Friday, July 29, 2011

July 28, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011


700 Block Silver Ave
Officers Morrow and Naval were sent to this location regarding possible trespassing.  Upon arrival they were met by the Realtor handling the property.  He explained to the officers that approximately one month earlier, the residents of that address had been evicted.  He drove by the house on today’s date and noticed that several signs that had been posted had been removed. When he saw someone entering the residence through the front doorway, he contacted the police.  Officers made contact with the male suspect within the residence and discovered that the ex-tenant had illegally moved back into the house.  The male was cited for trespassing and all illegal occupants removed from the premises.   Report 110603718

12:35pm   Mission/30th St      Mental Health Detention
Officers Chew and Lim responded to the area when advised of a male that was running in and out of traffic, screaming and making threatening gestures.  They located a male that was sweating profusely and talking incoherently to himself.  The male was unable to appropriately respond to questions and was clearly a danger to himself and others.  He was detained and transported to SF General Hospital for Psychiatric Evaluation.   Report 110603229

7:48pm  100 Blk Blythdale Ave        Warrant Arrest
Officers Johnson and Obot were conducting patrol in the Sunnydale Housing Community when they observed a subject they were familiar with.  The suspect was a known felon loitering in an area rampant with narcotics activity as well as street robberies and shootings. The alert officers were aware of an active warrant out for his arrest.  They conducted a computer query to confirm the warrant and then took the male into custody without incident.  Good Job!  Report Number 101185422

300 Blk Bayshore Blvd
Officers Habib and Chan were on patrol at this location when they spotted a vehicle whose driver was driving erratically and at extremely high rates of speed.  They followed the vehicle into a nearby parking lot and effected a traffic stop.  They identified the driver who had attempted to jump into the back seat of the vehicle and instructed him to exit the car.  They could immediately detect the strong odor of alcohol on his breath. They were also able to see open containers of alcohol within the vehicle.  Several field sobriety checks were conducted, which the male was unable to successfully complete.  He was taken into custody for driving under the influence.  Report Number 110604261

8:58pm       Vienna/Brazil St               D.U.I.
Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a possible drunk driver.  A male had been seen walking with an unsteady gait and urinating in the middle of the street before stumbling into his car and driving away.  After a brief canvass of the area, Officers located the car and effected a traffic stop.  Officer Castillo conducted the preliminary investigation and could immediately see that the male driver was under the influence.  He was unable to complete any of the field sobriety tests and, in fact, could barely stand up and walk.  He was taken into custody and booked into the county jail.  Good teamwork by all involved, removing an extreme danger from the roadway!  Report Number 110604590

Other incidents:        

12:01am   500 Blk Bosworth St      Embezzlement
Officer Marino and her partner responded to a business at this location regarding a fraud report.  The victims reported that they had hired the male suspect to assist them with their bookkeeping.  He had been hired as an independent contractor to work for them on a part-time basis. When the suspect completed this weeks bookkeeping, they realized that the deposits seemed unusually low.  When checking through their bank statements from previous weeks, they discovered a pattern of low deposit numbers.  The suspect was called in to the office and admitted to skimming cash from the books and stated that he was having severe medical issues necessitating cash. Further investigation of the books revealed that a substantial amount of money had been fraudulently obtained by the suspect over the months that he was employed.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report 110599606

11:00am   300 Blk Lisbon St              Burglary
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung responded to the residence regarding a burglary report. The victims reported that they had left their residence that morning and came back to find that their front door had been pried open.  A check of the interior discovered that the entire house had been ransacked and several items stolen.  Personal identification items, jewelry and cash had all been stolen from the various rooms of the house.  Neither victim had any suspect information nor possible witnesses.  Crime Scene Investigations was contacted to respond to the residence and photos of the scene retained for evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110603962

