Thursday, September 23, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


04:02 pm                   1900 blk San Jose                          Weapon Arrest
Officer Polovina responded to the report of a person brandishing a knife. The victims had been in an argument with two suspects earlier in the day. As they were now riding on MUNI, the suspects pulled alongside their MUNI train and brandished a knife and indicated that they were going to be waiting for them at the end of the line. The victims called 911 and Officer Polovina spotted the suspect vehicle and detained them. One of the men was charged with brandishing a weapon. Report number 100880653

10:02 pm                   Geneva/Mission                              Drug Arrest
Officer Aslam and Officer Kneuker were on patrol when they saw a man commit a traffic violation. They stopped and spoke with the man who was on probation with a search condition. A search of the man showed he was in possession of marijuana. The man was issued a citation. Report number 100881526

10:10 pm                   Perisa/Madrid                                  Robbery
Officer Contreras responded to the report of a robbery. The victim had been walking down the street when his arms were suddenly grabbed from behind and held behind him. The suspect then went through the victim’s pockets, took $5, and walked away. When the officers arrived the victim was able to point out the suspect, who was arrested. Report number 100881980

Other incidents:                    

08:20 am                   200 blk Judson                               Theft from Vehicle
Officer Muro responded to the report of an auto-boosting. The victim had come out to his parked car to find that it had been broken into. Missing from inside was a digital camera. Report number 100878727

02:30 pm                   500 blk Paris                                    Attempted Burglary
Officer Fung and Officer Sugitan were on patrol when they were flagged down by a woman regarding damage to her building. The woman arrived home to find damage to the frame of her front door. It appeared that someone had tried to force their way into the building. Report number 100880142

03:35 pm                   Unit blk Benton                               Attempted Burglary
Officer Sugitan and Officer Fung responded to the report of an attempted burglary. The victim returned home to find that someone had attempted to gain entry to his house by prying open a side door to his garage. Report number 100880318

06:39 pm                   Unit blk Cotter                                 Vandalism
Officer Androvich responded to the report of vandalism. The victim said that his backyard fountain had been dismantled and damaged by someone. The victim had no idea who would do this. Report number 100881112

07:25 pm                   1000 blk Chenery                           Vehicle Strip
Officer Conceicao and Officer Leong were dispatched to the report of an auto-boosting. Hey met with the reportee who started his mother’s vehicle and noticed that it made a loud noise. He checked the under the vehicle and saw that someone had stolen the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Report number 100881463

 Vehicle Incidents:

07:48 am                   200 blk Cayuga                                Stolen Auto
10:31 am                   100 blk Milton                                   Stolen Auto
10:57 am                   Unit blk Precita                                 Stolen Auto
11:34 am                   Mission/Silver                                   Unlicensed Driver
01:05 pm                   Brussels/Harkness                          Unlicensed Driver
04:54 pm                   400 blk Murray                                  Stolen Auto
05:30 pm                   Lisbon/Silver                                     Suspended License
05:50 pm                   Valley/Dolores                                  Suspended License
06:00 pm                   Alemany/San Juan                         Unlicensed Driver
06:05 pm                   100 blk Onondaga                           Stolen Auto
07:49 pm                   100 blk Duncan                               Recovered Auto
08:50 pm                   500 blk Still                                       Recovered Auto
11:54 pm                   Unit blk Brookdale                           Recovered Auto
11:57 pm                   700 blk Brazil                                    Stolen/Recovered Auto
02:08 am                   Geneva/Mission                               Unlicensed Driver