Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 25, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, July 25th, 2011


12:00pm  500 Blk Mangels    Restraining Order Violation
Officer Araujo was dispatched to the residence regarding a protective order violation.  The victim explained to him that a protective order was on file and had been served to the suspect.  She returned to her residence early in the afternoon and discovered the front door open and the suspect within her residence.  The stay-away order was confirmed and the suspect taken into custody without incident.  An active warrant for the suspect was also discovered when further investigation was conducted.  The suspect was booked in to the county jail.  Report Number 110593921

1:08pm   100 Blk Leland Ave               Warrant Arrest
Officers Ng and Tillan were patrolling the area when they noticed a suspect that was acting suspiciously.  Officer Tillan had knowledge of an active warrant for the suspect’s arrest and made contact.  The male was taken into custody. An arrest search of the suspect produced narcotics paraphernalia that was seized and retained as evidence.  Good Arrest!  Report Number 101023446

6:58pm   100 Blk Arlington St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Padilla decided to make contact with three subjects loitering in an area prone to criminal activity.  A female suspect within the group had two active warrants out for her arrest, both from different counties.  She was taken into custody and booked in at the county jail.  Good Job!  Report Number 110595381

Other incidents:          

12:03am     Genebern/Murray          Reckless Evading
Officers Campos and Castillo were on patrol when they attempted to pull over a vehicle that had a burned out tail lamp.  The officers put on their emergency lights and siren, however the suspect vehicle refused to pull over.  Instead, the female driver accelerated to an unsafe speed and fled from the officers. When the officers witnessed the driver make an extremely unsafe and erratic maneauver, they discontinued the pursuit.  A license plate had been displayed on the rear of the suspect vehicle and further investigation will be conducted with the information obtained.   Report Number 110595808

4:00am  4300 Blk Mission St       Threats/Harrassment
Officers Martinez and Marino responded to this location regarding threats that had been made.  The victim explained to officers that she was in the midst of an ongoing investigation regarding the suspect after the suspect made threats to kill her husband.  Two phone calls were made to her residence threatening her life if she did not stop cooperating with the District Attorney.  Officers confirmed that Restraining Orders were on file and documented the incident. Follow-up Investigation will be conducted.   Report 110593363

8:10am  500 Blk Precita Ave               Battery
The victim responded to Ingleside Station regarding a battery.  She told CPSA Lakdawala that she had seen one of her neighbors rummaging through her garbage bins.  This has become a frequent occurrence and the suspect normally leaves a mess in his wake.  She went out to her driveway and asked the suspect to stop doing what he was doing.  Without warning, he punched her in the arm.  He then kicked her in the leg and walked away from the area.  The victim did not want any medical attention but requested that contact be made with the suspect.  Report Number 110594048

11:00am  100 Blk Alemany Blvd         Stolen Bicycle
The victim reported that he had gone to the Alemany Farmer’s Market and had locked his bike to a sign post.  He returned thirty minutes later and discovered that the bike had been stolen.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116093428

1:20pm   Farragut/Mission St    Fraud/Library Card
The victim’s father reported that she had lost her library card in this location.  They reported the lost card, but discovered several weeks later that someone had been fraudulently using the card to check out items. The suspect had been checking out a variety of library equipment and books, failing to return any items. Even though they had informed the library that the card had been lost, they began to be billed for the stolen items.  They filed the police report so that further investigation could be conducted.  Report Number 116093434

3:00pm   300 Blk Murray St.                 Dog Bite
The victim reported to CPSA Soliman that she had been bitten by an unleashed dog while walking through the park.  A one year old English Bulldog had been running unleashed and bit the victim’s right arm.  A report was taken to document the incident and referred to Animal Care and Control for further investigation.   Report Number 110586261

5:30pm  2700 Blk Alemany Blvd      Theft from Vehicle
The victim reported that she locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the car, she discovered that her passenger window had been shattered and the car stereo removed. Both the dashboard and glove compartment sustained damage during the incident.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 116093412

6:00pm   Unit Blk Gaviota Way       Theft from Vehicle
The victim reported that they had parked their car within their driveway and had left it unsecured.  When they returned to the car they realized that their infant car seat as well as their stroller had been removed.  There was no suspect information.    Report Number 116093456

10:00pm    600 Blk Peralta Ave     Theft from Vehicle
The victim locked and left his car at this location.  He returned to find that the passenger side front window had been shattered and the car stereo removed.  There was no suspect information.  Report Number  116093406

11:00pm   800 Blk Parque Ave               Burglary
Officers Larocca and Muro were dispatched to a burglary at this location.  A school custodian had arrived at work and discovered that office lights were on and the office door wide open.  One of the office drawers was pulled open, however it was unable to be determined if any items had been removed.  There appeared to be no signs of forced entry into the building.  The Crime Lab responded to the location and several photographs of the scene were taken.  Report Number 110593404     

4:15pm                 700 Blk Gates                       Recovered Stolen Vehicle