Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oct. 22, 2017

             Incident Date:
            Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The November community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for December 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon. 

                                          We hope to see you all there!


3:01am       San Jose & Geneva                 D.U.I
Ingleside Officer Cortez Cendejas was on routine patrol when she noticed the woman driver of a late model Honda CRV drive through a red light at San Jose and Randal. The officer turned on her emergency lights and followed the car as it entered southbound #280. The driver then exited the freeway on the Geneva/Ocean off ramp and finally stopped at Geneva and San Jose Avenues. The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle which she did while stumbling and almost falling. She was asked to perform a roadside sobriety test and failed. She was driven to Mission Station where a phlebotomist took a blood sample. Then she was taken to the County Jail and booked for DUI. Report number: 170862772

3:20am       Santos and Velasco               Stolen Vehicle
This car thief happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ingleside Officers George and Cassinelli were on routine patrol when they spotted a truck that was reported stolen earlier the previous evening. The officers followed the truck as it wound through Visitacion Valley and activated their overhead emergency lights along with siren. The thieves, seeing the officers, sped away in an attempt to avoid arrest but not for long. The truck finally slowed down in the unit block of Blythedale and the driver and passenger jumped out and ran away. Officers George and Cassinelli gave chase and were able to capture the driver a short distance away. He was placed in custody. A records check revealed he had a $50,000 warrant for his arrest for burglary. He also had a long criminal record including several other felony arrests. He was taken to Ingleside Station for booking and the truck was returned to its registered owner. Report number: 170862380

6:33am       Sunnydale & Talbert             D.U.I
Ingleside Officers Alejandrino and Trujillo were dispatched to investigate a report of an accident involving two vehicles. When they arrived they found both drivers in their cars which had been moved prior to the arrival of police. One driver told the officers that he was stopped at the intersection when he noticed the other driver traveling at high speed and blowing through the stop sign and colliding with his car. That driver then took off with the victim following and calling police. The officers interviewed the other driver who claimed he wasn’t at fault. However, he was unlicensed and could not provide proof of insurance. He also smelled of alcohol. He failed a roadside sobriety test and was taken to Ingleside Station were a phlebotomist took a sample of blood for future testing. After the blood draw he was transported to the county jail and booked for DUI. Report number: 170862885

3:17pm       5600 Blk. Mission                   D.U.I     
A resident, looking out his back window, noticed the driver of another car in a parking lot back into his vehicle several times. The victim ran outside and asked the suspect for his license and insurance. The suspect refused to comply with the request. The victim called police and soon, Ingleside Officers Watts and Alexander arrived to investigate the incident. The suspect was questioned and both officers noticed his bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and poor balance. He was unable to complete a roadside sobriety test. An alcohol breath test revealed a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. He was arrested for DUI and transported to the county jail for booking. Report number: 170863899             

Serious Incidents:

8:25am       2700 Blk. Diamond                Hot Prowl Burglary
Ingleside Officers Gonzalez and Thompson were dispatched to a report of a burglary. When they arrived the victim told the officers that an unknown man came to the front gate and rang the doorbell. He told the resident he was here to see her neighbor who shares the same front gate. The resident let him in and then became suspicious when she didn’t hear him knock on her neighbor’s door. She went downstairs and saw the suspect in her garage. She asked why he was there and he said it was to retrieve his bike. The resident yelled to her daughter to call police and the suspect ran outside the garage and escaped. Report number: 170862932

11:40am     300 Blk. Monterey                 Hot Prowl Burglary
What may be a related crime, another resident called police about a stranger in his garage trying to steal a bicycle. The victim told Ingleside Officers Watts and Alexander that he was moving cars around in his garage when an unknown suspect walked in and grabbed his son’s bike. The victim confronted the suspect and the suspect, after a short discussion, left the garage and walked east on Monterey toward Congo. Report number: 170863225

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

06:50am          400 Blk Persia                         Assault
10:29am          400 Blk Duncan                      Recovered Vehicle
12:50pm          Madrid/Persia                         Suspended Driver’s License
04:00pm          Fairmount/Laidley                  Stolen Vehicle
04:00pm          1200 Blk Goettingen               Stolen Vehicle
05:00pm          5300 Blk Mission                    Theft from Vehicle
05:05pm          1200 Blk Goettingen               Recovered Vehicle
07:00pm          200 Blk Coleridge                   Stolen Vehicle
07:55pm          1900 Blk Alemany                  False Registration
10:50pm          Bernal Heights/Anderson        Recovered Vehicle
10:43pm          Mission/Silver                         No Driver’s License Issued