Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 31st


2:57am       700 blk Huron              Resisting Arrest
Officers Jones and Baldovino were dispatched to Huron avenue to investigate a report that someone was attempting to break into cars. When they arrived they engaged with a suspect that meet the description. The Officers made two attempts to get the suspect to stop walking before he finally did and then began to cry. The suspect was obviously upset and the Officers could smell alcohol on his breath. When the Officers performed a pat search for weapons the suspect began threatening the Officers so he was placed under arrest for being drunk in public and resisting arrest. Report number 111043600

10:50am     100 blk Brookdale        Warrant Arrest
While Officers Sanchez and Curry were responding to a battery call they noticed a woman in the area walking down the street and bleeding from the mouth. The woman denied that she was hit by anyone. When Officers conducted a warrant check they discovered that she had a no bail for her arrest. The suspect was then arrested and transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 111044169

6:40pm       3300 blk Mission          Trespassing
Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to a business to investigate a person reported to be trespassing. After arriving on the scene the Officers meet with a security guard that had detained a suspect because she was not allowed in the store. The security guard informed the Officers that the suspect had been caught shoplifting several times and was told that she was no longer allowed in the store. The suspect admitted that she was aware that she was not allowed in the store. The Officers accepted the citizen’s arrest and issued the suspect a citation to appear in court and released him at the scene. Report number 111045082

11:40pm     Unit blk Oliver              Aggravated Assault
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were dispatched to Oliver St. because several citizens had called about a fight between a man and a woman. The Officers would find out later that the man was attempting to restrain the woman from further injuring him. The woman was extremely intoxicated and was upset about rent issues. This was the third time that the police were called to the residence that day. Both previous calls were regarding verbal arguments and were resolved and the suspect agreed to leave the residence and not return again until the next day. However the suspect had returned and the argument had turned physical. After separating the suspect and the victim the Officers were informed by the victim that when the suspect had returned to the residence they began to argue again and then the suspect began throwing items at him. The victim then grabbed the suspect and held her on the ground to prevent her from hurting him any further and yelled to the neighbors to call the police. The victim had moderate injuries and refused medical assistance. The suspect was at the scene when the officers arrived and was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 111045781

Other Incidents:

9:20am       100 blk Harvard           Malicious Mischief
Officer Kabanuck was dispatched to investigate a victim that reported their car was vandalized. When the Officer  arrived two other Officers had already made contact with the victim. The victim told the Officers that he believed that the husband of his friend damaged his truck because they did not get along. The Officers contacted the suspect and he admitted that he did damage the truck and agreed to pay for the damages. The victim did not want to press charges but only wanted to make sure that the suspect paid for the damages. Report number 111043939

12:00 pm    300 blk Banks               Burglary
Officer Callaghan was dispatched to a burglary incident. When the officer arrived at the residence the victims informed her that while they were on vacation their house had been broken into. Several items had been taken from various areas of their house but there was no sign of forced entry. The victims believe that someone had found the key to their house that was located in their garage that they often keep unlocked. They believe that it might have been one of their neighbors that they believe has been involved in several burglaries before. They were provided with follow-up information. Report number 120003493

3:17pm           Unit blk Brookdale   Robbery
Officers were dispatched to a Robbery on Brookdale where it was reported that a gun was used. When they arrived the victim told Officers that when she and her husband were making a delivery for her business she was robbed at gun point. The victim told Officers that she was outside her delivery van and three men came up to her and demanded all of her money. The victim was scared because they had a gun pointed at her so she reached in her pocket and gave all her money to them. They then ran off down the street. The victim was able to give descriptions of the suspects but the Officers could not find anyone in the area that matched the descriptions. Report number 111044636

5:15pm       600 Chenery                 Burglary
Community Police Services Aide Lee and Callaghan were dispatched to a burglary at a local business. When they arrived, they were informed by two civilians that they noticed the front gate was open and the one of the window panes on the door was smashed. When they walked into the store they noticed that the cash register was left open. They then called the police. The Kopsas were able to contact one of the employees and they agreed to come to the store and look around. The employee inspected the scene and told the Officers that about three hundred dollars was stolen. The CPSAs then processed the scene for fingerprints and took pictures of the damages. Report number 120001334

6:58pm       Unit blk Argonaut        Shooting
Officers Fung and Suguitan responded to a call that a stray bullet hit a residence. When they arrived, the victim informed Officers that he had heard a gunshot outside and then a loud thud on his front door. When the victim inspected it he noticed that a stray bullet had ricochet off his front gate and struck the landing wall of his door and then struck a window. The victim’s family was home at the time but luckily no one was injured. The Officers canvassed the area for any witnesses or suspects with negative results. Report number 111045151

9:00pm       200 blk Peru                 Theft
Police Service Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a theft case. the victim told the PSA that her car had been broken into while it was parked in front of her house. She did not find any sign of forced entry and does not know how anyone got into the car. Her social security card was stolen along with a few credit cards. The PSA provided her with identity theft information packet. Report number 120003772


12:22am          Mission/Virginia          Traffic Accident
10:40am          300 blk Murray           Traffic Accident
11:00am          100 blk Coso               Stolen Vehicle