Friday, June 29, 2012

June 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, June 27th 2012

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12:28am     5600 Blk Diamond       Shooting Into Dwelling
Officer Ferronato responded to the intersection of Surrey and Swiss in regards to a shooting. The victim informed the officer that he had been in an altercation with two known suspects and one unknown suspect. When the victim drove away from the scene, he heard gunshots and felt something hit him. The victim did not have any injuries, and was given a Follow Up Form, Victim of Violent Crime Form and a Marcy’s Card. The victims’ car had a large hole in the passenger side front door, and it had been penetrated to the inside passenger seat bottom. The car was towed to CSI for further investigation. Two of the suspects were detained and a cold show was administered. The victim positively identified the two suspects, and they were transported to Ingleside Station without incident. Several other units were also on scene and searched the residence of the suspects. A .22 rifle was seized and booked at Ingleside Station. Report 120504792
                                                   ****Best Arrest of the Day****

6:10pm       600 Blk Banks             Terrorist Threats
Officers Barajas and Almaguer responded to a call regarding a restraining order violation. The victim informed the officers that he had filed a police report against a known suspect that same day. When the victim returned home, he found the suspect there and called the police stating he felt unsafe with him there. The suspect was taken into custody and was booked at Ingleside Station. The suspect made a written statement regarding the incident, and it was booked as evidence.  Report 120500358

Other incidents:  

12:30am     Stillings/Nordhoff         Auto Boost
Officers Fung and Suguitan responded to a call regarding a theft from a locked vehicle. The victim stated he had parked his car the night before and upon returning the next morning he noticed the passenger side door had been pried open and several personal papers had been stolen from the glove compartment. The officers could not find any fingerprints on the vehicle. The victim was informed of possible identity theft procedures and was provided with an Identity Theft resource guide. Report 120506776

6:26am       5200 Blk Diamond         Robbery
Officer Morgante was dispatched to a call regarding a shoplifting incident. The victim informed the officer that he had witnessed a mischievous suspect go into the liquor section and place 8 bottles of liquor into a green bag. The suspect also grabbed two boxes of diapers and proceeded to the register. The suspect stated she had purchased these diapers at an earlier time and wanted to return them. When the victim informed the suspect she could pay for the bottles of liquor the victim pulled out a bottle of pepper spray and told the victim if he did not back up she would spray him. The victim backed up and the suspect walked out of the store with the cart full. The victim continued to watch the suspect as a gray car pulled up alongside her and picked her up. The victim informed the officer that the video surveillance should have caught the incident and will be made available to investigators upon their request. Report 120505104

10:15am     900 Blk Ellsworth        Malicious Mischief
Officers Hopkins, Peregoy and Johnson responded to a call regarding a broken window. The victim informed the officers she had been home when she heard glass breaking from the bedroom. The victim walked into her bedroom and looked outside to see five suspects run from the scene. The victim believes the holes were made from a bb gun as she did not hear any gunfire. The victim was given a Follow Up Form and a Marcy’s Card. The officers searched the surrounding area for suspects to no avail. Photos were taken of the scene and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 120508095

12:00pm     3300 Blk Folsom St      Embezzlement
Officer Lee was on Station Duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to file a report of embezzlement. The victim stated he had a business contract with a known suspect and had arrangements to be paid. The suspect sent a check and it had bounced. The victim and his lawyer tried to contact the suspect, but the suspect disconnected his phones and moved to India. The victim and his lawyer also sent emails asking for the money. The lawyer received a response on his email stating he was sorry about the money, and he would pay him back. The suspect also stated not to inform the police of the incident, because if he was arrested there was no way he would be able to pay the victim back what was owed. Inspector Dito; in the SUV Financial Crimes Unit, was sent all documents along with a copy of the report. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report 120505988

