Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, December, 27th 2011


2:00am                100 blk Bennington      Auto Theft Arrest
Early Tuesday morning Officers Padilla and Benavidez were dispatched to investigate two male suspects that were reported to be breaking into a van. When the officers arrived they observed one suspect in the passenger seat and another standing just outside the passenger side door. After Officer Padilla ordered the two suspects to step away from the van one of them immediately began sprinting down Bennington in the opposite direction. Officer Benavidez detained one suspect while Officer Padilla engaged in a foot chase after the fleeing suspect. Despite the suspect having a head start, Officer Padilla was able to catch up with him and while attempting to restrain the suspect they both went to the ground where a fight broke out. During the fight four other Officers from Ingleside arrived and assisted Officer Padilla in handcuffing the very violent suspect. Due to the intensity of the chase and the struggle to restrain the suspect, three Officers and the suspect received injuries. An ambulance was called for the suspect and Officer Padilla. The second suspect was taken back to Ingleside station and in a taped interview admitted that he had stolen the vehicle and then recruited the second suspect to help him sell the items inside the vehicle. This is  ****The Best Arrest of the Day**** Report number 111032302

3:11pm                100 blk Fairmount       Drug/Stolen Property Arrest
A concerned citizen called Police when they noticed a man acting suspiciously and carrying a duffel bag in and out of a residence on Fairmont St.  Officers Hurwitz, Rueca, and Elton were dispatched to the call and made contact with the witness who showed them the vehicle that the suspect put the duffle bag in. The witness did not recognize the suspect as someone who was from the area and believed that they had burglarized the residence. As the Officers were obtaining information from the witness the suspect emerged from the residence that was believed to have been burglarized and the Officers approached him. While the Officers were questioning the suspect they noticed that he was acting unusually nervous so they performed a pat search to ensure their safety. The suspect was asked to provide proof of his identification witch he said was inside the vehicle. The Officers searched the vehicle which had a very strong odor of marijuana and in plain view noticed a clear plastic bag containing marijuana. The Officers located several items witch they later learned to be stolen.  

The suspect told the Officers his father owned a home there. The Officers located the owner of the home who confirmed the suspect was his son but did not have permission to be on the property. The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside station. An arrest search located a clear plastic bag containing a white colored rock believed to be cocaine. The suspect was booked on conformation of a warrant and both narcotics ceased by the Officers. Sergeant Alvarez of Ingleside Special Investigation Team (SIT) took over the investigation and all evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  This is also  ****The Best Arrest of the Day**** Report number 111033877

Other Incidents:

12:46am              100 blk Andover           Fraud
Officer Pedersen responded to a complaint regarding fraudulent checks. The victim told Officer Pedersen that he had accepted a job and his employer immediately asked him to cash a check and send the money to another bank account. Acting in good faith the victim agreed to the transaction. However, the victim became suspicious after his employer asked him to cash another check for the same amount and repeat the process. Meanwhile the bank contacted the victim to notify him that his account had been frozen because of the previous bad check. The investigation to find the employer of the victim is pending. Report number 111033388

3:05am               900 blk Sunnydale       Malicious Mischief
Sergeant Daniels was dispatched early Tuesday morning to inspect a residence that recently had its window broken. The victim told Officer Daniels that he was abruptly woken when he heard a loud crashing noise in his living room. When the victim entered his living room he found that the front window had been smashed and a rock was on the floor. It was unknown to the victim who would have done this because he does not have any enemies. Photographs were taken of the damaged window but no witnesses or suspects were located. Report number111032352

4:00am                900 blk Rutland           Malicious Mischief
Officers Walsh and Altamirano were dispatched to investigate another broken window incident. The victim of the residence told the officers that when he woke up he noticed that his living room window had been broken during the night and a screw was on the floor around the broken glass. The victim also informed the Officers that his neighbors saw a male wearing all black leaving the area early that morning. Photographs were taken of the damage however the witnesses were not available to be interviewed. Report number 111033112