12:30pm   1500 Blk Visitacion Ave   Theft from Vehicle
Officers Sugitan and Hornstein were called to take a report regarding an auto boost.  They met with the victim and were told that she had parked her vehicle in front of her residence. A few moments later, she looked out her window and saw an unknown male removing her registration tabs from the rear license plate.  She yelled out to the suspect but he was able to remove the tabs and flee from the area.  The victim said that she would not be able to him if she saw him again. Officers conducted an unsuccessful search of the area for the described suspect.   Report Number 110603188

Broad/Plymouth St
The victim came with his guardian to Ingleside Station to report that he had been robbed while waiting at a bus stop.  As he sat in the shelter waiting for his bus, he was suddenly surrounded by two males.  Both males began to act in a very intimidating manner and demanded the victim’s IPod nano and wallet.  The IPod, along with a small amount of cash, was turned over to the suspects who then fled from the area.  The victim was not harmed during the incident and no weapons were seen.  Report Number 110603520

Unit Blk Arleta Ave
    Attempted Money Scam
Officers Ocreto and Ng responded to a bank at this location regarding a suspicious occurrence.  They discovered that the victim had been approached by an unknown male in a white pick-up truck when entering her garage.  The male told her that he was working for the water company and offered to repair her pipes.  He further told her that he and the other suspect within the truck were doing repair work on other houses in the area for a set price.  When the victim went to her bank to retrieve money for the job, the bank cashier became suspicious and contacted the police.  The suspects and white pickup truck fled from the area prior to police arrival on scene.     Report 110603495

8:25pm     100 Blk Blythdale Ave             Theft                 
Officers Duffin and Hart were on patrol in this area when flagged down by the victim.  He pointed towards three females running away from the area and said that they had just broken into his vehicle.  The officers were able to track down two of the females and detain them.  The victim approached the first suspect, pointed to her and said that she had broken his car window and removed his briefcase.  Further investigation discovered that the briefcase had already been returned to the victim and that the vehicle’s window had been broken prior to this incident.  The victim refused to sign a citizen’s arrest and said that he just wanted the incident documented.  All parties were released from the scene and no further police action taken.   Report Number 110604603

10:56pm   300 Blk La Grande Ave       Burglary
Officer Hermosura was dispatched to a Technology High School in the area regarding a break-in.  The Security Officer on-scene reported that the school’s alarm had gone off just prior to the police being contacted.  Upon arrival he discovered the main office door unlocked and several desks and drawers opened and rummaged through.  A glass window leading into another room had been shattered.  He was unable to determine whether any items had been stolen. CSI was contacted to respond to the scene and further investigation will be conducted.  A search of the perimeter was unsuccessful in locating potential suspects or witnesses.   Report Number 110604998

Unit Blk Blythdale Ave
Officers Kneuker and Pedersen responded to this location regarding a vandalism.  The victim had parked and secured his vehicle.  He later heard the car alarm going off and ran outside.  He found that and unknown suspect had shattered the rear window of his Mercedes.  No entry had been made into the vehicle.    Report 110601950


   5:30am        400 Block Leland                  Hit & Run Collision
Unit Blk Laura St
                  Stolen Vehicle
300 Blk Silver Ave
                 Stolen Vehicle
  7:00pm         1600 Blk Geneva                  Stolen Vehicle

 *********************    ****************************    **********************************



July 27, 2011

Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


6:35pm   700 Blk Cortland Ave       Warrant Arrest
Officers Habib and Chan observed a subject holding an open container of an alcoholic beverage. They made contact with the male and conducted a computer query of his personal information.  They quickly discovered that he had an active warrant out for his arrest.  He was taken into custody and booked in at the County Jail.  Report Number 110601201

10:44pm   Monterey/Montecito Ave   D.U.I.
City College of San Francisco Police Officer Burlyga was driving eastbound at this location when he noticed a bicyclist standing next to a stopped vehicle. The bicyclist and the vehicle’s driver appeared to be involved in a heated verbal altercation.  Both parties were separated and the officer could immediately detect the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from within the motor vehicle.  The driver was instructed to exit the vehicle and unsuccessfully completed several field sobriety tests.  He was taken into custody for driving under the influence.    Report Number 110601740

