Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, May 23rd  2011


4:15 pm     Bosworth/Chilton      Theft from Person
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were investigating a theft call. The victim told the officers that a known suspect had taken her phone from her car and fled. Several Ingleside units were assisting in the search for the suspect. The officers were contacted by officers Chan and Guzman advising them that they had a possible suspect detained. The officers responded to the location with the victim for identification of the suspect. The victim identified the suspect positively and he was taken into custody. The suspect still had the stolen cell phone in his pocket. The officers took the suspect to the station for booking and learned that the suspect was on probation for a drug arrest in San Mateo. The suspect was booked for the theft charges. Report number 110416756

5:16 pm     Edna/Havelock           Resisting Arrest
SFCCPD officer Burlyga was patrolling the CCSF campus when he noticed a subject peeking into a construction site that was closed the fact that the subject had no books, backpacks or anything that would suggest he was a student. Since there have been numerous burglaries at the site and the subject did not appear to be a student, the officers’ sense of alertness was heightened. When the subject saw the officer he began to walk away from him. The officers decided to talk to the subject but the subject made a turn and disappeared. The officer broadcast the information and description to other units in the area. Officer Flood radioed that he had located the subject. Both officer ordered the subject to stop and were ignored by the subject. The subject at one point told the officer that he did not need to stop for fake cops. The officers grabbed the suspects arm only for the suspect to pull away and resist their efforts to do their job. The suspect was eventually cuffed after a brief struggle. The officer later discovered that the suspect had prior arrests for resisting an officer. The suspect was booked at Ingleside station. Report number 110417296

7:00 pm     Geneva/Santos          Exhibiting Weapon
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were sent to investigate a female suspect waiving a tire iron at a person. The officers spoke to the victim and learned the following: the victim was waiting for a parking spot in a lot, when he located a car that was pulling out of a spot. The victim waited for a while then honked his horn to get the attention of the driver to ask if they were leaving. Instead the suspect came out of her car with the tire iron yelling and threatening the victim. The victim did not want any trouble and drove off.  The officers broadcast a description of the suspect and her car. Officers Chan and Guzman located the car and suspect, close by and pulled it over. The suspect began yelling profanities at the officers while still holding on to the tire iron. The officers were able to disarm the suspect without anyone being injured. The victim positively identified the suspect and she was placed under arrest and booked at Ingleside station. Report number 110417155. ******Best Arrest of the Day******

Other incidents:        

1:12 am     1990 blk Sunnydale  Robbery gun
Officers Morse and Kneuker were sent to investigate a robbery incident involving a taxi. The victim told the officers that he was dispatched to an address to pick up a fare. The victim told the officers that once at the address he waited for a few minutes then left when no one approached. The victim told the officers that after he left his dispatch contacted him again sending him back to the same location. The victim went back and as he waited outside a female came out and spoke to him. She asked him why he left the first time and for him to wait while she went back inside to get her shoes. When she went inside, a male masked suspect armed with a silver gun got into the back seat of the cab. The suspect placed the gun to the victims head and demanded the money, then hit him on the head with the gun. The victim handed the suspect $200. The suspect was not happy with the amount and told the victim to give him the rest of the money. The victim told the officers that a second suspect opened the driver side door of the taxi and riffled his pockets and removed another $20. The victim decided that if he was going to get shot it might as well be while he is getting away. The victim hit the gas and as he was driving off the suspect at the front door was knocked to the ground and the one in the back seat lost his balance. Both suspects then fled. The victim was not injured. Report number 110 414866

9:00 am     1600 blk Church        Burglary
Officers Curry and Sanchez were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that he left his home securing it. The victim was called by his daughter-in-law and advised that his bikes were missing from the garage. The garage was the only area that was accessed. Report number 110415610

6:17 pm     800 blk Ellsworth       Battery
Officers Curry and Sanchez were sent to investigate a battery incident. The victim told the officers that a known suspect and she became involved in a verbal argument that led to the suspect pushing and scratching the victim. The suspect was asked to leave and she did. The victim received small scratches and did not need medical assistance. Report number 110415256

9:30 am     100 blk Bemis             Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry were sent to investigate a burglary incident. the victim told the officers that he noticed that his PS3 and games were missing from his room along with his stereo system. The victim told the officers that the reason he did not report this sooner was because he did not notice the items missing and there was no damage to any door or window. The victim also told the officers that he has since cleaned the house. Report number 110415472

12:00 pm Unit blk Bonview        Theft/Building
Officers Thompson and Altamirano were sent to investigate a theft case. The officers spoke to the victim and learned that the victim left his home and discovered his computer missing when he came back. There was no point of entry and no physical evidence. CSI was not notified. Report number 110416000

1:30 pm     400 blk Madrid            Hot prowl Burglary
Reserve officer Banta and Officer Frisk were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that she was at biome in bed and had left her window open about 6 inches. The victim woke up to find 2 suspects trying to get in her home through the window. The suspects were spooked, jumped down and fled the area. The area was searched by numerous Ingleside unit, but could not locate them. Report number 110415535


  9:00 am        3400 blk Cesar Chavez      Stolen Auto
10:40 am       400 blk Paris                         Recovered Auto
  3:18 pm        Mission/Whipple                  Traffic Accident
  4:00 pm        Unit blk Dublin                     Stolen Auto
  6:48 pm        200 blk Judson                    Stolen Auto
10:18 pm       100 blk Gladstone               Recovered Auto