Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, June 25th 2012

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11:24pm     1800 Blk Felton          Burglary
Officer Goldsborough responded to a call regarding a burglary. He spoke with a man who said he saw two male suspects breaking into his neighbor’s house and a third male acting as a look-out from a car. He saw the two suspects ring the doorbell and then break the glass and open the door and went inside. The witness said the two male suspects came out a short time later and ran down the street while the third suspect drove away. Officers Preston and Fitzpatrick located two males that match the description broadcast over the radio and detained them.
Officers Lim and Duffin located a car matching the description of the one at the burglary and detained it. The officers conducted a cold show where the witness positively identified the driver and the two other suspects as being the ones who broke into his neighbor’s house. Sergeant McDevitt and Officer Marino searched the car and found multiple cell phones which were seized and booked as for identification to see if they were stolen. Because of the fast response and coordinated effort the officers were able to but 3 burglars out of work for this summer! Report 120499121. This is
****The Best Arrest of the Day****

6:34pm       Trumbull/ Craut         False Registration
Officer Preston effected a traffic stop for a car that was driving over the speed limit. The officer conducted a computer check on the car that it was registered to a different vehicle. The driver was arrested and then cited for the false registration. The license plate was booked and the car towed. Report 120497084

6:40pm       3300 blk Mission         Theft
Officer Preston responded to a business to investigate a shoplifting case. The security guard at the business told the officer that he witnessed a male suspect enter the store, take multiple bottles of alcohol from the shelves and walked out the store without paying. A computer check revealed that the suspect was on parole for for the same crime. The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report 120500740

9:48pm       Santos /Brookdale       Recovered Stolen Auto                             
Officers Padilla, Seavey and Barajas were on patrol when they noticed a car travelling very slowly down the street.  This seemed suspicious so they conducted a computer check. The officers learned that the vehicle has been reported stolen. The officers followed the car when it suddenly stopped. The officers also stopped and quickly exited the car. Officers Seavey and Barajas approached the driver side door of the car and immediately took the driver into custody. Not only was the suspect driving in a stolen car, his license was suspended!  The car was searched and tools were located inside the car were used to steal the vehicle. Ingleside Station ruins another summer for yet another criminal in the district. Report 120494610

11:00pm     100 blk Highland        Possession of Firearm
Officers Otaguro and Baldovino were dispatched to investigate a gun call. When they arrived, Officers Pederson, Dominguez, McMilton, Peregrina, Castillo and Leong had two male suspects detained. The victim advised officers that one of the suspects had called her and threatened to vandalize and “shoot up” her house. She said one of the suspects had texted her and came to her home, insisting that she let him inside to get things that belonged to him. The victim did not let the suspect in, and then she heard noises coming from the back yard and called the police. The officers searched the suspects for a gun but found none on them. The officers  then searched the area around the house and found a gun in the backyard where the suspects were. Report 120498220

Other incidents:  

6:40am       900 blk Gottingen        Burglary
Officers Seavey, Padilla and Barajas responded to investigate a burglary.  The victim advised the officers that she left her home secured and that when she returned she noticed her laptop missing. She also told the officers that she believes her landlord has a male staying with him who may be responsible. Since there was no forced entry the victim thinks that the landlord is to blame. No suspects were seen. Report 120500994

2:30am       500 Alemany                 Vandalism
Officer Lozano responded to a call regarding vandalism to a vehicle. The officer met with the victim who told her that someone had broken into her vehicle. She said that her neighbor had heard glass breaking and then an alarm go off. The neighbor also saw six males walking away from the vehicle. Report 120495408

3:00am       600 blk Banks               Threats
Officers Castillo and Leong responded to investigate an assault case. The victim told officers that he had asked a roommate to turn down his music because it was too loud. The roommate refused and soon after, barged into the victim’s room and threatened to stab him in the neck with a scissors. The victim told the officers that a similar incident took place a couple days earlier with the same person. That time the victim was cooking in the when he asked the suspect to leave the room so he could finish his business. The suspect left, but returned threatening to stab him with scissors. There were no injuries at this time. Report 12500358

8:00am       Joost /Edna                   Vandalism
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim told the PSA that that she parked her car on the street and that when she returned she observed that the windshield had been shattered and the exterior of the car had been scratched. The victim could not provide any information on who may be responsible. Report 120498838

10:00am     Unit blk Newton           Theft
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the PSA that he left his car locked and secured outside of his home and that when he returned he found the right passenger window shattered and his personal property missing. The victim did not know who may have been responsible. Report 120500778

10:00am     Unit blk Stonybrook    Fraud
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a fraud case. The victim told PSA Cato that she received a letter from Arizona IRS stating she owes back taxes there. The victim told the PSA that she has never lived or worked in Arizona so she contacted them regarding this matter. The PSA booked letter as evidence. Report 120500270

2:00pm       300 Blk Addison          Vandalism
Officer Preston responded to a call of damaged property at a church. Officer Preston met with the victim who showed him where the fence was damaged. The officer conducted an investigation that yielded no results as to determine what or who caused the damage. Report 120499717

6:00pm       100 blk Highland         Vandalism
Officer Morgante and Reserve Officer Martinez were dispatched to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that she parked her car in front of her house and that when she went out to go somewhere she discovered that someone had egged it. No suspects were observed. Report number 120498571

10:00pm     200 blk Wilde               Theft
Officers Ma and Hauscarriague responded to investigate a theft of a purse. The officers spoke to the victim that told them while she was standing on the street an unknown suspect came up from behind her and took her purse. The suspect fled with the purse. The victim was not injured. Report number 120501174


  4:46am          400 blk Bosworth                   Recovered Auto, 1989 Nissan 240ZS, 2Dr Gold
  6:15am          Alemany/Putnam                     Traffic Accident
  8:30am          Church/29th                            Stolen Auto, 1994 Acura Integra, 2Dr Red
11:25am          300 blk 28th St                       Recovered Auto, 1995 Acura Integra, 2Dr White
  2:11pm          Peralta/York                           Traffic Accident
  9:00pm          100 blk Judson                        Stolen Auto, 1988 Honda Civic, 4Dr Chrome
  9:48pm          1400 blk Sunnydale                 Recovered Auto, 1995 Dodge Neon, 4Dr Red