Monday, November 29, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010


10:20am        3300 blk Mission                       Shoplifting
Officer Tillan responded to a grocery store where a security guard had taken custody of a man for shoplifting.  The officer took over custody of the man after the guard told him that he observed the suspect place six packaged steaks into a shopping cart and then walk past the open and manned cash registers with no effort to pay for the items in the cart. The                        steaks were recovered.  The suspect was identified and then cited and released.  Report number 101089539

03:16 pm       200 blk Blythdale                     Parole Viol/Battery of PO
Officers Trail, Peregoy, Obot and Duffin were conducting a traffic stop when an uninvolved man approached then and began cursing and interrupting the officers investigation.  The officers knew the man to be a parolee and advised him to stop interrupting the investigation.  Two of the officers began to approach the man, who then walked away, while verbally threatening the officers with bodily harm.  The officers completed the traffic stop and then searched the area for the suspect, locating him nearby.  The suspect attempted to flee from the officers, but was unsuccessful even though he kicked one of the officers causing an injury.  The officers took the suspect into custody.  His parole officer was notified of the incident and approved a parole hold of the suspect.  The suspect was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101090439

03:43 pm       2200 blk Bayshore                   Marijuana Offense
Officers Chan, Chang and Park conducted a traffic stop on a driver who had failed to stop for a stop sign.  The officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle passenger compartment and even stronger odor toward the rear of the vehicle.  The driver was found to have no license to operate a motor vehicle.  The officers placed the suspect under arrest and searched the vehicle.  The officers located a large quantity of marijuana in the trunk of the vehicle with baggies and a scale to portion the marijuana for sales.  The suspect was taken to County Jail where he was booked.  Report number 101090520

11:15 pm       Mission/Persia                           Graffiti on Muni
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded with numerous other Ingleside station officers regarding a vandalism call on a Muni Bus.  The officers met with the driver who pointed out a young man as the suspect who broke out a window on the bus causing it to fall onto the street.  The officers placed the suspect under arrest.  The suspect then told the officers that he had also done the graffiti that was on the bus and gave the officers the yellow marker he had used to write his “tag” all over the rear of the coach.  The officers conducted a search of the suspect and found an additional marker.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where he was booked.  Report number 101091794

Other incidents:

12:45 am       500 blk Alemany                        Threats
A woman reported that her eleven year old daughter received a threat from an 18 year old neighbor on Facebook.  The victim has changed schools once already due to the younger sisters of the suspect bothering her at school.  Report number 101091998

07:50 am       200 blk Blythdale                      Burglary, Residence
Officers Wong and Rand responded to a burglary call.  The victim told the officers that she had been staying at a relatives home due to another incident in the public housing unit and returned home to find that someone had entered the unit through a sliding door and stole several small jewelry items and ransacked the house.  The victim stated that she had left the home with broken windows for several weeks.  Report number 101088951

09:02 am       100 blk Appleton                        Battery/Threats
Officer Johnson responded to a battery call.  The officer met with the victim who stated that she was battered and threatened by her nieces’ husband.  The victim told the officer that she has had prior incidents with the suspect. The victim stated that the suspect pushed her and threatened her life.  Report number 101089062

09:35 am       5200 blk Diamond Heights         Robbery, Bank
Officer Johnson responded to a bank robbery call and met with the teller who was robbed.  The victim teller told the officer that a Hispanic female, 30-40 years old, 5’7, 150 lbs, with black hair, and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, pink gloves and a multicolored scarf approached her teller window.  The suspect threatened the teller and demanded the money.  The teller complied and the suspect fled the store in an unknown direction.  Report number 101089147

09:55 am       Argonaut/Burr                            Robbery w/ Gun
Officers Rand and Wong responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officers that he was working as a gardener when he was approached by five African American males in late teens or early 20’s.  The shortest of the suspects, about 16-17 years old, 5’2, pointed a handgun at the victim while the other suspects searched him, stealing his cell phone and keys.  The suspects then ran toward Sunnydale Ave.  Report number 101089200

11:30 am      Unit blk Phelan                           Theft from Building
SFCCPD Officer Boyko prepared a report for a student who left his backpack unattended in a cubbie at the Wellness Center during his workout.  Upon his return the student found that his cell phone and sunglasses were gone.  The sunglasses were found on the floor later.  Report number 101089670

02:08 pm       Cayuga/Naglee                           Evading Officer
Captain Cassanego observed a suspicious person in a vehicle and conducted a short surveillance.  The suspect soon started the vehicle and the captain followed him.  The suspect made numerous turns throughout the neighborhood while the captain had the dispatcher run the license plate on the vehicle.  The dispatcher advised the captain that the vehicle was stolen.  By then the suspect had driven into the Taraval district and the captain was joined by a Taraval officer who attempted to conduct a traffic stop with a marked vehicle.  The suspect took off at a high rate of speed.  The captain directed the officer to cancel any pursuit.  Report number 101090100

02:21 pm       Schwerin/Garrison                      Weapon, Deadly
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a call of a person with a gun.  The officers met with the victims, a 16 year old boy, his mother and younger brother.  The victims stated that they were waiting for the bus near a group of young people who were hanging out.  Several of the group, two African American teens, began to taunt the 16 year old calling him names.  The suspects then called out for others to join them.  They were joined by four other African American boys one of whom was armed with a handgun.  The victims ran into the security gate at a merchant and were assisted by a security guard.  The suspects fled the area and were not located.  Report number 101090150

10:27 pm       3300 blk Mission                          Shoplifting
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro responded to a store where a shoplifting incident had just occurred.  The officers met with a store clerk who observed the suspect, Hispanic male, 25-30 years old, 6’0, 1215 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, gray shorts, with a goatee and a fisher mans’ hat, enter the store and pick up a BBQ grill in a box.  The clerk recognized the man as a suspect in previous shoplifting incidents.  A woman suddenly entered the front of the store and yelled to the suspect that the bus was coming.  The suspect ran out of the store with the item, making no attempt to pay.  The clerk observed the suspect board a 24 line Muni bus.  Report number 101091669

Vehicle Incidents:

08:00 am       Plymouth/Ocean                               Traffic Collision H/R
08:00 am       100 blk Randall                                 Stolen/Recovered Auto
09:35 am       5200 blk Diamond Heights             Traffic Collision
10:00 am       1400 blk Somerset                           Stolen Auto
11:46 am       200 blk Judson                                 Traffic Collision H/R
02:39 pm       Ocean/Geneva                                 Traffic Collision
03:10 pm       Geneva/Ocean                                 Traffic Collision
05:00 pm       5200 blk Diamond Heights             Stolen Auto