Friday, December 30, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 28th, 2011


1:52am                5200 blk Mission                   Drug Arrest
While on patrol Officers Cassinelli and Hom noticed a man walking down the middle of the street. The Officers watched the suspect to see if he would get into a car but he never did. As the Officers approached the suspect and told him to stop but the suspect just turned away and walked faster. The Officers exited their patrol car to detain the suspect when he started running. As Officer Cassinelli grabbed the suspect he threw an object from his pocked. After safely detaining the suspect, the Officers recovered the discarded object to discover to confirm later that it was methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The suspect was arrested for drug possession and resisting arrest. Report number 111037948

2:15am                Randall/Chenery                   Robbery
While on patrol Officer Seavey witnessed two males running down the street, one appeared to be chasing the other. Officer Seavey stopped both of them and asked if they knew each other. The suspects said they did and then walked away. The Officer then witnessed one suspect throw items in the bushes along the sidewalk and then the other suspect jumped into the same bushes to recover the items. Officer Seavey then attempted to detain the suspects and one of them began to run. Because the Officer was working alone he was only able to apprehend the suspect that seemed to be the most suspicious and chose the one that was fleeing the scene. The Officer was able to detain the suspect even after the suspect showed substantial resistance. Officer Seavey was then able to locate the second suspect a few blocks away who turned out to be the victim. The victim told Officer Seavey that while they were sharing a cab the suspect stole his phone and then left the cab. While on the sidewalk the victim demanded his phone back and then the suspect pushed him to the ground and then took several other items from him. An ambulance then needed to be called for the suspect because while he was in the back seat of the patrol car he was smashing his head against the window. The suspect was arrested for robbery and resisting arrest. Report number 111035152

3:45pm                4500 blk Mission                   Drug Possession
Six Officers from Ingleside were sent to a residence to serve a search warrant for a male suspect. The officers knocked on the door and the suspect’s wife answered. After the Officers identified themselves they entered the residence and found the suspect in the living room. Both the suspect and his wife were detained without incident the Officers continued their investigation. During the search the Officers found several baggies that they believed to contain methamphetamine, a scale, and pipes. The suspect’s wife was released and the suspect was transported to Ingleside Station. The suspect later gave a statement and admitted that he sells methamphetamine. He was then arrested for drug sales and probation violation. Report number 111036752

4:45pm                300 blk Seneca                       Stay Away Order
Officers Carrasco and Burke were dispatched to a dispute between a landlord and tenant. Upon arriving the landlord advised Officers that she had restraining orders against the tenant and provided them with the documents confirming that. After properly identifying the suspect he was arrested for violation of a court order and transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 111037045

8:19pm                3700 blk Mission                    Warrant Arrest
While Officers Hauscarriague, Almaguer, and Hurwitz, were on patrol they witnessed a suspect throw trash on the ground. The suspect provided Officers with identification and dispatch performed a computer check on him. Officers then learned that there was a warrant for his arrest from Stockton, CA. The suspect was arrested and during a search the officers found a bag of marijuana in his pocket. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 111037534

Other Incidents:

12:00am              Holly Park/Appleton              Theft
Officers Kerlegan and Leong were dispatched to a reported auto theft. When Officers arrived on scene the victim told them his passenger seat window had been broken and a bag of clothing and several CDs were stolen. The victim found his bag of clothing 30 feet away and was told by neighbors that a group of juveniles were loitering around the car earlier. The victim was provided with a follow up form. Report number 111036780

10:00am              100 blk Edinbrugh                Theft
While Officer Heckenberg-Tongnozzi was working at Ingleside Station a victim came in to report that his vehicle was broken into and some of his property was stolen. The victim could not provide the Officer with any suspects who might have committed the crime. The victim was provided with follow up information. Report number 111035760

10:00am              1400 blk Visataction              Theft
Officers Muro and LaRocca responded to a landlord tenant dispute. After arriving on scene the tenant informed Officers that when he arrived home from a out of town trip, several boxes that his landlord allowed him to store in the garage had been put out on the street and were now empty. The landlord was not present and was not able to be reached for questioning. The victim was provided with a follow-up form. Report number 111032948

11:30am              500 blk Portola                      Theft
After Officer Morgante arrived on the scene of a theft call the victims informed him that the battery to their tractor had been stolen. The hood was lifted and cables had been disconnected. The master lock to the storage container where the tractor is kept was missing and the victims informed the Officer that other people that work there have keys to the container. There were no surfaces that could be dusted for fingerprints and the victims were provided with follow-up information. Report number 111036031

3:00pm                600 blk Edinburgh                Terrorist Threats
A landlord of a building on Edinburgh St. came into Ingleside Station to report that her previous tenant threatened to destroy her property because he has to wait so long for his deposit check. The victim also informed Flynn that the girlfriend of the suspect is scarred of him and wanted that to be documented. The Victim was provided with follow-up information. Report number 111037374

5:30pm                4600 blk Mission                   Theft
Officers Leong and Kerlegan were dispatched to a call regarding a theft at a local laundromat. After arriving the victim told Officers that while she was doing her laundry her purse was stolen. The victim witnessed several female suspects enter a vehicle parked in front of the building and drive away. The victim believed these suspects stole her purse and provided the Officers with descriptions of them. The victim was given follow-up information. Report number 111037302

6:45pm                100 blk Highland                   Threatening Calls
Officer Duffin arrived at a residence where a victim had called police about threatening phone calls being made to her. The victim told Officer Duffin that a woman that she knows had made several phone calls and threatened to physically harm her. The victim then called a friend who assured her that the suspect does not know where she lives. The victim gave Officer Duffin descriptions of the suspect but could not provide him with her address. Report number 111037459

8:00pm                Mission/Silver                     Malicious Mischief
Officer Morgante was dispatched to a report of vehicle vandalism. The victim told Officer Morgante that while she was driving down the street her window was smashed. She did not see how it happened but was frightened so she drove home and parked in the garage and then called police. There were no projectiles found in the car and no report of gunshots in the area. The victim was then given follow-up information. Report number 111035453


  1:00am          Diamond/Sussex         Traffic Accident
12:00pm          100 blk Porter             Stolen Vehicle
12:15 pm         Miguel/Bemis              Traffic Accident
  3:37pm          100 blk Duncan           Recovered Vehicle
  8:00pm          100 blk Burnside         Stolen Vehicle
  8:00pm          300 blk Ney                Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm          1600 blk Geneva         Stolen vehicle