Other incidents:          

12:05am   300 Blk Highland Ave         Theft
 The victim reported that he locked and left his vehicle at this location and returned to find the vehicle had been broken into.  Several pieces of electronic equipment had been stolen along with a set of keys that had been left in the center console.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116094197

1:10am  Unit Blk Pope St                 Robbery
 Officer Dilag responded to this location regarding a strong-arm robbery of a purse.  The victim told Off. Dilag that she had just exited from the Balboa Bart Station and was walking towards her residence.  She heard swift footsteps approaching from behind her and was suddenly thrust forward, causing her to fall on to her knees.  The unknown suspect grabbed her purse off of her shoulder and fled from the area.  A second suspect was seen running away with the first male. She had no further suspect information and did not necessitate any medical assistance.  Report Number 110602146

6:48am  2400 Blk Diamond St         Dog Bite
Officer Gomez was dispatched to a residence regarding a dog bite incident.  He met with the victim upon arrival.  The victim reported that she had been on the sidewalk walking her dog when she noticed a female standing within an open garage.  An unleashed smaller dog suddenly ran from the garage, directly towards her dog.  She bent down to scoop her dog into safety and was bitten in the arm by the suspect pooch.  She did not want any medical attention but wanted the incident documented due to the numerous children that live in her neighborhood.  Report Number 110601273

7:0am  2000 Blk Alemany Blvd            Graffiti
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this residence regarding a vandalism.  They could immediately see graffiti that had been written on the exterior of the residence.  The victim had no suspect information and stated they were not having problems with anyone at this time. Photographs were taken and booked into evidence.    Report Number 110599684

9:00am   Unit Blk Coventry Ct             Graffiti
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this location regarding another report of vandalism.  The victim reported that she had gone out of town for three days. Upon returning, she found graffiti spray-painted on the exterior of her residence.  She had no suspect information and the graffiti did not appear to be gang related.  Photographs were taken to document the incident and booked into evidence.    Report Number 110600297

10:30am    3200 Blk Precita Ave        Bicycle Theft
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded regarding a bike theft.  The victim secured his bicycle outside of the CafĂ© where he works and went in to work his shift.  A few hours later, he was contacted by the landlord and told that an unknown male had just unlocked his bicycle and rode it away.  A full suspect description was given to the officers and the witness interviewed.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110597070

1:40pm  Unit Blk Acton St             False Personation
 The victim came to Ingleside Station to file a report regarding a Craig’s List Incident.  He explained that he had been looking for a job and found a position requiring him to drive a student around the campus area.  He answered the advertisement and became enmeshed in a financial scam.  After completing a money transfer that was sent to the unknown suspects, he realized that the job advertisement had been fraudulent and his money stolen.  The suspects continued to attempt further contact with him.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110599189

2:30pm  San Jose/Niagara St       Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were dispatched to a residence regarding a robbery that occurred earlier in the day.  The victim explained to them that he had exited from one of the Muni coaches at the Balboa Bart Station and sat down in the shelter to wait for his transfer.  An unknown male suspect walked up to him and stood directly in front of him. Two other suspects suddenly appeared on both sides of him and trapped him within the shelter.  The first suspect asked the victim what time it was and then demanded he hand over his cellular phone.  The victim at first refused to hand over the phone and was pushed up against the glass.  He handed over the phone and the suspect fled from the area.  The second suspect then demanded his wallet.  The victim was forced to hand over all the cash he had within his pockets and the other two suspects fled on foot. The victim refused medical assistance and was unsure if he could recognize the suspects if he saw them again.    Report Number 110601370