12:00pm     1800 Blk Geneva          Dog Bite
Officers Trujillo and Howard responded to a call regarding a dog attack. The victim informed the officers that a known suspects’ dog had bitten her arm. The victim refused medical treatment but wanted the incident documented. The victim informed the officers she wanted them to speak with the suspect regarding the incident. The victim was given a Follow Up Form and was advised as to follow up options. The officers then responded to the suspects’ home and made contact with the owner and dog.  The suspect stated she was fully aware of the incident and she was making an effort to control her dog by scheduling obedience classes. The Animal Care and Control was sent a copy of the incident. Report 120505518

12:00pm     1700 Blk Cayuga          Threatening Calls
Officers Paras and Shugars were dispatched to a call regarding threatening text messages. Upon the officers arrival the victim stated she had been receiving excessive text messages for the past three months approximately five times a day from a known suspect. The victim stated she was not afraid for her safety. Report 120507570

1:30pm       1500 Blk Valencia        Prescription Forge
Officer Tam responded to a report of an attempted prescription forgery. The victim stated that a known suspect tried to receive two medications. One was printed from a computer, and the other was hand written. The victim felt this was odd and spoke with the second victim. The second victim stated that only one prescription was authorized. The suspect was denied the medication that was hand written, and walked away. The next day an unknown suspect pretended to be the victim and authorized the prescription that was denied. Later that day the known suspect from the day before retrieved the medication and walked away. The forged prescription was booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. The officers searched for the suspect to no avail. Report 120506798

2:00pm       5100 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officer Ocreto responded to a call regarding a stolen backpack. The victim stated she was walking home when an unknown suspect ran up to her and grabbed her backpack off her shoulder. The victim struggled to hold on but the suspect gained control and took off running. The victim informed the officer that if she saw him again, she would be able to positively identify him. The officer informed the victim that if she saw the suspect again to call 911 immediately. The officer then searched the surrounding area for the suspect to no avail. Report 120506726

3:00pm       5200 Blk Mission            Fraud
Police Service Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi was on station duty when a victim came in to file a report of fraud. The victim stated that she had received a letter from Chase Bank, stating they were putting a hold on funds. The victim checked her credit report and noticed several discrepancies. The victim informed the Bank that she never held an account with them and never gave anyone permission to open an account under her name. The Bank informed the victim that they would have to file a police report. All copies of the bank statements were booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 120505546

4:07pm       Coleridge/Kingston         Public Intoxication
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded as back-up to Officer Tam. Officer Tam had detained four unknown suspects for loitering. After a warrant check was made with negative results, three of the suspects were released. The fourth suspect was held for public intoxication. Officer Tam took the alcoholic beverage from the suspect and verified it was indeed alcohol. The bottle was taken into evidence. The suspect did not comply with the officers and resisted arrest. The suspect was booked. Report 120507116

6:00pm                3500 Blk Mission       Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry responded to a call regarding a burglary. The victim stated that he had placed his bicycle in a storage unit the night before, and upon returning the next morning he noticed it was missing. The victim pointed out that there was a small window that had been removed. The victim did not have the serial number for his bicycle and there were no surveillance cameras in the area. Photographs were taken of the scene and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 1205051026

8:00pm                900 Blk Edinburgh    Burglary
Officer Morrow responded to a call regarding a burglary investigation. The victim informed the officer that she had locked and secured her front door the night before. When the victim awoke the next day she noticed the door frame had been forcibly cracked. The victim also informed the officer that she had not noticed anything missing from her home. Photographs of the damaged door frame were booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 120505251

9:27pm                100 Blk Ordway         Shooting Into Dwelling
Officers Hom and Antonian were dispatched to a report of shots fired. The victim informed the officers that a bullet had come through her window. Several Units also responded and searched the area for a suspect(s) to no avail. The victim stated that she was home alone when she heard gunshots emanating from outside her residence. The victim stated she did not observe any suspects or hear any vehicles from her home. The victim showed the officers her window which had a small hole consistent with the size of a bullet. There was another hole on the victims’ wall but it was too high up to be removed or looked at. CSI was called and responded the next morning. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report 120507928


