Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 26, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


7:57pm   700 Blk Silver Ave            Threats/Vandalism
Officers Habib and Pereira responded to a high priority dispute at this location.  Officers noted visible injuries to the victim upon arrival and separated all parties involved.  The victim had received a drunken phone call from a known suspect, commanding her to return to her residence so he could use her car.  Due to the suspect’s level of intoxication, the victim refused to give up the car keys.  A physical altercation ensued and threats of violence made towards the victim. The police were called for assistance.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked in at the County Jail.  Report Number 110598432

3:40pm   3300 Blk Mission St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Archilla and Paras responded to a store at this location regarding a shoplifter being detained.  The officers discovered that the suspect had been stopped by store employees before exiting the store and all secreted items returned.  When a computer query was conducted, an active warrant for his arrest was discovered.  He was taken into custody and booked in at the station.  Report Number 110597763

Other incidents:          

2:05am    200 Blk Argonaut        Aggravated Assault
Several Ingleside Units responded to the area after receiving a call regarding shots fired.  A female voice could be heard screaming.   Multiple calls came in to dispatch that confirmed several subjects were arguing loudly in the area. Two females were located when officers arrived, however both were reluctant to cooperate and answer any questions.  One of the females finally gave officers some information that divulged a known suspect who lived nearby.  Her friend had gotten into a physical altercation with the suspect, but did not want any police assistance. Further investigation took place, but no crime scene was located.  All parties involved refused to given officers any further information.  Report Number 110595999

3:00am   200 Blk Argonaut Ave           Vandalism
PSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding vandalism to the victim’s vehicle.  He explained that he had locked and left his vehicle and returned to find a large scratch on the rear driver’s side door. A neighbor had informed him that an incident had occurred earlier in the day at that location and could possibly be related. He had no potential suspect information.  Further investigation will be conducted.    Report Number 110598670

6:45am    1500 Blk Church St                Burglary
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to a construction site regarding a burglary. They met with the site foreman who told them that the area had been locked up the night before via a chain link fence and padlocks.  When he arrived that morning, he discovered that the chain link fence had been cut open and all of the tools stolen.  There was no camera surveillance in the area,nor any suspect information.  Report Number 110596276

7:50am   4200 Blk Mission St.               Burglary
Officer Bernard responded to a restaurant at that location regarding a burglary.  The restaurant manager had been contacted when employees showed up for work and discovered that the building had no power.  Upon arrival he found that an exterior door to the building had been forced open and all of the breaker outlets turned off.  The suspect(s) had then been able to access a fire alarm doorway and gain entry into the restaurant.  A camera on the building’s exterior perimeter had also been disabled and removed.  Although entry had been made, suspects were unable to access any critical areas within the restaurant.  The Crime Lab was contacted and further investigation will be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number 110596282

1:00pm   600 Blk John Muir Dr              Theft
PSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding a theft.  The victim reported that a sliding glass door within his apartment had broken.  He contacted the building manager and was told that the repairs would be made.  Upon returning home from work the next afternoon, he realized that entry had been made into his unit and the door repaired.  Management had not notified him that workers would be entering his apartment.  After examining his unit, he discovered several items out of place and cash missing.   Report Number 110597575

4:00pm    800 Blk Ellsworth St           Theft
Officers Lundy and Dilag met with the victim regarding a theft from his vehicle.  He reported that fender skirts and headlight frames attached to his Cadillac had been stolen.  He had no suspect information and was told by his insurance company to document the theft with police.   Report Number 110598818

4:03pm    4900 Blk Mission St              Check Fraud
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this location regarding a fraudulent check that was cashed.  The reportee had cashed paychecks for three known subjects earlier in the week, using Consular Identification to ID themselves.  She was informed by her fraud department several days later that all three paychecks were bad checks and should not have been cashed.  A request for the business video surveillance was made and the checks booked into evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110597666

5:35pm   200 Blk Oneida Ave                Burglary
Officer Ocreto responded to this location regarding a burglary.  He met with a SFUSD Supervisor and was told that the school had been broken into and the security camera’s video monitor stolen.  The main office window had been broken and several desks ransacked.  The alarm panel had also been damaged when the suspect made entry.  A walk-through was conducted of the building however no suspects were found on the premises.  An attempt to locate video surveillance in the area is being conducted and further investigation will be completed by the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number 110596458


   7:15am                  Addison/Bemis                    Hit & Run Collision
   7:15am                 Vienna/Moscow                    Stolen Vehicle
   8:00am                 100 Blk Brighton                   Theft of License Plate Tab
 11:00am                 800 Blk Paris                         Stolen Vehicle
   2:45pm                 200 Blk John Shelly Dr.       Stolen License Plate
   4:21pm                 500 Blk Valley                       Traffic Collision