Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov. 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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4:30pm       Ankeny/Mill                          False Registration
Officers Tillan and Ng were on patrol when they came across and illegally parked vehicle at the intersection of Ankeny and Mill Street. The vehicle was blocking the wheelchair access to the sidewalk located on the Southwest corner. Officer Tillan went to issue a citation and noticed that someone was seated in the driver seat. Officer Tillan made contact with the driver and then ran the license plate and found out that the registration had been expired as of 10/2012, but was displaying a current 2013 registration tab, which had not been issued to the vehicle. The driver/owner of the vehicle said that the car came with the 2013 registration tab and could not provide any current registration documentation. Officer Tillan then seized the license plate, towed the vehicle for the violation and cited the owner and released him from the scene. Report Number 120959404.

4:30pm       100 Blk Elliot                       Auto Burglary
Officers Paras and Shugars responded to the 100 Blk of Elliot Street regarding a possible auto burglary in progress. The officers were told by dispatch that a male suspect and a female suspect were taking tires off of a White Honda Civic. Dispatch went on to provide a physical description on both suspects as well as a clothing description. Officers Naval and Morrow responded as well and was the first unit on scene when they saw two individuals, matching the description, walking away from a White Honda. Both officers immediately detained the suspects. Officer Naval then ran the license plate on the White Honda which revealed it to be a stolen vehicle. Officer Shugars spoke with the witness/caller who stated he was parking his truck when he noticed the two suspects drive up in the White Honda and attempted to park behind his truck. The two suspects then left and proceeded to park the vehicle around the corner. The witness kept watching them as the male passenger got out and took off the two wheels on the passenger side and replaced them with two smaller spare tires. The female suspect was helping as well. The male went around to the other side and began taking off the wheels on the driver’s side. The witness thought this was very suspicious and decided to call the police. Both suspects were then transported to Ingleside Station where it was revealed that the male suspect was actually on active parole. His parole agent was contacted and made aware of his extracurricular activities. Both suspects were booked accordingly and the vehicle returned to its rightful owner. Report Number 120959539.

Serious Incidents:
10:26pm     Mission/Highlander                Robbery
Officers Ma and Peregrina responded to a call of an attempted robbery that took place in the area of Mission and Highland Avenue. They met with the victim who said he was standing on the Northeast corner when he was approached by three suspects. One of the suspects asked him for $5.00 dollars. The victim looked at the suspects and told them he did not have any money and attempted to walk away. The same suspect asking for the money then grabbed his pants pockets searching for money or other property and without warning another suspect in the group punched him in the forehead. All three suspects then fled the area running down Mission Street. The victim refused medical treatment and said the suspects were not able to steal any of his property. Report Number 120960348.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  6:35am          800 Blk Vienna                       Recovered Vehicle
  7:59am          800 Blk Athens                       Recovered Vehicle
  8:47am          2800 Blk Alemany                  Recovered Vehicle
  8:59am          200 Blk Ellington                    Recovered Vehicle
12:00pm          1000 Blk Russia                     Theft
12:38pm          300 Blk Precita                      Recovered Vehicle
  1:00pm          Unit Blk Fratessa                    Fraud
  1:07pm          300 Blk Winding                    Recovered Vehicle
  3:30pm          700 Blk Peru                          Recovered Vehicle
  3:31pm          1000 Blk Excelsior                 Recovered Vehicle
  3:45pm          800 Blk Delano                      Stolen Vehicle
  4:20pm          Monterey/280 SB                  Traffic Collision
  4:35pm          100 Blk Elliot                         Recovered Vehicle
  7:30pm          300 Blk Judson                      Traffic Collision
  7:35pm          Diamond/Bosworth                Traffic Collision
  8:00pm          Unit Blk Zircon                      Stolen Vehicle
  9:00pm          Teddy/Delta                           Vandalism to Vehicle
10:30pm          Unit Blk Schwerin                  Theft
11:02pm          Russia/Prague                         Traffic Collision
Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report