  1:45am          Unit Blk Southwood           Traffic Accident
  5:18am          300 Blk Coleridge              Stolen Auto: 1989 Toyota Camry, Blue
  8:00am          700 Blk Ocean                   Traffic Accident
  7:00pm          200 Blk Congo                  Stolen Auto: 1995 Acura Integra, Green
  8:00pm          200 Blk Ney                      Stolen Auto: 1993 Saturn SL2, Silver
  8:00pm          Geneva/Alemany                Stolen Auto: 2001 Nissan NX2000, Red
  9:00pm          Powhattan/Anderson          Stolen Auto: 2001 Acura CL, Black


Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 26, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, June 26th 2012

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5:55am                Unit Blk Junior Ter               Burglary
Officers Hauscarriague and Ma were dispatched to a call regarding a suspect tampering with doors and attempting to break into a residence.  Dispatch provided the officers with a description of the suspect.  Several other Ingleside officers also responded.  Officers McMilton and Peregrina detained a suspect matching the description.  He told the officers he was at the premise waiting for the landlord because they had a meeting.  The suspect said he had just called the landlord, but was not in possession of a cell phone.  The suspect also told the officers that he just moved to the area, and his child just started school.  The officers noted that the school he referred to just started summer break.  The suspect spoke rapidly and was unable to sit still.  He also changed the subject repeatedly.  The officers noticed bruising and red dots on the suspect’s arms, a sign of intravenous drug use.  Further investigation revealed that the suspect was acquainted with the property’s owner, but did not have keys to the premise.  The officers made entry into the residence and located property belonging to the suspect, including a hypodermic needle with suspected methamphetamine inside.  The suspect also possessed a baggie of suspected methamphetamine. A records check revealed that the suspect was also wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested and booked on several charges.  Report 120501641

10:05am              500 Blk Gennessee St             Burglary
Officer Morgante responded to a report of burglary.  Witnesses told the officers that they saw a suspect kick in a door at their neighbor’s residence.  They saw the suspect go inside the premise and emerge carrying clothing and records.  The witnesses watched as the suspect walked calmly down the street.  The witnesses provided a description of the suspect for other responding Ingleside units.  SFCCPD Officer Hadi detained a suspect matching the description.  The suspect was in possession of clothing and records.  The suspect told Officer Hadi that he was just picking up some items that belonged to him.  The suspect was positively identified by the witnesses and subsequently arrested.  The officers inspected the premise and determined it might be a fire hazard.  SFFD responded and agreed that the vacant home was in fact a fire hazard would make the necessary notifications.  Report 120501992

2:18pm                5200 Blk Diamond Hgts         Theft
Officers Lim, Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of three men struggling in what appeared to be a physical fight.  While en route, the officers were advised by dispatch that the struggle involved two security officers trying to detain a shoplifter.  The officers arrived and contacted all three involved. The security officers told the officers that they saw the suspect enter their store.  They had seen the suspect before and had suspected that he had shoplifted.  One of the security officers followed the suspect and saw him pick up a bottle of alcohol and conceal it in a sling he was wearing on his arm.  The suspect then went into the meat department and pick up a container of meat, also concealing it in his sling.  The suspect then exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  The two security officers confronted the suspect in front of the store, but the suspect fled.  The security officers chased the suspect and caught him, resulting in a struggle.  The officers found the meat and broken alcohol bottle on the sidewalk right next to the suspect.  The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.  Report 120502887

9:34pm                200 Blk Leland Ave               Warrant
Officers Almaguer and Sgt. Ly were on duty when the responded to a residence in an attempt to locate a suspect wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers arrived and contacted the suspect.  The suspect was taken into custody without further incident.  Report 120504372

Other incidents:  

1:04am                Mission & Italy Ave               Mischief
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were dispatched to a report of several subjects vandalizing a MUNI bus.  The witness told the officers that she pulled up to a bus stop and noticed the five suspects standing on the sidewalk.  One of the suspects ran behind the bus and pulled the cables off of the line, rendering the bus immobile.  A second suspect jumped on the bus and starting yelling at the witness to distract her.  The last three suspects started writing graffiti on the back bus windows.  All suspects fled prior to the officers arriving.  The officers took pictures of the vandalized windows.  Report 120504833

