Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov. 26, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, November 26th, 2012

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No incidents to report.

Serious Incidents:

12:42am              30th street                               Assault
Officer Peregrina and Mcmilton responded to a call regarding an attempted robbery and stabbing. The officers were told while en- route that the victim was being transported to general hospital. Upon arrival, they met with the doctor who said that that the victim had small lacerations on her buttocks and more on her mid back. He also said that she would be able to be released later on during the night. The officers then interviewed the victim who seemed to be extremely uncooperative. She didn’t answer any question except for where the crime occurred. In an effort to gather some more information, they contacted the victim’s cousin, who she called right after the incident. He stated that he got a phone call at around midnight from his cousin, who was screaming. He said that she was calling him to go and pick her up but would not give an exact location, only that it was by a Safeway near Mission and 30TH Street. The officers contacted Safeway to ask for any surveillance and bagged her clothes, which were still wet with blood.  CSI was called out to collect the victim’s clothing. Report Number 120954777

2:00pm                 Unit blk Hahn                        Threats
At 10:00pm a victim and her children arrived at Ingleside station to report threats received via a text. Officers Castillo and Leong interviewed the victim, who only spoke Spanish. Officer Castillo had responded to Leong’s call since he is a department certified Spanish speaker officer. The victim stated that she was at work when she received several text messages, but since she was at work, didn’t bother to read them at the time. Once she arrived home, many hours later, she read her messages. The victim got a number of text messages which stated that she had to pay $20,000 if she wanted her 6 children. It continued to follow up with details of all the children’s schedules and work places, which scared the victim. The children were picked up and they were all fine, and then took them to the police station. The officers interviewed her where she stated that she has no enemies and doesn’t know why anyone would do this. This case is still under investigation.  Report Number 120957367

6:20pm                 200blk Maynard                    Battery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a call of a battery. When arriving to the victim’s home, they found that she was shaking and crying with abrasions on her left fingers and elbow. The victim stated that she was walking home from school while on the phone with a friend, when she noticed a black male approaching quickly from behind. The victim hung up the phone and put it in her pocket, when the suspect caught up to her from behind. He then reached around and covered her mouth in order to keep her from yelling and then pushed her to the ground. When she fell, she started screaming again and trying to get up to flee before the suspect got down and covered her mouth again, pushing her to the floor once more. After that the suspect fled in an unknown direction and the victim got up and ran towards her house. The victim said that she has never seen anyone like that hanging around the neighborhood and wasn’t sure if she could recognize him again. The officers took images of the injuries and gave her a Marcy’s card and the forms to follow up. The officers advised the victim to contact Ingleside should she wish to follow up with the case. Report Number 120956983

6:20pm                 Unit blk Bonview                     Assault
 Officer Kabanuck and Castillo were dispatched to a report of an aggravated assault. Upon arrival they met with the victim who was extremely angry and combative. He said that he heard someone rummaging through his garage outside of his home. He said that he saw two subjects outside going through his neighbors recycling cans. He confronted them, telling them to leave before the suspects replied “What are you gonna do about it cracker?”. He said that one of the subjects made a phone call and a 3rd person came to help them. He said that after the 3rd one came that they took off their belts and proceeded to attack him. The victim stated that he got hit in the face by a belt before he grabbed a cane in order to defend himself. He also stated that he punched one of the suspects in the face. He then kept repeating that he hates that police and that they won’t do anything to help him. The victim was given the correct cards and forms before the officers tried to search the area, with negative results. Repot Number 120956955

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
12:10am          Admiral/Mission         Stolen Vehicle
12:25am          3300blk Mission          Malicious Mischief
12:50am          100blk Foote               Stolen Vehicle
  2:00am          300blk Arlington         Burglary
  4:52am          Mansell/Sunnydale      Traffic Collision
  7:15am          3100blk Mission          Malicious Mischief
10:27am          Mission/Foote             Traffic Collision
12:41pm          200blk Mission            Recovered Vehicle
  1:05pm          Mission/Persia             Traffic Collision
  5:58pm          Whittier/Cassandra     Traffic Collision
  6:00pm          San Jose/Geneva         Recovered Vehicle
  6:43pm          Andover/Crescent       Traffic Collision

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.