Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct. 23, 2017

       Incident Date:
      Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The November community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for December 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon. 

                                    We hope to see you all there!



There are no arrests to report.

Serious Incidents:

5:35pm       500 Blk. Madrid                    Deadly Weapon
A roadway dispute resulted in one driver being threatened with a gun. The victim told Ingleside Officers Glover and Espinoza that he was driving down Madrid Street when he came upon two double parked vehicles blocking the roadway where each one was facing different directions. There was enough room for one car to squeeze between the two double parked cars. As he started to drive around the cars the driver of another car, going in the opposite direction, tried the same maneuver. The first driver told the second driver he had the right-of-way, but the second driver had a trump card, he pulled out a firearm and threatened the first driver. The first driver pulled back and called police. Report number: 170867067

8:30pm       3700 Blk. Mission                  Battery
A dispute between three bar patrons resulted in one of the combatants suffering a serious injury. The victim and witnesses told Ingleside Officers Mroz, Buzzard, Espinosa, Glover, and Cortez-Cendejas the dispute started over unknown reasons near the bathroom. All three went outside to fight and when other patrons went outside they found the victim lying on the sidewalk suffering from numerous bruises and abrasions. Medical help was summoned and when they arrived to treat the victim he casually pulled two front teeth from his mouth. He also became belligerent and combative and had to be strapped to the gurney before transport to the hospital. Report number: 170867653

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

07:30am           Mission/Excelsior                      Assault
08:10am           Mission/Persia                           Battery
10:00am           Baden/Monterey                        Hit and Run
10:55am           Montcalm/Peralta                      Traffic Collision
11:30am           Arleta/Alpha                              Hit and Run
12:00pm           Mansell/John F Shelley            Theft from Vehicle
12:35pm           1400 Blk Plymouth                   Fraud
12:41pm           200 Blk Craut                            Recovered Vehicle
01:09pm           200 Blk Coleridge                     Recovered Vehicle
01:20pm           300 Blk Seneca                          Attempted theft from Building
03:30pm           5200 Blk Diamond Heights       Theft from Vehicle
05:31pm           2600 Blk San Jose                      Fraud
06:00pm           600 Blk Brunswick                    Stolen License Plate
08:20pm           Mission/30th Street                     Battery
10:00pm           200 Blk Montcalm                     Stolen Vehicle