4:30pm  100 Blk Cresta Vista Dr            Theft
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this location regarding a theft from a vehicle.  They met with the owner of the vehicle who explained that she had parked her vehicle within her driveway and gone inside of the residence.  She was unsure whether the car had been locked or not.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that someone had gotten into the car and had stolen a laptop computer and other electronic equipment.  There did not appear to be any usable latent fingerprints left by the suspect and the victim had no suspect description.  Report Number 110599377
5:00pm    San Jose/29th St                    Theft
The victim reported that she had locked and left her vehicle at this location and had gone into the supermarket to shop.  Upon returning to her vehicle, she found that the back window had been shattered and several items of clothing stolen from the cargo area.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 116094153

8:00pm    Valley/Castro St                     Theft
The victim reported that he had locked and left his car at this location and did not return to it for a couple of days.  When he did return to his vehicle he discovered that someone had broken into it and stolen a navigational system from within the glove compartment.   Report Number 116094175

8:30pm    San Jose/Day St                   Theft
The victim parked and locked her vehicle at this location when dining at a restaurant.  She went back to retrieve her jacket and realized her car had been broken into.  The front passenger window had been shattered and some clothing and personal items were missing.  She had not seen anyone near her vehicle and had no suspect information   Report Number 116094169

8:45pm    300 Blk Morse St                 Theft
PSA Flynn was contacted at the station regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim reported that he had parked and secured his vehicle in front of his residence.  When he returned to the vehicle, he realized that someone had been able to enter the car and had stolen numerous items the victim had left inside of the car.  There was no suspect description.   Report Number 110601126


  1:00pm                     700 Blk Anderson                Stolen Motorcycle
  2:00pm                     Alemany/Sickles                   Traffic Collision
  2:36pm                    900 Blk Ellsworth                  Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  4:00pm                    San Jose/Liebel                    Hit & Run Collision
  8:40pm                   1700 Blk Burrows                  Recovered Stolen Vehicle


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 26, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


7:57pm   700 Blk Silver Ave            Threats/Vandalism
Officers Habib and Pereira responded to a high priority dispute at this location.  Officers noted visible injuries to the victim upon arrival and separated all parties involved.  The victim had received a drunken phone call from a known suspect, commanding her to return to her residence so he could use her car.  Due to the suspect’s level of intoxication, the victim refused to give up the car keys.  A physical altercation ensued and threats of violence made towards the victim. The police were called for assistance.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked in at the County Jail.  Report Number 110598432

3:40pm   3300 Blk Mission St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Archilla and Paras responded to a store at this location regarding a shoplifter being detained.  The officers discovered that the suspect had been stopped by store employees before exiting the store and all secreted items returned.  When a computer query was conducted, an active warrant for his arrest was discovered.  He was taken into custody and booked in at the station.  Report Number 110597763

Other incidents:          

2:05am    200 Blk Argonaut        Aggravated Assault
Several Ingleside Units responded to the area after receiving a call regarding shots fired.  A female voice could be heard screaming.   Multiple calls came in to dispatch that confirmed several subjects were arguing loudly in the area. Two females were located when officers arrived, however both were reluctant to cooperate and answer any questions.  One of the females finally gave officers some information that divulged a known suspect who lived nearby.  Her friend had gotten into a physical altercation with the suspect, but did not want any police assistance. Further investigation took place, but no crime scene was located.  All parties involved refused to given officers any further information.  Report Number 110595999

3:00am   200 Blk Argonaut Ave           Vandalism
PSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding vandalism to the victim’s vehicle.  He explained that he had locked and left his vehicle and returned to find a large scratch on the rear driver’s side door. A neighbor had informed him that an incident had occurred earlier in the day at that location and could possibly be related. He had no potential suspect information.  Further investigation will be conducted.    Report Number 110598670

