Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, November 29th, 2010


08:33 am       500 blk Silver                                Narcotics Paraphernalia
Officers Trujillo and Rosiak responded to a fight call.  The caller told the officers that he had seen the female in the fight drop something at the curb just before their arrival.  The officers found that the object was a glass narcotics smoking pipe.  The officers took the woman into custody.  She was cited and released at the scene.  Report number 101102250

11:15 am       4600 blk Mission                           Fraudulent Check
Officers Rosiak and Trujillo responded to a bank that had called regarding a person attempting to cash a fraudulent check.  The officers located the suspect and detained her pending the investigation.  Officers Hurwitz and Daggett assisted in the investigation and located narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia in her possession.  The suspect was taken to County Jail for booking.  Report number 101102692

12:51 pm       1700 blk Sunnydale                      Resisting/Marijuana
Officers Peregoy, Trail and Duffin responded with Sgt McDevitt to a person with a gun call.  The officers were told that in a playground area of the public housing complex, five young men were in possession of a black semi-auto handgun and that they were passing it around.  The officers arrived and took positions covering available areas of escape.  The officers were able to detain all of the individuals.  The officers located a handgun in a garbage bin nearby.  The gun was a realistic replica air gun.  All of the suspects were taken to Ingleside Station.  One of the suspects, a parolee, was found to be in possession of marijuana, packaged for sales.  That suspect was booked.  The suspect who was seen placing the gun in the waste bin was cited and released.  Another of the suspects was also cited and released for resisting arrest.  Report number 101103173

05:09 pm       3300 blk Mission                           Petty Theft/Parole Viol
Officer Preston responded to a shoplifting theft at a grocery store.  The store security officer provided a suspect description and direction of travel on a Muni coach.  Officers Pereira and Salcedo located the bus and detained a suspect  matching the description given.  Officer Toomey took the guard to that location to identify the suspect and positively identified him.  The suspect was taken into custody. The stole property was recovered.  Officer Preston found that the suspect had prior convictions for theft related offenses and that he was on probation.  The suspect was therefore booked for the offenses at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101104171

Other incidents:

02:00 am       3300 blk Mission                            Attempted Robbery
Two men, walking home from a grocery store, were approached by six Hispanic males.  One of the suspects demanded the victims’ money.  The victim refused to give the suspect his money and pushed the suspect away from him.  The suspect then kicked the victims’ feet out from under him and he fell.  The suspect began to beat the victim therefore the other victim attempted to help him and got beat by a second suspect.  All six suspects then ran from the scene, north on Mission Street.  Both victims suffered minor facial injuries.  The area was searched to no avail. Officers Vizcay and Ma prepared the report. Report number 101101945

08:00 am       1600 blk Noe                                Burglary, School, Forced
Officer Ocreto responded to a burglary call at a school.  The officer met with the principal who showed him that several exterior windows were opened by the suspect and several interior doors were damaged.  A projector was stolen from the school.  Report number 101102335

08:22 am       600 blk Congo                              Threatening Phone Calls
A man approached PSA Knuckles at Ingleside Station and reported that he had received numerous threatening phone calls and text messages from an unknown person who threatened his life.  Report number 101104068

12:00 pm       100 blk Whipple                             Theft, Vehicle Strip
PSA Knuckles prepared a report from a victim who stated that an unknown person stole the wheel covers from his vehicle tires and scratched the paint on the vehicle exterior.  The victim did not provide any suspect description.  Report number 101104563

02:26 pm       Mission/Silver                                Robbery w/ Force/ Battery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a battery call.  They were told that the victims’ cell phone was stolen.  The officers found the victim bleeding from the nose.  The victim told the officers that he was riding on a Muni bus when a group of five teenage boys of various races boarded the bus and sat in the rear of the bus.  One of the boys, a white male, 5’9, 160 lbs, wearing a silver hooded coat, began to bother the victim by poking him on the back of the head.  The victim repeatedly told the suspect to stop, but he persisted.  The victim then stood and told the suspect to stop and balled his fist at the suspect.  As the bus stopped at Mission and Silver the suspect punched the victim one time in the face causing the injury.  The victim told the suspect that he was calling the police and pulled out his cell phone.  The suspect knocked he phone from his hand and a second suspect, a Hispanic male teenager, picked up the phone and all five of the boys ran from the bus and immediately boarded a 44 line bus stopped at the same intersection.  The driver then called for 911 through his dispatch.  Report number 101103496

08:03 pm       Geneva/ San Jose                        Robbery w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery call with numerous other Ingleside Station officers.  Officers Yuen and Paras detained two suspect who were later viewed by the victim and were not identified as the suspects.  Officers Park and Chang detained another man who matched the suspect description, but he was also not identified by the victim.  The victim told the officers that she boarded an 8X Muni coach at the Phelan loop and saw two Hispanic males seated in the rear of the bus.  As the bus approached the stop at Geneva/San Jose one of the males grabbed her iPod touch which she had in her hand and tried to take it from her.  She struggled against him as the bus stopped.  She continued to hold onto the phone as the suspect pulled her from the bus and she fell onto the street injuring her leg. The suspect was able to get the device from her and ran from the scene.  The suspect was 20-22 years old, 5’7, medium build, clean shaven and wearing all black clothing.  Report number 101104739

Vehicle Incidents:
07:45 am       500 blk Edna                                    Stolen Auto
08:40 am       100 blk Brookdale                           Stolen Auto
12:03 pm       Brazil/Mission                                   Unlicensed Driver
12:52 pm       Persia/Paris                                      Traffic Collision
02:09 pm       Unit blk Raymond                            Recovered Auto
04:15 pm       Mission/Sickles                                Suspended Driver
05:20 pm       Unit blk Natick                                  Recovered Auto
08:32 pm       Unit blk Brookdale                           Recovered Auto