Friday, February 25, 2011


Incident Date:

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

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1:34 pm     Valley/Castro              Warrant Arrest
Officers Rueca and Almaguer responded to locate two suspects that had outstanding warrants. The officers arrived to a location where the suspects frequent and knocked on the door. The door opened and it was one of the suspects. The officers placed him under arrest and asked him if there was anyone else with him. The suspect answered by saying my girlfriend, can we tell her I’m going to jail? The offices complied; little did the suspect know that the officers knew that his girlfriend was the other suspect with the warrant! Both suspects were pronounced under arrested on their respective warrants. Report number 110162388

Other incidents:

4:52 am     300 blk Precita           Vandalism
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were on patrol when they noticed a car with the rear window smashed. The officers attempted to contact the owner by phone but were not successful. The officers secured the car and left a note for the owner. A report was generated. Report number110161330    

6:00 am     1800 blk Geneva        Burglary
Officers Pai and Araujo were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The property managers showed the officers where someone had gotten into the building and pried mailboxes and doors open.  The suspect was cut and left blood and possible usable prints. CSI was notified and will respond to process the scene.

11:00 am   50 Phelan                  Theft
SFCCPD Officer Hakes prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the officer that he placed his things in a locker in the men’s locker room and locked it. When he came back from swimming he discovered that someone had removed his property from his locker. The lock was not damaged. Report number 110162190

11:12 am   200 blk 30th St         Trespassing     
Officer Curry was sent to investigate a trespasser. The victim told the officer that there was a person on the property that did not have permission to be there. When the suspect realized that the victim was calling police he fled. The officer searched the area and could not find the suspect. Report number 110159084

12:00 pm 600 blk Campbell       Fraud
Officer Pedersen was sent to investigate a fraud case. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect has been withdrawing money from her account. The victim noticed when her account was at two cents. Report number 110162297

5:30 pm     100 blk Santa Rosa   Vandalism
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding vandalism. The victim told the PSA that he parked and locked his car and discovered that an unknown suspect had broken his window. Report number 110159078

5:37 pm     4900 blk Mission        Threats
Officers Leong and Benavidez were sent to investigate a threats incident. The victim told the officers that while working a suspect became angry at him because of a language barrier. The suspect threatened to come back and harm the victim. Report number 110163392

6:00 pm     100 blk Beacon          Burglary
Officers Rand and Muro were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that he had his car parked in the garage of his home. The victim told the officers that he was leaving in the morning and noticed that his garage door was open and that someone had tampered with his vehicle. No suspects were observed. Report number 110161465

8:18 pm     400 blk Silver              Robbery/Gun
Officers Gomez and Androvich were sent to investigate a robbery call. the victim told the officers that a lone suspect entered his store and pointed a gun at him. The suspect asked for the money and made the victim get down on the ground. The suspect emptied the cash register and the victims’ pockets. The loss was $600. The suspect fled the scene. Report number 110163734

10:00 pm 400 blk Argonaut       Theft from Auto
Officers Hornstein and Goldsborough were sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officers that he lock his car when he parked his car. The victim told the officers that an unknown suspect broke in and removed his property. Report number 110161948

11:00 pm  200 blk Murray            Theft from Auto
Officers Barcena was sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officer that she parked and locked her car only to discover that an unknown suspect had removed her stereo and damaged the interior of the car. There were no suspects observed. Report number 110158309

Vehicle Incidents: 

  8:50 am       300 blk Franconia               Stolen Auto
  9:00 am        50 Phelan                             Hit & Run Accident
  2:51 pm        Ellsworth/Alemany               Hit & Run Accident
10:15 am       200 blk Ripley                       Recovered Auto
  4:30 pm       200 blk Sanchez                  Stolen Auto
11:50 pm       Silver/Mission                        Traffic Accident