6:45am    1500 Blk Church St                Burglary
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to a construction site regarding a burglary. They met with the site foreman who told them that the area had been locked up the night before via a chain link fence and padlocks.  When he arrived that morning, he discovered that the chain link fence had been cut open and all of the tools stolen.  There was no camera surveillance in the area,nor any suspect information.  Report Number 110596276

7:50am   4200 Blk Mission St.               Burglary
Officer Bernard responded to a restaurant at that location regarding a burglary.  The restaurant manager had been contacted when employees showed up for work and discovered that the building had no power.  Upon arrival he found that an exterior door to the building had been forced open and all of the breaker outlets turned off.  The suspect(s) had then been able to access a fire alarm doorway and gain entry into the restaurant.  A camera on the building’s exterior perimeter had also been disabled and removed.  Although entry had been made, suspects were unable to access any critical areas within the restaurant.  The Crime Lab was contacted and further investigation will be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number 110596282

1:00pm   600 Blk John Muir Dr              Theft
PSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding a theft.  The victim reported that a sliding glass door within his apartment had broken.  He contacted the building manager and was told that the repairs would be made.  Upon returning home from work the next afternoon, he realized that entry had been made into his unit and the door repaired.  Management had not notified him that workers would be entering his apartment.  After examining his unit, he discovered several items out of place and cash missing.   Report Number 110597575

4:00pm    800 Blk Ellsworth St           Theft
Officers Lundy and Dilag met with the victim regarding a theft from his vehicle.  He reported that fender skirts and headlight frames attached to his Cadillac had been stolen.  He had no suspect information and was told by his insurance company to document the theft with police.   Report Number 110598818

4:03pm    4900 Blk Mission St              Check Fraud
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this location regarding a fraudulent check that was cashed.  The reportee had cashed paychecks for three known subjects earlier in the week, using Consular Identification to ID themselves.  She was informed by her fraud department several days later that all three paychecks were bad checks and should not have been cashed.  A request for the business video surveillance was made and the checks booked into evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110597666

5:35pm   200 Blk Oneida Ave                Burglary
Officer Ocreto responded to this location regarding a burglary.  He met with a SFUSD Supervisor and was told that the school had been broken into and the security camera’s video monitor stolen.  The main office window had been broken and several desks ransacked.  The alarm panel had also been damaged when the suspect made entry.  A walk-through was conducted of the building however no suspects were found on the premises.  An attempt to locate video surveillance in the area is being conducted and further investigation will be completed by the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number 110596458


   7:15am                  Addison/Bemis                    Hit & Run Collision
   7:15am                 Vienna/Moscow                    Stolen Vehicle
   8:00am                 100 Blk Brighton                   Theft of License Plate Tab
 11:00am                 800 Blk Paris                         Stolen Vehicle
   2:45pm                 200 Blk John Shelly Dr.       Stolen License Plate
   4:21pm                 500 Blk Valley                       Traffic Collision

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 25, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, July 25th, 2011


12:00pm  500 Blk Mangels    Restraining Order Violation
Officer Araujo was dispatched to the residence regarding a protective order violation.  The victim explained to him that a protective order was on file and had been served to the suspect.  She returned to her residence early in the afternoon and discovered the front door open and the suspect within her residence.  The stay-away order was confirmed and the suspect taken into custody without incident.  An active warrant for the suspect was also discovered when further investigation was conducted.  The suspect was booked in to the county jail.  Report Number 110593921

1:08pm   100 Blk Leland Ave               Warrant Arrest
Officers Ng and Tillan were patrolling the area when they noticed a suspect that was acting suspiciously.  Officer Tillan had knowledge of an active warrant for the suspect’s arrest and made contact.  The male was taken into custody. An arrest search of the suspect produced narcotics paraphernalia that was seized and retained as evidence.  Good Arrest!  Report Number 101023446

6:58pm   100 Blk Arlington St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Padilla decided to make contact with three subjects loitering in an area prone to criminal activity.  A female suspect within the group had two active warrants out for her arrest, both from different counties.  She was taken into custody and booked in at the county jail.  Good Job!  Report Number 110595381