10:27am              100 Blk Farragut Ave            Personation
PSA Zabarte took a report regarding false personation.  The victim received a letter from the IRS regarding undeclared income.  The income was earned at a company in Compton, California that the victim had never worked for.  The IRS instructed the victim to report the incident to the police.  Report 120502150

11:55am              Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Graffiti
SFCCPD Officer took a report regarding graffiti.  A witness discovered fresh graffiti on two storage containers.  There were no witnesses to the incident, but the officer took photographs of the graffiti in order to document the tag.  Report 120495862

12:30pm              3800 Blk Mission St                Robbery
Officer Thompson responded to a report of robbery.  The officer made contact with the victim.  The victim told the officer that he had exited the bus and began walking.  He noticed the first suspect peaking around the corner of a building.  The victim became nervous because he knew the suspect, and believed she was with a second suspect who he had recently fought with.  The female suspect began running up the street towards the victim followed by the second suspect.  The suspects made reference to gangs and told the victim they had a gun on them.  The second suspect walked up close to the victim’s face and grabbed his iPod from the shoulder strap on his backpack.  The victim attempted to hold on to the iPod, but the suspect was able to keep control of it.  Both suspects fled the area.  Report 120502627

3:07pm                3300 Blk San Bruno Ave        Fraud
Officers Morrow and Naval were dispatched to a report of fraud.  The victim received a letter in the mail from Citibank that contained a credit card.  The victim had not applied for the credit card.  She contacted Citibank who informed her that a suspect had attempted to make purchases on the card, but were unable to since the card had not been activated.  Report 120503095

6:09pm                Unit Blk Mt. Vernon Ave       Fraud
PSA Cato took a report regarding the fraudulent use of a credit card.  The victim had looked at her checking account activity and noticed that there were several charges to the account that she did not authorize.  Report 120503681

7:56pm                Unit Blk Phelan Ave               Vandalism
SFCCPD Officer Green took a report regarding vandalism.  A witness discovered that a glass door on one of the campus buildings had been shattered.  There were no witnesses to the incident.  Report 120500881


  7:08am          200 Blk Richland Ave               Stolen vehicle: 2009 Nissan Murano, black
  8:43am          200 Blk Foote Ave                   Recovered vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 4D, silver
10:25am          Unit Blk Curtis St                      Recovered vehicle: 2007 Toyota Avalon, 4D, green
11:45am          2100 Blk Castro St                   Recovered vehicle: 1995 Nissan Maxima, 4D, maroon
  4:23pm          600 Blk Mangels Ave               Recovered vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic, 4D, white
  4:57pm          100 Blk London St                   Recovered vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 4D, cream
  5:50pm          Ocean & Howth St                   Vehicle accident: 1 vehicle, 1 bicycle, minor injuries
  7:10pm          900 Blk Goettingen St               Stolen/Recovered vehicle: 2003 Toyota Corolla, 4D, white
  7:20pm          Alabama & Rutledge St             Vehicle accident: Hit & Run, 2 involved, no injuries

June 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, June 25th 2012

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11:24pm     1800 Blk Felton          Burglary
Officer Goldsborough responded to a call regarding a burglary. He spoke with a man who said he saw two male suspects breaking into his neighbor’s house and a third male acting as a look-out from a car. He saw the two suspects ring the doorbell and then break the glass and open the door and went inside. The witness said the two male suspects came out a short time later and ran down the street while the third suspect drove away. Officers Preston and Fitzpatrick located two males that match the description broadcast over the radio and detained them.
Officers Lim and Duffin located a car matching the description of the one at the burglary and detained it. The officers conducted a cold show where the witness positively identified the driver and the two other suspects as being the ones who broke into his neighbor’s house. Sergeant McDevitt and Officer Marino searched the car and found multiple cell phones which were seized and booked as for identification to see if they were stolen. Because of the fast response and coordinated effort the officers were able to but 3 burglars out of work for this summer! Report 120499121. This is
****The Best Arrest of the Day****

