Thursday, June 30, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


8:10am      600 Block Blythdale                     Battery
Officers Smethurst and Abucay were dispatched to the report of a verbal altercation between roommates.  The Victim told officers that she had gotten into an extremely heated verbal altercation with her roommate.  She was ultimately grabbed by the arm and pushed down on to a bed when attempting to leave the room.  Victim did not report any injuries nor complain of any pain.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident.   Report Number 110522384

10:27am   Unit Blk Highland                    Illegal Lodging
Sgt.  Miller responded to the area regarding illegal campers that had built a shelter under the bridge at that location.  Three subjects were located within the encampment along with two canines.  The camp had blankets, clothing and various materials that were indicative of an illegal living space.  All three suspects were instructed to exit the site and complied with the Sergeant’s instructions.  They were cited for illegally lodging on city property.  It should be noted that all three suspects were advised regarding the Homeless Outreach Team.  Report Number 110522469

11:30am   3300 Blk Mission                       Shoplifting
Officers Pai and Araujo responded to this location regarding a shoplifting suspect detained by Sgt. Dare.   Sgt. Dare had been flagged down by the store manager and had been able to detain a suspect that had just left the store with some stolen items.  Upon being detained, a search of the suspect was conducted and all items retrieved from a jacket sleeve.  Officers Pai and Araujo responded to the scene and took the suspect into custody.  Due to a lengthy history of theft and shoplifting, the suspect was transported back to Ingleside Station and booked.  All items recovered were returned to the store manager.  Report Number 110522691

5:20pm      300 Blk Crescent         Narcotics Possession
Officers Uang, Hopkins, Hart and Duffin were on patrol in the area when they noted a vehicle with a cracked windshield. The vehicle also failed to display any license plates.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle.  Upon making contact with the driver, Officers recognized him to be a known Parolee.  Officers confirmed his active status with Parole and also discovered that he had been driving the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident.  During a search of the vehicle, narcotics were discovered and seized as evidence.  The Parolee was then transported back to Ingleside Station for further investigation and booking.  Report Number 110523661

6:02pm      1700 Blk Sunnydale            Warrant Arrest
Officers Antonian and Dudley were on patrol in the area when they saw a subject walking towards them that had an active warrant out for his arrest.  Both officers exited their patrol car and took the male into custody without incident.  The warrant was confirmed and the suspect booked in at Ingleside Station.   Report Number 100000992

Other incidents:        

12:05am      500 Block of Alemany     Stay Away Violation
Victim responded to the station to report an ongoing problem with his ex-girlfriend.  Victim reported that he had sole custody of their child due to the mother’s problematic history of drug abuse.  Victim went to a family barbecue and the suspect showed up at the residence.  After making threats towards the Victim and their child, she fled.  Victim did not call the police at the time of the incident, but wanted documentation.  Report Number 110520087

2:00am       4900 Blk Mission                         Battery
Victim responded to the station to report that she had been attacked while working as a Security Guard.  Victim had been within the store when she noticed an unknown female enter and pick up one of the small black "hand baskets".  The female suddenly approached the Victim, began yelling profanities at her and swung the basket in an effort to hit her.  The suspect then fled from the store.  Victim felt that the store would have video tape from the incident and requested follow-up investigation.  Victim had no further suspect information.  Report Number 110495236

8:00am      Unit Blk Racine             Theft from Vehicle
Victim reported that she had parked and secured her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning several hours later, she discovered that her vehicle had been entered.  She was unable to determine how entry had been made.  The glove compartment was open and four DVD’s stolen.  She had no suspect information.    Report Number 116081887

11:05am   500 Blk Mission              Shoplifting
Officer Ocreto responded to a store regarding a theft.  The store manager reported that two males wearing black hooded jackets had entered the premises and stolen several items from off of the store’s shelves.  After grabbing the items, both suspects ran past the cash register without paying and fled northbound down
Mission Street
.  The manager felt he could positively identify the suspects if he saw them again.  A search of the immediate area by officers was unsuccessful in locating either suspect.   Report Number 110522726

2:15pm     50 Phelan                        Theft
Victim responded to the Community College Police headquarters to report a theft.  She explained to them that she had gone to the Wellness Center and left her personal items within an unlocked locker.  Upon returning to the locker, she discovered that her backpack had been stolen along with all personal items within it.  She had no suspect information.   Report Number 110523263

4:00pm     400 Blk Silver                  Vandalism
Victim reported that he locked and left his vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the vehicle, he discovered that someone had shattered his rear windshield.  No items had been stolen from the car and no other damage was noted.  Victim had no suspect information.   Report Number 116081893

6:00pm     300 Blk Edinburgh                Burglary
Officer Gomez responded to a residence regarding the theft of several items.  Victim reported that he had locked and left his residence that morning and had gone to work.  Upon returning to the residence later that day, he discovered several expensive items missing. A landlord who resided in the building told the Victim that his ex-girlfriend had entered the residence and loaded items into a nearby parked vehicle.  The landlord recognized the ex-girlfriend and another suspect that had assisted her in stealing the items.  They had both been seen with the Victim on several occasions, so the landlord was familiar with both.  Victim asked for no further police action to be taken.   Report Number 110524277

6:15pm     900 Blk Ellsworth                 Robbery
Officers Hopkins and Uang were approached by a male victim who wished to report a robbery.  Victim told officers that he had just been assaulted and his wallet stolen.  The victim had been walking in the area when he was suddenly approached by an unknown male from behind.  The suspect grabbed him around the neck and victim fell down to the ground.  The suspect than demanded his money, rummaged through his pockets and stole his wallet.  The victim said that he feared for his safety and remained on the ground until the suspect fled the area in an unknown direction.  Victim sustained no injuries and did not want any medical assistance.  Further investigation is being conducted by Station Investigators.  Report Number 110523871

11:00pm       100 Blk Del Monte              Vandalism
Officers McCall and Lozano responded to a call regarding a vandalized vehicle.  Victim told officers that he locked and left his vehicle. Upon returning, he found that someone had smashed his passenger rear window and had poured paint into the passenger compartment.  The right rear tire had also been slashed.  Victim had no suspect description and said he had been having no issues with anyone.   Report Number 110524998

11:15pm        100 Blk Bertita                   Battery
Officer Benavidez, along with several other Ingleside Patrol Units, responded to this location regarding a fight in progress.  The fight was said to involve numerous subjects.  Upon arrival, officers made contact with Victim.  The victim reported that he was "jumped" by numerous subjects when walking towards his parked vehicle.  The unknown male subjects had begun calling him names and then attacked him for unknown reasons.  Victim did not know any of the involved suspects, nor could he recognize them if he saw them again.  Victim had lost consciousness during the attack and was transported to the hospital by Paramedics for further evaluation.  All suspects had fled the scene prior to police arrival.  A thorough search of the area was unsuccessful in locating possible suspects.  Report Number 110524493

11:15pm        300 Blk Monterey                  Theft
Sergeant Miller responded to a call regarding the theft of a bicycle.  Victim had left his bicycle secured in a carport area via a personal lock and cable.  He returned in the morning to find that the cable had been cut and the bike stolen.  The building had no security cameras and There was no suspect description.  Report Number 110522754            


12:30am         Unit Block Camellia              Stolen Vehicle
  9:50am         Unit Block Rudden               Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm         Ocean/San Jose                   Traffic Collision
10:00pm         Bacon/Goettingen                Stolen Vehicle