Other incidents:          

12:03am     Genebern/Murray          Reckless Evading
Officers Campos and Castillo were on patrol when they attempted to pull over a vehicle that had a burned out tail lamp.  The officers put on their emergency lights and siren, however the suspect vehicle refused to pull over.  Instead, the female driver accelerated to an unsafe speed and fled from the officers. When the officers witnessed the driver make an extremely unsafe and erratic maneauver, they discontinued the pursuit.  A license plate had been displayed on the rear of the suspect vehicle and further investigation will be conducted with the information obtained.   Report Number 110595808

4:00am  4300 Blk Mission St       Threats/Harrassment
Officers Martinez and Marino responded to this location regarding threats that had been made.  The victim explained to officers that she was in the midst of an ongoing investigation regarding the suspect after the suspect made threats to kill her husband.  Two phone calls were made to her residence threatening her life if she did not stop cooperating with the District Attorney.  Officers confirmed that Restraining Orders were on file and documented the incident. Follow-up Investigation will be conducted.   Report 110593363

8:10am  500 Blk Precita Ave               Battery
The victim responded to Ingleside Station regarding a battery.  She told CPSA Lakdawala that she had seen one of her neighbors rummaging through her garbage bins.  This has become a frequent occurrence and the suspect normally leaves a mess in his wake.  She went out to her driveway and asked the suspect to stop doing what he was doing.  Without warning, he punched her in the arm.  He then kicked her in the leg and walked away from the area.  The victim did not want any medical attention but requested that contact be made with the suspect.  Report Number 110594048

11:00am  100 Blk Alemany Blvd         Stolen Bicycle
The victim reported that he had gone to the Alemany Farmer’s Market and had locked his bike to a sign post.  He returned thirty minutes later and discovered that the bike had been stolen.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116093428

1:20pm   Farragut/Mission St    Fraud/Library Card
The victim’s father reported that she had lost her library card in this location.  They reported the lost card, but discovered several weeks later that someone had been fraudulently using the card to check out items. The suspect had been checking out a variety of library equipment and books, failing to return any items. Even though they had informed the library that the card had been lost, they began to be billed for the stolen items.  They filed the police report so that further investigation could be conducted.  Report Number 116093434

3:00pm   300 Blk Murray St.                 Dog Bite
The victim reported to CPSA Soliman that she had been bitten by an unleashed dog while walking through the park.  A one year old English Bulldog had been running unleashed and bit the victim’s right arm.  A report was taken to document the incident and referred to Animal Care and Control for further investigation.   Report Number 110586261

5:30pm  2700 Blk Alemany Blvd      Theft from Vehicle
The victim reported that she locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the car, she discovered that her passenger window had been shattered and the car stereo removed. Both the dashboard and glove compartment sustained damage during the incident.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 116093412

6:00pm   Unit Blk Gaviota Way       Theft from Vehicle
The victim reported that they had parked their car within their driveway and had left it unsecured.  When they returned to the car they realized that their infant car seat as well as their stroller had been removed.  There was no suspect information.    Report Number 116093456

10:00pm    600 Blk Peralta Ave     Theft from Vehicle
The victim locked and left his car at this location.  He returned to find that the passenger side front window had been shattered and the car stereo removed.  There was no suspect information.  Report Number  116093406

11:00pm   800 Blk Parque Ave               Burglary
Officers Larocca and Muro were dispatched to a burglary at this location.  A school custodian had arrived at work and discovered that office lights were on and the office door wide open.  One of the office drawers was pulled open, however it was unable to be determined if any items had been removed.  There appeared to be no signs of forced entry into the building.  The Crime Lab responded to the location and several photographs of the scene were taken.  Report Number 110593404     

4:15pm                 700 Blk Gates                       Recovered Stolen Vehicle