10:00am              Unit blk Goethe            Fraud        
While Officer Zabarte was on station duty the victim of credit card fraud came in to report the crime. The victim told Officer Zabarte that he recently noticed an outstanding charge for airplane tickets that had come from out of state. The victim called the credit card company and informed them that he had not made the purchase and he has no idea how someone got his card number because it had not been stolen. The credit card company issued him a new card and advised him to report the incident to the police. Officer Zabarte then gave the victim information on identity theft. Report number 111033253

11:35am              100 blk Bonview           Battery
Officers Wilson and Gomez were dispatched to a residence to investigate a female victim that had been assaulted by a male suspect. After interviewing the victim the Officers confirmed that the victim had been punched in the face with a closed fist by a known acquaintance during an argument. The suspect then fled the scene. The victim had only minor injuries and refused medical attention. The Officers went with the victim to where she believed the suspect lived and continued their search for the assailant. The roommate of the suspect allowed officers to search the residence but he was not found. The victim was transported back home but when Officers later tried to contact her for a statement she could not be reached. Report number 111033184

11:59am              300 blk Day                   Theft
While Officer Zabarte was assigned to station duty the victim of vehicle theft came in to report the crime. The victim told Officer Zabarte that during the night his vehicle was broken into and several items were stolen. The victim could not determine how anyone could gain entrance to his vehicle because he had locked it and there was no sign of forced entry. Officer Zabarte issued the victim the proper forms and informed him of the follow-up procedures. Report number 111032857

1:50pm                5800 blk Mission          Theft
Officer Padilla was dispatched to a residence on Huron where a woman found a purse that had been discarded in front of her house. Officer Padilla inspected the purse and found checks with an address leading him to another residence. Upon arriving at the residence Officer Padilla contacted the owner of the purse and she informed him that her locked vehicle had been broken into earlier in the day while it was parked on Mission Street. She did not contact police at that time because she wanted to make an online report later. The victim showed Officer Padilla her vehicle that had a smashed rear window but there were no surfaces that could be printed successfully for fingerprints. Photos were taken of the damage and the purse was returned to the victim. Report number 111033639

2:30pm                1500 Sunnydale            Vandalism
Officer Hopkins and three other Ingleside Officers were dispatched to a residence where a victim reported that her rear bedroom window had been broken while she was in her living room. As the victim entered the bedroom and looked out her window she observed a male suspect walking very quickly away from her residence. The victim did not personally witness the suspect break the window but believed he was responsible because of the way he was walking. The Officers did not find any other witnesses or suspects. Report number 111033548
6:15pm                 Unit blk Ocean             Vandalism
Officer Pedersen was dispatched to investigate vandalism. He meet with the repartee who told him that he locked and secured the premise and when he returned he noticed that the fence was damaged. He was unable to provide any further information and the Officer provided him with follow-up information. The Officer took pictures of the damages and was unable to locate any video footage in the area. Report number 111030710

7:00pm                500 blk Portola             Vandalism
Officer Goldsborough responded to the call of vandalism. He meet with the reportee  who told him that the premise was locked and secured and when he arrived for work noticed someone had gained access to the inside of the premise and vandalized it. The suspect was unable to provide to any further information and there was no other sign of forced entry to the premise. Report number 111034104

9:00pm                1200 blk Sunnydale     Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told Officer Peregrina that she locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned she found forced damage to her side door. She stated that several items were missing but was unable to provide any further information. Report number 111031928

10:00pm              100 blk Santa Rosa      Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that he locked and secured his truck and when he returned noticed the drivers’ door lock had been broken. He said that nothing was missing from the vehicle and does not believe entry had been made. He was provided with follow-up information. Report number 111035221

  2:57am          300 blk Laidley           Recovered Vehicle
12:32pm          Geneva/Brighton         Traffic Accident
  1:00pm          Unit blk Brentwood    Stolen Vehicle
  4:45pm          Hearst/ Gennessee       Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm          400 blk Madrid           Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm          Church/Dolores           Stolen Vehicle
  6:30pm          100 blk Vienna            Stolen Vehicle
  8:00pm          1100 blk Selby            Stolen Vehicle
  8:15pm          Sickles/Sears               Traffic Accident
11:50pm          Park/Holly Park           Traffic Accident
11:55pm          3400 blk Mission         Recovered Vehicle