6:34pm       Trumbull/ Craut         False Registration
Officer Preston effected a traffic stop for a car that was driving over the speed limit. The officer conducted a computer check on the car that it was registered to a different vehicle. The driver was arrested and then cited for the false registration. The license plate was booked and the car towed. Report 120497084

6:40pm       3300 blk Mission         Theft
Officer Preston responded to a business to investigate a shoplifting case. The security guard at the business told the officer that he witnessed a male suspect enter the store, take multiple bottles of alcohol from the shelves and walked out the store without paying. A computer check revealed that the suspect was on parole for for the same crime. The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report 120500740

9:48pm       Santos /Brookdale       Recovered Stolen Auto                             
Officers Padilla, Seavey and Barajas were on patrol when they noticed a car travelling very slowly down the street.  This seemed suspicious so they conducted a computer check. The officers learned that the vehicle has been reported stolen. The officers followed the car when it suddenly stopped. The officers also stopped and quickly exited the car. Officers Seavey and Barajas approached the driver side door of the car and immediately took the driver into custody. Not only was the suspect driving in a stolen car, his license was suspended!  The car was searched and tools were located inside the car were used to steal the vehicle. Ingleside Station ruins another summer for yet another criminal in the district. Report 120494610

11:00pm     100 blk Highland        Possession of Firearm
Officers Otaguro and Baldovino were dispatched to investigate a gun call. When they arrived, Officers Pederson, Dominguez, McMilton, Peregrina, Castillo and Leong had two male suspects detained. The victim advised officers that one of the suspects had called her and threatened to vandalize and “shoot up” her house. She said one of the suspects had texted her and came to her home, insisting that she let him inside to get things that belonged to him. The victim did not let the suspect in, and then she heard noises coming from the back yard and called the police. The officers searched the suspects for a gun but found none on them. The officers  then searched the area around the house and found a gun in the backyard where the suspects were. Report 120498220

Other incidents:  

6:40am       900 blk Gottingen        Burglary
Officers Seavey, Padilla and Barajas responded to investigate a burglary.  The victim advised the officers that she left her home secured and that when she returned she noticed her laptop missing. She also told the officers that she believes her landlord has a male staying with him who may be responsible. Since there was no forced entry the victim thinks that the landlord is to blame. No suspects were seen. Report 120500994

2:30am       500 Alemany                 Vandalism
Officer Lozano responded to a call regarding vandalism to a vehicle. The officer met with the victim who told her that someone had broken into her vehicle. She said that her neighbor had heard glass breaking and then an alarm go off. The neighbor also saw six males walking away from the vehicle. Report 120495408

3:00am       600 blk Banks               Threats
Officers Castillo and Leong responded to investigate an assault case. The victim told officers that he had asked a roommate to turn down his music because it was too loud. The roommate refused and soon after, barged into the victim’s room and threatened to stab him in the neck with a scissors. The victim told the officers that a similar incident took place a couple days earlier with the same person. That time the victim was cooking in the when he asked the suspect to leave the room so he could finish his business. The suspect left, but returned threatening to stab him with scissors. There were no injuries at this time. Report 12500358

8:00am       Joost /Edna                   Vandalism
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim told the PSA that that she parked her car on the street and that when she returned she observed that the windshield had been shattered and the exterior of the car had been scratched. The victim could not provide any information on who may be responsible. Report 120498838

10:00am     Unit blk Newton           Theft
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the PSA that he left his car locked and secured outside of his home and that when he returned he found the right passenger window shattered and his personal property missing. The victim did not know who may have been responsible. Report 120500778

10:00am     Unit blk Stonybrook    Fraud
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a fraud case. The victim told PSA Cato that she received a letter from Arizona IRS stating she owes back taxes there. The victim told the PSA that she has never lived or worked in Arizona so she contacted them regarding this matter. The PSA booked letter as evidence. Report 120500270

2:00pm       300 Blk Addison          Vandalism
Officer Preston responded to a call of damaged property at a church. Officer Preston met with the victim who showed him where the fence was damaged. The officer conducted an investigation that yielded no results as to determine what or who caused the damage. Report 120499717

