Friday, September 24, 2010


Incident Date:
Thursday, September 23rd, 2010


07:54 pm                   5200 blk Diamond Heights                      Shoplifting
Officer Kneuker and Officer Archilla responded to the report of a person caught shoplifting at a supermarket. A security guard at the market had seen the suspect put items in her purse and walk out of the store without paying for them. The woman was charged with felony theft. Report number 100885540

Other incidents:                    

12:19 am                   5200 blk Diamond Heights          Shoplifting
Officer Henry-Garcia and Officer Dilag responded to the report of a theft from a supermarket. Witnesses at the store said that they saw a man suddenly grab a bunch of items and run out of the store. The suspect was described as an African-American male (6’03) wearing a black beanie cap and a black jacket. Report number 100882370

03:07 am                   600 blk Peralta                                Theft from Vehicle
Officer Henry-Garcia and Officer Dilag responded to the report of an auto-boosting. A witness said that she heard glass breaking outside her residence and looked out to see two men breaking into cars. The suspects walked away from the scene before police arrived. They were described as African-American males (each 6’0 185lbs), one wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans and the other wearing a striped jersey. Report number 100883027

06:55 am                   Naples/Amazon                              Robbery
Officer Muro and Officer LaRocca responded to the report of a robbery. The victim was walking down the street when he was approached by two men. One was carrying a “Club” anti-car theft device, and the other a wooden bat. The victim was jabbed by one of the suspects, and he then handed over his wallet. The suspects then fled the scene on foot. They were described as an African-American male (5’7 140 lbs, ages 20-22) wearing a white hoodie and blue sneakers, and a Caucasian male (6’0 160lbs) wearing a white baseball cap and a white t-shirt. Report number 100882847

12:10 pm                   200 blk Elsie                                    Theft from Vehicle
Officer Padilla and Officer Sullivan responded to the report of an auto-boosting. The victim said that he returned to his parked car to find that it had been broken into and some change was stolen from inside. Report number 100883748

07:10 pm                   Geneva/San Jose                           Robbery
PSA Guituan prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding a robbery. The victim said that he was on the MUNI J-line when he was approached by a suspect who sat down near him. The suspect demanded the victim’s iPod and threatened him with harm if he didn’t comply. The victim gave the suspect his iPod and the suspect left the train. The suspect was described as an African-American male (6’03, aged 23) wearing a brown hoodie and blue jeans with brown Nike shoes. Report number 100885443

07:20 pm                   600 blk 27th St                                  Attempted Robbery
Officer Gonzales responded to the report of a robbery. The victim said that she was walking down the sidewalk when she felt someone grab her purse and try to take it away. The victim struggle with the suspect and fell down. The suspect continued to assault the victim by kicking her, leaving only after the victim started to scream. The suspect then got into a beige sedan and was driven away. The suspect was an African-American female (5’5 165lbs, aged 19-20) wearing a dark blue sweater. Report number 100885415

09:05 pm                   500 blk Delta                                    Robbery
Officer Dudley and Officer Antonian were dispatched to the report of a robbery. They met with the victim who had been walking home when she was grabbed from behind. The suspect picked her up and put her on the ground. He then took the victim cell phone which she had been using, and ran away with another man. The suspect was described as an African-American male (5’10 155lbs, aged 18-21) wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Report number 100885681

02:12 am                   1800 blk Sunnydale                       Vandalism
Officer Jones and Officer Ferronato were dispatched to the report of vandalism. The victim said that she was asleep inside when she hear the voice of her mother outside saying something about the victim stealing money from her. The victim then heard the sound of breaking glass. When she checked her window, all of the window panes were broken. The suspect could not be located. Report number 100886413

Vehicle Incidents:

10:24 am                   300 blk Naples                                 Stolen Auto
12:15 pm                   200 blk Arlington                              Recovered Auto
01:03 pm                   200 blk Prague                                 Recovered Auto
03:15 pm                   Cayuga/Onondaga                          Traffic Collision
10:46 pm                   Geneva/Naples                                Unlicensed Driver
11:54 pm                   Mission/Concord                              Unlicensed Driver