Monday, July 25, 2011

July 24, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 24th, 2011


4:13pm               Unit Blk Chilton                   Arrest
Officers Hauscarriague, Almaguer and Sgt. Chan identified a suspect of a residential burglary by way of a latent fingerprint recovered at the scene.  They obtained a telephone number for the suspect who agreed to meet with officers.  The officers met up with the suspect and took him into custody without incident.  An arrest search of the suspect located a clear plastic baggie containing a green vegetable substance the officers believed to be marijuana.  The suspect was booked for the burglary and narcotics in his possession.  Report 110556612

Other incidents:          

01:15am             Arleta/Bayshore                   Agg. Assault
Officers Morse and Seavey responded to the call of a possible shooting.   They were flagged down by a MUNI bus driver who stated someone had been shot on his bus.  The officers located two victims and immediately began rendering aid to them.   They summoned for an ambulance who arrived and transported both victims to the hospital.   Officers spoke with various witnesses at the scene.  One of the witnesses stated that he observed a male sitting in the bus zone area and suddenly the suspect stood up and fired several shots at the bus.  The witness provided a detailed description of the suspect and several Ingleside officers responded to canvass the area.  The witness stated he would not be able to identify the suspect if he saw him again.  The officers were able to speak with both victims before they were transported to the hospital.  Both advised they were on the bus when they heard several gunshots and suddenly noticed a few of the bullets had struck them. 

Officers took pictures of the scene where they recovered several casings.  SFPD crime scene investigation unit responded to the scene and processed the area for further evidence.  All evidence retrieved was taken by the SFPD Criminal Investigative Unit who arrived and took over the investigation.  Report 110590535

03:00am             3700 Blk San Bruno             Theft
Officers LaRocca and Muro responded to a theft from a vehicle.  Victim advised that she parked and secured her vehicle.  When victim returned to her vehicle she found the right rear window smashed and various items missing.  She was unable to provide any further information.  Officers processed the vehicle for any possible latent fingerprints to no avail.   Report 110591345

07:40am             Geneva/Carrizal                   Theft
Officers Muro and LaRocca were dispatched to a report of a theft.  The victim advised she was waiting at the bus stop when an unknown suspect approached her, grabbed her purse from her and ran northbound on Carrizal.  Victim was not injured and does not believe she could identify the suspect if she saw him again.  Victim was transported home by the officers who searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  Report 110590905

11:00am             900 Blk Geneva                   Threats
Officer Najarro was dispatched to a threats call.  Victim advised that an unknown suspect had taken his backpack from the rear of a truck the previous week.  Victim said that on today’s date he again saw the suspect and asked him what he did with his backpack.  Suspect stated that he had given it to someone else and when the victim demanded it back the suspect told him, “I’ll kill you…I’m gonna come back with my gun and shoot you.”  Victim stated that he feared for his life and believes he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.  Victim was not injured and officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  Report 110591323

2:00pm               100 Blk Monterey                 Burglary
Officers Turner and Trujillo responded to a burglary.  Victim advised that he locked and secured the premises when he left and when he returned found that one of the padlocks to the storage room had been cut.  Victim stated that the dead bolt on the same door was intact and that he does not believe entry was made into the storage room.  Victim pointed out other surrounding areas where items had been taken.  Victim was unable to provide any further information and officers were unsuccessful in locating any areas where latent fingerprints may be lifted.  Report 110591226

9:00pm               100 Blk Brewster       Att. Stolen Veh
Officer Archilla was dispatched to a call of an attempted stolen vehicle.  Victim advised that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found damage to the driver’s door, items missing and the ignition punched.  He was unable to provide any further information.  Report 110592224


  2:00am                     Moscow/Amazon                 Traffic collision
  1:00pm                     Unit Blk Kensington             Recovered vehicle
  4:05pm                     Unit Blk Chenery                  Recovered vehicle
  8:00pm                     Persia/Moscow                     Recovered vehicle