Friday, July 27, 2012

July 26, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, July 26th, 2012
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7:00pm       4900 blk Mission          Fraud
Officers Morse and Pedersen responded to an incident regarding burglary and a forged prescription. A woman was detained by a supermarket’s security after being suspected and caught trying to receive medication using a forged prescription. The suspect came to the supermarket’s pharmacy and used a stolen ID card and forged prescription to obtain muscle relaxants. The pharmacist was skeptical at the large amount of medication requested, and questioned the doctor’s signature on the prescription. The pharmacist stated he has been working in the city for a long time and knew most of the prescribing doctors. He recognized the doctor’s signature as an ophthalmologist who specializes in the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the eyes. The pharmacist said that an ophthalmologist would be highly unlikely to prescribe a muscle relaxant in their line of work. The officers questioned the suspect and witnesses and using their expertise, they determined that the stolen ID card was being fraudulently used. The suspect was charged with burglary of the ID card, intending to receive items under a false name, and using a forged prescription. They advised the suspect of her Miranda rights and transported her to Ingleside Station.  She was then booked at the county jail. Report number 120591266

8:46pm       Unit blk Patton             Firearm
Officers Almaguer and Barajas were patrolling when they noticed three men standing in front of a home holding open containers partially covered with brown paper bags. Based on the officer’s experience, it is common for individuals to conceal alcoholic beverages in brown paper bags. The officers confronted the three subjects and asked for identification. All three provided identification and it was confirmed that they were drinking an alcoholic beverage. One of the suspects was brought out to a staircase next to an open area, free of debris for further questioning. When the man sat down, the officer noticed the sound of a large object hitting the ground. The suspect had tried to discard a loaded handgun from the police officer. Officer Pedersen located the gun and handcuffed the suspect. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station and was cited for the possession of a loaded firearm and public consumption of alcohol. Report number 120591448

Other Incidents:

2:35am       410 blk Cortland          Vandalism
Officer Duffin responded to an incident regarding vandalism. A restaurant’s front windows were shattered by an unknown suspect. An employee noticed the shattered windows were already covered up with cardboard and tape when she arrived for work. The restaurant did not have any video surveillance, however, a bike shop next door had video surveillance. The store manager of the bike shop gladly gave a copied version of the surveillance tape to the officers which revealed that an unknown suspect had thrown a trash can at the restaurant’s front windows. The evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and the manager of the restaurant was provided with follow up forms and advised to contact their insurance company. Report number 120587027

4:00pm       790 blk Faxon              Theft
PSA Heckenberg was on station duty when a person came in to report a theft. The person stated that several items from her car were stolen. She left her parked car locked and fully intact. When her sister checked on the car, she noticed that the glove box was open and several items were missing. There was also a large scratch on the rear window that appeared after she parked her car. Some of the stolen items were a set of keys, sunglasses, and other personal belongings. The victim is worried about of the set of stolen keys because the keys allow access to a majority of doors at where she works at. PSA Heckenberg gave follow up forms and a Marcy’s card to the victim. Report number 120587168

4:00pm       Unit blk Florentine       Theft
Officers McCall and Lozano responded to a theft incident. A landlord told the officers that his tenants stole $500 dollars from a kitchen counter drawer. The tenants were unable to pay rent that month and were moving out at the end of the month. However, they unexpectedly moved earlier and stole the money. The tenants were not responding to their phones and the landlord had no information regarding their possible whereabouts. The officers advised the landlord to change all the locks in the house and gave a follow up form. Report number 120591658


3:40am     20 blk Brazil       Stolen Auto: 1996 Honda Accord, 4D, Grey
8:32am     320 blk Murray   Recovered Auto: 2002 Volk. Passat, 4D, Silver
12:18pm   300 blk So. Hill   Recovered Auto: 1993 Honda Civic, 4D, Blue
8:23pm     240 blk Oxford   Recovered Auto: 1998 Honda Civic, 4D, Green
9:00pm     200 blk Athens    Stolen Auto: 1993 Ford Mustang, 2D, Red
10:30pm   1220 blk Athens  Stolen Auto: 1988 Mazda MX-6, 2D, Grey