Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Incident Date:
Friday, September 24th, 2010


04:54 pm                   5500 blk Mission                             Drug Arrest/Theft from Vehicle
While in plain clothes, Officer Almaguer and Officer Hauscarriague responded to the report of two people attempting to break into cars. They arrived and saw two people matching the given description looking into vehicles and trying door handles. They watched as the two stole a shop vacuum from the bed of a truck and boarded a MUNI bus. The bus was stopped and the two were placed under arrest. One of the suspects was found to be in possession crystal meth. Report number 100888776

Other incidents:                     

09:44 am                   200 blk Schwerin                            Hot Prowl Burglary
Officer Martinez and Officer LaRocca responded to the report of a hot-prowl burglary. The victim said that earlier in the morning he and a friend left his residence to go to a convenience store. As they left, the victim saw a man who he knew and thought of as a friend hanging around the victim’s front door. When the victim returned home, he found that his wallet was missing from the house. The victim suspected the man who had been lingering near his door of the theft and said that there was someone inside the house when the theft occurred. Report number 100886952

10:03 am                   Unit blk Florentine                         Att. Burglary
Officer Chang and Officer Park responded to the report of a burglary. The victim said that a member of his family arrived home and found damage to the front gate and door of his residence. Nothing was stolen from inside the house. Report number 100890878

11:34 am                   Unit blk Malta                                   Theft/Fraud
Sergeant Miller responded to the report of fraud. The victim said that he had received a call from a person who the thought to be his grandson. The person claimed that he had been arrested in another country. The victim was then spoken to by a man claiming to be a detective, who said that the victim needed to wire $5600 to bail his grandson out. The victim did this, not realizing that this was a scam. Report number 100891070

11:37 am                   Unit blk Santos                               Battery
Officer Johnson responded to the report of a battery along with other Ingleside Housing Officers. The parties had been in an altercation regarding whether or not on party had bumped into the other party’s car. Both parties refused to press charges against the other. Report number 100887524

07:52 pm                   Unit blk Nantucket                         Theft from Vehicle
PSA Guituan prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding an auto-boosting. The victim said that she came out to her parked car to find that she had left a window half-way down. She then discovered that her purse was missing from the car. Report number 100889188

Vehicle Incidents:

11:07 am       300 blk Amber                                  Stolen Auto
12:25 pm       500 blk Arlington                              Recovered Auto
05:06 pm       Mission/Bosworth                            Traffic Collision
06:46 pm       Geneva/Carter                                  Traffic Collision
07:58 pm       Bernal Heights/Anderson              Traffic Collision
08:14 pm       Unit blk Excelsior                             Recovered Auto
10:40 pm       200 blk Silver                                    Traffic Collision