6:00pm       100 blk Highland         Vandalism
Officer Morgante and Reserve Officer Martinez were dispatched to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that she parked her car in front of her house and that when she went out to go somewhere she discovered that someone had egged it. No suspects were observed. Report number 120498571

10:00pm     200 blk Wilde               Theft
Officers Ma and Hauscarriague responded to investigate a theft of a purse. The officers spoke to the victim that told them while she was standing on the street an unknown suspect came up from behind her and took her purse. The suspect fled with the purse. The victim was not injured. Report number 120501174


  4:46am          400 blk Bosworth                   Recovered Auto, 1989 Nissan 240ZS, 2Dr Gold
  6:15am          Alemany/Putnam                     Traffic Accident
  8:30am          Church/29th                            Stolen Auto, 1994 Acura Integra, 2Dr Red
11:25am          300 blk 28th St                       Recovered Auto, 1995 Acura Integra, 2Dr White
  2:11pm          Peralta/York                           Traffic Accident
  9:00pm          100 blk Judson                        Stolen Auto, 1988 Honda Civic, 4Dr Chrome
  9:48pm          1400 blk Sunnydale                 Recovered Auto, 1995 Dodge Neon, 4Dr Red

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 24, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, June 24th 2012

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2:09am                100 Blk Raymond Ave                    Theft
Officers Ma and Hauscarriague responded to a report of theft.  The victim told the officer that he parked and secured his vehicle, leaving it unattended.  Early in the morning, the victim was notified by a neighbor that two of his vehicle tires had been stolen.  The victim called the police to file a report when he saw the suspect tampering with another tire on his vehicle.  The suspect suddenly fled.  The officers searched the area for the suspect, but were unable to locate him.  Report 120495185

3:12am                Bayshore & Sunnydale Ave            Firearm
Officers Dominguez and Pederson were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle driving in front of them.  One of the vehicle’s brake lights and license plate lamp was not working.  The vehicle also did not have proper plates attached.  The officers contacted the driver and passenger, and advised the driver of the violations.  The driver told the officers that he did not have a driver’s license.  A records check of the driver confirmed that he had never been issued a license and was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers called for additional Ingleside units to assist.  Officers Chan and Hom responded and assisted in taking the driver into custody.  Officer Chan contacted the passenger and noticed a tire iron lying in the backseat.  The officer looked further into the vehicle and spotted the passenger’s purse sitting on the floor between her feet.  The officer saw a firearm magazine sticking out of the purse.  The officer immediately opened the passenger door, which illuminated the inside of the vehicle. The officer was clearly able to see a machine type handgun in the light and grabbed the purse in order to secure the weapon.  The driver claimed the passenger knew nothing about the gun and the passenger refused to speak further with the officers.  Both suspects were taken to Ingleside station pending further investigation. The vehicle was released to a friend of the driver’s.  The driver admitted to owning the gun, which turned out to be a loaded, fully automatic firearm.  The driver was booked on several felony charges, and the passenger released.  Report 120495301 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

6:38am                400 Blk Flood Ave                         Tampering
Officer Frisk took a report regarding video surveillance of a suspect tampering with vehicles.  The witness has cameras that record the front area of her residence.  The witness showed the officer footage of a suspect getting off of the bus.  The bus pulled away and the suspect walked up the street pulling on door handles of several vehicles.  The officer documented the incident.  Report 120495486

8:13am                400 Blk Faxon Ave                        Vandalism
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of a vehicle that was possibly stolen and abandoned.  The officer located the vehicle, which had a rear passenger window smashed out.  The officer attempted to make contact with the registered owner of the vehicle, as it did not come back stolen through a records check.  While the officer was waiting for dispatch to contact the owner, she was approached by a subject.  The subject told the officer that the vehicle belonged to a family friend who was on vacation.  The subject had been given permission to drive the vehicle and had parked it in good condition before leaving it unattended.  Nothing was taken from inside. Report 120495561

2:37pm                Unit Blk Harrington St                Court Order
Officers Park and Chang responded to a report of a fight in progress.  The officers contacted the witness.  He told them that the suspect had drug abuse problems and often becomes violent and confrontational.  The officers contacted and identified the suspect. A records check revealed that the suspect had an active restraining order against him restricting him from being within 100 yards of the residence.  The officers arrested the suspect for violating the court order.  Report 120496315

