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July 23, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, July 23rd, 2012
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3:45pm       3300 blk Mission                    Theft
Officers Lim and Chew responded to a shoplifting incident at a local supermarket. A male suspect was caught shoplifting a pack of diapers from the store. The supermarket’s security apprehended the suspect and waited for police to arrive.  During that time, the suspect made threats to one of the security officers that the officer believed to be credible. The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station for the threat and the shoplifting. While still at the same location, a citizen flagged the officers down to notify them that store security had arrested another shoplifter in a different part of the store. The suspect was detained by the store’s security for shoplifting a bottle of whiskey. Officer Chew arrested the suspect and performed a pat down; he located a knife in the suspect’s front pocket. The officers then conducted a criminal records check and discovered that the suspect was on probation and also had two active warrants for failure to appear in court. The suspects were booked at Ingleside station for their respective crimes. Report number 120581198 and Report number 120581273

Other Incidents:

1:40am       4800 blk Mission                    Assault
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were dispatched to a restaurant on the 4800 block of Mission. A fight had broken out in front of the restaurant and two men suffered injuries from the brawl. Officers arrived at the restaurant and discovered debris and broken glass in front of the restaurant.  Officer Gabriel talked with one of the men involved in the fight and saw that he had blood on his face. The man said he was okay and declined further medical attention. The officers stood outside the restaurant to ensure that all parties were safe and that another fight would not break out. Shortly thereafter, the officers were dispatched to the same location.  A second suspect appeared and attempted to open the back door of the officers’ patrol car.  When asked what he was doing the suspect replied, “I’m leaking” and then the officers noticed a stab wound to his left side.  Officers called for paramedics and continued to investigate.  Officers Rodarte and Habib arrived to assist in the investigation. Officer Rodarte, a certified SFPD Spanish interpreter, got the full story from both suspects. Earlier that morning, both men were in the restaurant and had bumped into each other.  When one attempted to apologize, the other ignored it and began a verbal argument which developed into a fight outside the restaurant and both suspects threw beer bottles at each other.  Both men were transported to SFGH for treatment to their wounds.  Report number 120579795

2:50am       200 blk Ellington                   Malicious Mischief
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to an incident regarding damage to a vehicle.  A car’s windows were shattered and the owner called police for assistance.  Report number 120577573

10:30am     Mansell/John F. Shelley        Theft
Officers Wong and Morrow were dispatched to respond to a theft incident. A car had been broken into and the owner’s belongings were stolen. The victim stated that her purse, credit cards, and some money were stolen and she saw a man running away from the vehicle.  She did not know the man and does not believe she would be able to recognize him.  Report number 120580388

2:00pm       100 blk Loehr                        Burglary
Officer Howard was flagged down by a citizen at the 100 block of Loehr. The woman stated that someone had attempted to burglarize her apartment. Officer Howard inspected the front gate and noticed that two screws were missing from it. The woman said that the screws were in place earlier. The premise showed no forcible entry and no items were stolen.  Report number 120575743

2:00pm       300 blk Edinburgh                Theft
Officer Chan responded to an incident regarding a possible burglary. Money from a man’s bedroom was reported to be possibly stolen by a handyman working on the home. One of the residents checked a briefcase in the bedroom where one of the blinds was installed. They noticed that several envelopes containing cash and a few silver coins were missing from the briefcase. They called the handyman’s company to file a complaint and were advised to make a police report.  Report number 120581405 

3:00pm       Unit blk Lundys                     Auto Boost
Police Services Aid Cato prepared a report for a victim of a vehicle theft. The victim reported that several items were missing from the glove compartment in the vehicle. She stated that there was no identifiable point of entry and her car was still locked when she returned.  Later that day, Officer Cunnane alerted her that an unknown suspect was attempting to cash one of her personal checks and the victim stated that she did not carry her checks in her car. She could not explain how the unknown suspect got possession of the check.  Report number 120581637

 4:30pm      200 blk Andover                    Aggravated Assault
Officers Gomez and Kerlegan responded to a domestic argument and Officers Sugitan and Fung responded as back up. A landlord and a tenant were fighting and a nearby car’s rear window was shattered. Each party had a different side to the story. The landlord stated that he was called by a neighbor that a tenant and another man were destroying his house. The landlord came in and a man who was supposedly illegally staying with the tenant was arguing with him. During the argument, the man threw tiles at the landlord and walked out of the home. The landlord locked the man out and he began pounding on the door and punched the side of the home causing bleeding to his fists. The man then continued to shatter the windows of a car belonging the landlord’s wife which caused several lacerations to his forearms.

They interviewed the suspect who had a different story on what happened. The man said he was staying in the living in the home for the last five months and had a dispute with the landlord about the living situation at the home. They began arguing, and when trying to unlock the front gate, the landlord struck his hands with a rock causing the lacerations. As for the shattered car window, the man stated he dodged a thrown rock by the landlord and the rock broke the window. No further police action was requested by either party.  All the evidence was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 120581433

6:00pm       100 blk Rolph                        Theft
Police Services Aid Cato prepared a report for a victim of theft. The victim was on MUNI with his cell phone in his hands when an unknown suspect snatched the phone and fled the bus. The victim stated that the incident happened too fast for him to react. PSA Cato gave him follow up information and procedures. Report number 120581900

8:00pm       500 blk Forester                     Theft
Police Services Aid Zabarte was on station duty and prepared a report for a victim of theft. The man’s car had been broken into and several of his belongings were stolen. The rear window was shattered and some clothing and other belongings were stolen. PSA Zabarte informed the victim of follow up procedures. Report number 120579911

10:00pm     1100 blk Geneva                    Disturbing the Peace
Officers Paras and Shugars responded to an excessive noise complaint at the 1100 block of Geneva Ave. A resident living behind a bar complained that he could hear loud noises from the bar from bands performing, music playing, and loud customers every night. Officer Paras provided the victim with a Citizen’s Arrest Form which he signed. He also agreed to not cite them without warning them about the noise. The officers responded to the bar and talked to two employees about the complaint. Report number 120582390

11:00pm     Unit blk Nantucket                Vandalism
Officers Chew and Lim responded to an incident regarding vandalism. A person’s fence was tagged with spray paint. The owner did not see the unknown suspect. Report number 120580504

  6:00am          Paris/London                          Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  8:58am          5300 blk Diamond                  Recovered License Plate
10:51am          Portola/Miraloma                    Traffic Collision
11:50am          Unit blk Santa Ysabel              Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Quest, 4H, Red
  1:03pm          100 blk Delta                          Recovered Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Tundra, PK, Whi
  2:30pm          100 blk Ney                           Stolen Vehicle: 1999 Saturn SL2, 4dr, Green
11:00pm          1200 blk Athens                     Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, 4dr, Tan