotic activity.  The suspect walked to the corner and stood, looking around in all directions.  After several minutes, the suspect returned to the residence.  About an hour later, the suspect re-emerged from the residence and walked out of sight.  The officers left the area and were patrolling nearby.  They spotted the suspect standing on a different street corner near a gas station.  The suspect lit a cigarette and walked into an area that was clearly marked “flammable”.  The officers had been asked several times by the gas station attendants to contact individuals who loitered in the station without official business.  The officers exited their vehicle and contacted the suspect.  The officers asked the suspect if he had any weapons on him.  The suspect told the officers that he had a knife in his pants pocket.  The officers retrieved the knife.  After further investigation, the suspect was cited for loitering in a public place while in possession of a concealed knife.  The suspect did not have any identification on his person, and was transported to the station to verify his identity.  The suspect was cited and released from Ingleside station.  Report 120415735

5:10pm                700 Blk Naples St                    Auto Theft
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol in an unmarked police vehicle in an area known for narcotics activity.  The officers spotted a vehicle in front of a residence that they had prior police contact with.  The officers conducted a computer check of the vehicle, which came back as stolen.  Through further investigation, the officers discovered that the vehicle may have been used in a bank robbery.  The officers decided to conduct surveillance on the residence.  Several individuals came and went from the residence.  The officers walked up to the residence and made contact with several suspects.  One suspect was in possession of a vehicle key.  The officers were familiar with this suspect and knew that he had been arrested on stolen vehicle charges several times in the past few years.  A records check of four of the suspects revealed that they were all on probation with warrantless search and seizure conditions.  The officers conducted a probation search of the premise. 

The officers seized the key from the first suspect, and were able to start the stolen vehicle with it.  The suspect was arrested.  A second suspect was in possession of a glass pipe consistent with a pipe used to ingest narcotics.  This suspect was arrested for possession of narcotic paraphernalia.  All other suspects were released from the scene.  The stolen vehicle was towed.  Report 120415503

9:20pm                Unit Blk Rudden St                 Warrant
Officers Burke and Campos were alerted to a suspect who was wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The officers responded to the suspect’s last known address.  The officers made contact with the suspect and took him in to custody without further incident.  Report 120179038

10:18pm              700 Blk Naples St                     Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer responded to a residence looking for a suspect wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers contacted the suspect and took him in to custody without further incident.  Report 110248524

Other incidents:  

7:07am                3300 Blk Mission St                  Theft
Officer Morgante was dispatched to a report of a shoplifter.  The witness saw a suspect enter the store, take a shopping cart and proceed up and down the aisles concealing items in his backpack.  A store employee confronted the suspect and asked him to empty the contents of his backpack.  The suspect hesitated but eventually complied.  The suspect also showed the employee items he had concealed in his waistband.  The store was able to recover all of the items, totaling over $400.00.  The witness admonished the suspect for the shoplifting.  The suspect removed several syringes and other narcotics paraphernalia from the backpack and left the backpack behind as he left.  Report 120413795 

7:14am                Unit Blk Teddy St                     Vandalism
Officer Trujillo took a report regarding vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim parked her vehicle in good condition.  When she returned, she discovered damage to the vehicle’s window and the center console in the vehicle.  Nothing was stolen.  Report 120413814

10:01am              300 Blk Coleridge St                 Burglary
Officers Thompson and Altamirano responded to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officers that she secured her residence and left to take her child to school.  When she returned a short time later, she noticed that a window on her home was broken.  The victim called police.  The officers conducted a walkthrough of the residence but the suspect had already fled the scene.  The victim said several items were stolen.  The victim told the officers that as she left her residence, there was a suspect rummaging through her recycling.  The suspect asked the victim for some water, but the victim refused.  The victim said that the suspect did not appear homeless and she found it strange that he was going through her recycling.  A witness also reported seeing the same suspect in the area.  Report 120414088

