Thursday, December 23, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010


12:55 pm       3100 blk Mission                 Robbery/Warrant
Officers Padilla and Gamboa responded to a robbery call.  The victim was injured when she was pushed to the ground and robbed by four suspects.  Witnesses chased and detained a suspect.  The detained female suspect was later booked on a warrant.  The three African American males who committed the robbery were able to elude capture.  Report number 101175241

03:15 pm       4th St/China Basin              Warrant Arrest
Officers Almaguer, Burke and Tam responded to the work address of an Ingleside District resident and took him into custody for a warrant.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was later booked.  Report number 100856234

12:10 pm       Crescent/Gates                   Stolen Property/Burglary
Officers Toomey and Sullivan responded to a call of suspects stealing mail.  The officers found the three suspects as were described and detained them.  Two of the suspects were juvenile males and one was an adult male.  The adult was the father of one of the boys and uncle to the other.  The officers found that the adult suspect told the boys they were walking to the store, but then handed them both plastic bags and told them to take mail out of mailboxes.  The suspect further showed the boys how to use a stick to help them reach the mail in some of the boxes.  The officers found that the suspects had a copious amount of “Live” mail in their possession from numerous residences in the area.  The officers attempted to contact the owners of the mail, making contact with a few.  The adult suspect was booked at Ingleside Station, and the young boys were released to a parent.  Report number 101175229

08:58 pm       200 blk Winding                  Cocaine/Fraud/Elderly Victim
Officers Hurwitz authored a search warrant of a particular residence due to an ongoing elder abuse investigation.  Officer Hurwitz, Daggett, Tam and Burke responded to the house to serve the warrant.  The officers met with the elderly victim who showed them into the house and the areas of the home occupied by the suspect.  The officers searched the areas and found narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia and many items in the victims’ name including his checkbook.  Numerous items in boxes with labels addressed to the victim were found in the suspects’ area of control and the victim did not have any idea of the purchases made in his name with his credit cards.  The officers concluded the search warrant.  Later the officers returned to the residence and took the suspect into custody.  He was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101177009

09:42 pm       3400 blk Mission                 Aggravated Assault w/ Knife
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a stabbing call with Officers Archilla and Kabanuck.  The officers found the victim suffering from a laceration on the side of his neck and called for an ambulance.  The suspect was located inside the residence and taken into custody.  The officers were told that the victim and his girlfriend were drinking alcohol together on the steps of their home.  They had an argument and the suspect (brother-in-law) of the girlfriend responded outside to make the victim leave.  The men engaged in a fist fight in the street then suddenly the suspect pulled out a knife and slashed the victim across the neck.  The victim was taken to the hospital for a non-life threatening injury.  The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101117093

Other incidents:

09:00 am       700 blk Vienna                    Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Araujo and Pai responded to an auto boost call.  The officers met with the victim who showed them that the driver side window of the vehicle had been smashed and that the airbag had been stolen from the vehicle steering wheel.  Report number 101174679

10:55 am       800 blk Foerster                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Trujillo responded to an auto boost incident that had just occurred.  The victim stated that she saw two African American males , 18-19 years old, by her vehicle and saw that the passenger window was smashed.  The victim yelled at the suspects and they fled in a gold colored Honda.  The victim was able to get the license plate information on the vehicle.  Officers Ocreto and McMilton responded to the address of the registered owner and found that the vehicle had been stolen, but the theft had not been discovered by the owner.  Report number 101174776

02:50 pm       2000 blk Alemany               Burglary, Hot Prowl, Force
Officers Salcedo and Pereira responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victims, one of whom was home during the burglary.  The officers found that the suspects forced entry into the home via the front door and exited through the garage level door to the backyard.  The family member who was home asleep at the time of the burglary heard movement in the home and saw the suspects hopping over the backyard fence and fleeing the scene.  The victim was able to recover a ball cap, apparently belonging to one of the suspects and several items that were stolen from the home.  Susp #1: African American male, 10-22 yo, 6’0, 185 lbs, wearing black jacket and blue jeans. Susp #2: African American male. Report number 101176142

06:25 pm       4200 blk Folsom                 Robbery, Street, w/ Gun
Officers Kabanuck and Archilla responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officers that she was walking home when she observed the suspect as she passed him.  As she approached her home the suspect ran up behind her and pointed a handgun at her.  The suspect demanded money and the victim, fearing for her life, allowed the suspect to take her purse from her shoulder.  The suspect then ran north on Folsom toward Crescent.  A search for the suspect was conducted to no avail.  The suspect was described as an African American male, 28-30 years old, 5’8, 220 lbs, wearing a black hat and black jacket. Report number 101176437

Vehicle Incidents:

06:00 am       100 blk Bacon                                  Stolen Auto
11:18 am       Silver/Gambier                                  Traffic Collision
03:00 pm       100 blk Brookdale                            Recovered Auto
03:00 pm       100 blk Brookdale                            Recovered License Plate
04:55 pm       100 blk Ottawa                                 Stolen/Recovered Auto
01:06 am       Edinburgh/Russia                            Suspended Driver