Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, June 27th, 2011


3:24pm     3300 Blk Mission      Shoplifting
Officers Chew and Lim were dispatched to the call of a shoplifter.  The reportee advised that a male entered the store with several paper bags. The suspect placed several bottles of alcohol into the bags and exited the store without paying the cashier.  The reportee detained the suspect once he exited the store and escorted back on to the premises.  Reportee signed a citizen’s arrest for the theft and the suspect was cited.   Report 110517846

4:25pm     3300 Blk Mission       Shoplifting
Officers Goldsborough and Hornstein responded to the call of a shoplifter being detained.  Reportee advised that a male had entered the store with a grocery bag and placed several bags of frozen shrimp into the bag.  The male then exited the store, bypassing the cashier without making payment.  Reportee detained the suspect once he exited the premises and signed a citizen’s arrest.  The suspect was then issued a citation for the theft of the frozen food items.   Report 110518399

8:55pm     3300 Blk Mission       Shoplifting
Officers Turner and Chan responded to the call of a shoplifter being detained.  Reportee advised that a male entered the store, took a bottle of Johnny Walker Scotch and secreted into his jacket.  The suspect then exited the store, bypassing the cashier without making payment.  Reportee detained the male as soon as he exited the store and escorted back onto the premises.  Reportee told officers he wanted to make a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was transported back to Ingleside Station for further investigation. Once the suspect was properly identified, he was issued a citation for the theft.
Report  110518844

Other incidents:        

10:00am   300 Blk of Alemany     Vandalism
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to the call of a vandalism.  Victim advised the officers that he returned to his home and discovered that the deadbolt to his front door had been damaged.  He was unable to provide any further information and told officers that entry to the premises did not take place.   Report 110517498

12:00pm   Still/Lyell                       Robbery
Officer Rand responded to the call of a robbery that had just occurred.  Various other units from Ingleside Station also responded to the scene.  Officer Rand made contact with the victim and received  detailed suspect descriptions, the suspects having just fled from the scene.  The units canvassed the area but were unsuccessful in locating any of the suspects. Victim told officers that she had been walking northbound on
Lyell Street
talking on her cellular phone when she was approached by three unknown males.  One of the suspects immediately grabbed her right arm, which was the hand holding on to her phone.  The phone was ripped from her hand and all three suspects fled from the area.  Victim said that she would be able to identify the suspects if she saw them again.  She sustained no injuries and refused any medical attention.  Report 110517090

12:00pm   3600 Blk Mission           Fraud
Victim came to Ingleside Station to report that his personal information had been fraudulently obtained.  The suspect used his personal information to purchase a vehicle which was ultimately towed.  The storage company had contacted Victim in an attempt to receive payment for the storage fees.  Victim wanted a police report to document the fraud.  He was unable to provide any further information.   Report 110518258

2:29pm     400 Blk Faxon                Fraud
Victim came to Ingleside Station to report a fraud.  He stated that he had ordered an IPhone over the Internet, which he never received.  He contacted AT&T and was informed by their Customer Service that the phone had, in fact, been delivered and signed for by an unknown party.  AT&T requested that he file a police report so that they could replace the stolen phone.  Report 110517476

3:00pm     4900 Blk Mission         Vandalism
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a store regarding threats that had been made as well as a vandalism to the premises. Reportee advised officers that a male who had previously been caught shoplifting had entered the store. After the initial incident, the suspect had been advised that he was no longer wanted on the premises and would be charged with trespassing if he returned.  When reportee saw the same suspect, he confronted him and directed him to leave.  The male became irate and aggressive, going into a fighting stance and making physical threats towards the Reportee.  The suspect began to exit the store, but suddenly stopped and damaged several store items.  Suspect fled the area and units were unsuccessful in locating him.     Report 110517802

5:00pm     700 Blk of
27th St
         Harassing Phone Calls
Victim walked into Park Station in order to file a report regarding being harassed. Victim stated that she had been being harassed via text messages by her brother-in-law.  Victim stated that she would be obtaining a Restraining Order, but wanted the incident documented.   Report 110511951

4:30pm     3300 Blk Mission          Theft
Officers Lim and Chew responded to a call regarding the theft of wooden pallets.  Reportee advised that two males had pulled up the rear of the premises in a pickup truck and placed approximately 30 pallets into the rear of the truck.  The suspects then fled from the area.  A license plate for the vehicle was obtained and the incident remains under investigation.   Report 110517959

5:00pm     1000 Blk Sunnydale      Vandalism
Officer Ferronato and his partner, Officer Sanchez, responded to a report of a vandalism.  Victim reported that over the weekend, an unknown suspect had broken out the glass of the building’s front door.  No further suspect information was reported.    Report 1105116359

6:00pm       300 Blk Monterey         Theft
Officer Ferronato responded to a call regarding a bike theft.  Victim lived within an apartment building and reported that her bike had been left unsecured within the front lobby area.  The lobby area is secured by a locked metal gate.  Upon returning to the bike later that evening, she discovered that the bike had been stolen. Victim had no suspect information.     Report   110519159


3:00am           200 Block Molimo    Stolen Vehicle
5:00am           Precita/Harrison       Traffic collision
10:00am         900 Blk Duncan       Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm         Mt. Vernon                Stolen Registration Tab