10:40am              Mission & Amazon St               Robbery
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk took a report regarding an attempted robbery.  The victim’s speech was slurred and he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.  He complained of pain to his arm and hip, but did not have any visible injuries.  The victim said that two suspects approached him.  One suspect punched him in the arm, causing the victim to fall to the ground.  Both suspects went through the victim’s pockets, but did not take anything.  The suspects fled.  The victim told the officers he walked a few blocks up the street and then sat down on the sidewalk because he wanted to go to sleep.  The officers summoned an ambulance and the victim was transported to SFGH.  Report 120414157

11:12am              3300 Blk Mission St                  Burglary
Officer Conceicao was dispatched to a report of an attempted burglary.  The manager of the business told the officer that the wires connected to the surveillance camera had been cut.  The officer was able to view the surveillance footage, which showed an individual briefly before the camera went black from the cord being cut.  The telephone and power cord had also been cut.  The manager told the officer that a secondary alarm had not been damaged, or activated.  A window on the building had also been smashed.  It did not appear that the suspect made entry into the building and nothing was stolen.  Report 120414298

11:22am              1400 Blk Birchwood Ct            Theft
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked her vehicle and secured it.  Upon her return, she discovered an unknown suspect had shattered one of the vehicle’s windows.  The victim’s wallet had been stolen from inside.  The suspect had used one of the victim’s credit cards at a nearby gas station.  Report 120405714

12:00pm              Unit Blk Ellington Ave              Fraud
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding fraud involving two victims.  The victim applied to be a secret shopper.  Three months later, she was contacted by the suspect, who provided her with a money order.  The suspect told the victim to cash the order, keep a portion of the money for herself, and send the rest to an address overseas.  The second victim used her checking account to cash the money order.  The first victim received several more money orders with similar instructions, totaling over $2,000.  She went to a different bank to open a new account, and was told by the bank that the money orders were fraudulent.  Report 120414351

12:37pm              700 Blk Edinburgh St                Burglary
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a report of burglary.  The victim was in his room when he heard the doorbell of his residence.  The suspect rang the doorbell several times.  The victim did not answer the door.  The suspect went to the in-law unit of the residence and rang the doorbell there several times.  The victim looked outside and saw the suspect walk to the metal gate.  The suspect pried the gate open with a crow bar.  The victim got scared and ran upstairs to call 911.  The victim hid in the closet as he talked to the dispatcher.  He heard the suspect rummaging through the kitchen and a bedroom.  The victim heard the suspect attempt to gain entry into his room as well.  At this time, the victim could hear police officers arriving on scene and believed that the suspect fled.  The suspect did not take any items from the residence.  The victim and a witness provided a description of the suspect.  Report 120411664  

1:07pm                600 Blk 29th St                            Trespassing
Officer Fung was dispatched to a report of a trespasser.  The witness was cleaning a residence when she looked outside and saw the suspect in the backyard.  The suspect was talking on the phone and walked up to the glass doors that lead into the kitchen.  The suspect made eye contact with the witness and then fled.  The witness grabbed her phone and ran to another window in an attempt to get a picture of the suspect.  The suspect jumped into a vehicle, which appeared to be waiting for him. The witness was unable to see the driver.  The vehicle fled from the area.  Report 120414599

1:35pm                Unit Blk Brentwood Ave           Fraud
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk responded to a report of fraud.  The victim received her bank statement and noticed several fraudulent charges on her account.  The transactions were made online and were payments to several different company accounts.  On a later date, the victim was advised by her bank that a suspect had used her account fraudulently to purchase groceries.  The victim suspected two individuals were involved with the fraud, as they had access to her personal information.  Report 120414646

1:35pm                100 Blk Valmar Ter                   Burglary
Officer Fung was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim arrived home and discovered the garage door open.  The victim entered the premise and saw that her residence had been ransacked.  Several items were stolen.  The officer located a window that was easily accessible from the street.  The window screen was torn.  It appeared that the suspect entered through the window and exited through the garage.  Report 120414759

2:27pm                600 Blk Naples St                       Theft
Officer Najarro took a report regarding theft.  The victim parked and left her vehicle secured.  When she returned, she realized that the windshield wipers from her vehicle had been stolen.  The vehicle’s antenna was also damaged.  Report 120414806