11:23pm              100 Blk Blythdale Ave                 Stolen Vehicle
Officers Johnson and Burke were patrolling in an effort to reduce violence in an area where recent shootings and a homicide had occurred.  The officers spotted a vehicle approaching an intersection with posted stop signs.  The vehicle made no attempt to stop and continued through the intersection, passed the posted stop sign.  The officers pulled behind the vehicle so that they could see the license plate and conduct a records check.  The check revealed that the vehicle had been reported stolen.  The officers conducted a traffic stop while asking for additional Ingleside units to assist.  The officers instructed the driver to take the keys out of the ignition, and throw them out of the window.  The officers took the driver into custody and seized the keys.  One of the keys was shaved, consistent with those that are used to steal vehicles.  The officers contacted the passenger of the vehicle, and also took him in to custody.  A records check of the suspects revealed that they were both wanted for outstanding warrants.  The officers recovered a backpack from the vehicle that contained a BB gun, which was seized as evidence.  Both suspects were arrested on multiple charges and their warrants.  Report 120492639

Other incidents:  

11:32am              400 Blk Cortland St                       Theft
Officer Wong took a report regarding theft.  The victim had employed the suspect for about three months, but had cut off access to the Internet to his employees.  The suspect grew angry when he discovered he could no longer access the Internet from work, and called the victim yelling.  The suspect told the victim he did not want to work for him anymore.  The victim responded to his business and discovered the premise unsecured.  The victim called the suspect several times, leaving several messages to return the key to the business.  The suspect did not respond.  The victim was forced to change the locks.  Report 120495793

4:22pm                100 Blk South Hill Blvd                Burglary
Officers Pereira and Cassinelli were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The officers contacted the victim and his family upon arrival.  The officers surveyed the residence, which had obviously been ransacked.  The victim told the officers that they left the residence to have lunch, and returned just a little over one hour later.  The residence was locked and secure.  The victim showed the officers where the suspect had cut into a screen in order to gain access through a window.  Evidence suggested that the suspect then exited through the front door.  The suspect stole several personal items, including jewelry, cash and a laptop.  Report 120496917

8:28pm                Church & Day St                          Battery
Officer Hom was on patrol when he was flagged down regarding a fight involving two subjects.  The officer located a victim who said he had a great time partying all day before he met the suspect on the LRV.  The victim thought he was having a good conversation with the suspect, but it turned in to an argument.  The suspect suddenly punched the victim in the stomach. The victim fell and scraped his head as the suspect fled.  The victim told the officer to go find the suspect so he could fight him again.  The officer summoned an ambulance to treat the victim for his head injury.  The victim refused transport.  Several other Ingleside officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him.  Report 120497448

8:32pm                Visitation & Schwerin St            Robbery
Officers Chan and Gomez responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred. Several other Ingleside units also responded to assist. The victim was waiting for the bus when she spotted a vehicle drive by.  Suddenly a suspect approached her while pointing a gun at her.  The suspect demanded her purse.  Fearing for her life, the victim handed her purse over to the suspect.  The suspect grabbed her purse and fled to the vehicle that she had just seen pass her.  The suspect jumped into the vehicle, and it fled.  The victim was not injured.  Report 120497460

9:07pm                1900 Blk Girard St                      Theft
Officers Gomez and Chan were dispatched to a report of a possible robbery.  The victim had just exited the bus and was walking.  She was holding her iPhone with both hands.  Suddenly, she felt the suspect grab her phone out of her hands.  The victim turned around and saw the suspect fleeing.  There was no struggle over the phone and the victim was not injured.  Report 120497686


  6:51am          Unit Blk Stoneybrook Ave      Stolen vehicle: 1989 Honda Civic, 2D, grey
  2:45pm          Chenery & Randall St             Stolen vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4D, blue
  7:08pm          San Jose & Duncan St            Stolen vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic, 2D, silver