3:18pm                4600 Blk Mission St                    False Checks
Officer Lim responded to a report of a suspect passing bad checks.  Officers Walsh and Fung also responded to assist and detained a suspect matching the description provided by dispatch.  The witness told Officer Lim that the suspect had entered the bank and deposited two checks, and withdrew some cash.  The following day, the suspect deposited another check, and withdrew cash.  The witness was later notified that the checks were fraudulent.  The suspect told the officers that he received the checks from an agency that he worked for.  The officers were unable to contact the account holder.  The suspect was identified and released from the scene.  Report 120414931 

3:52pm                200 Blk Monterey Blvd              Burglary
Officer Fung was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officer that he left his bicycle locked to a wooden beam in a garage that he shares with other residents.  When the victim left in the morning, his bicycle was there.  When he returned later in the afternoon, the bicycle was gone.  There were no signs of forced entry.  The victim arrived at Ingleside station later in the evening.  He provided PSA Flynn with a copy of a craigslist ad selling his bicycle.  The ad was seized as evidence.  Report 120415070

6:22pm                4700 Blk Mission St                    Vandalism
Officers Quintero and Antonian responded to a report of a broken window.  The victim told the officers that he saw the suspect in front of his store.  The suspect attempted to board on the back of a MUNI bus, but the doors closed before he was able to.  The suspect seemed irate, and leaned up against the store’s window.  The suspect then struck the window with his elbow, breaking it.  The suspect walked away from the area.  Officers Hart, Obot and Johnson detained a suspect matching the description given by the victim.  The victim positively identified the suspect, and he was transported to Ingleside station.  The suspect’s relative responded and agreed to pay for the damages if the victim was willing to drop the charges.  The store owner arrived on scene and agreed to exchange information instead of pressing charges.  The suspect was released.  Report 120415412

6:34pm                500 Blk Arlington St                  Burglary
Officers Benavidez and Lustenberger took a report regarding burglary.  The victim lives in the lower flat of a residence.  The victim left the residence after securing the doors and windows.  When she returned home, the front door was locked, and she let herself in using her key.  As she made her way into the residence, she discovered the wooden frame to the back door was damaged, and there were pieces of wood on the floor.  Several items were missing from inside, including a laptop and television.  Report 120415531

10:14pm              200 Blk 30th St                            Burglary
Officers Lustenberger and Benavidez responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim left his residence, securing all of the windows and doors.  When the victim returned, he noticed the door to the backyard was open.  Upon further investigation, the victim discovered several items were missing from inside.  There were no signs of forced entry into the premise.  Report 120416084


  6:53am          300 Blk Bocana St      Stolen vehicle: 2012 Nissan Juke SUV, white
  8:15am          Portola & Fowler         Vehicle accident: two vehicle’s involved, no injuries
  8:49am          2400 Blk San Jose       Recovered vehicle: 1993 Infiniti J30 4D, black
  9:07am          100 Blk Brazil St         Stolen vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic 4D, blue
11:14am          300 Blk 29th St           Recovered vehicle: 1998 Acura Integra 2D, white
12:20pm          Unit Blk Bemis St        Recovered vehicle: 1990 Nissan 240SX 2D, white
  1:40pm          500 Blk Naples St       Stolen vehicle: 1987 Acura Legend 2D, silver
  2:04pm          500 Blk Prentiss St      Recovered vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic 2D, red
  3:30pm          San Jose & 29th St      Vehicle accident: Two vehicles involved, hit & run
  4:27pm          100 Blk Tiffany St        Stolen vehicle: 2005 Suzuki DRZ Motorcycle, black
  5:38pm          700 Blk Naples St       Recovered vehicle: 1996 Acura Integra 2D, red
  7:38pm          Sunnydale/Schwerin     Vehicle accident: two vehicles involved, no injuries
  9:33pm          Unit Blk Nordhoff        Stolen vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord 4D, maroon