Thursday, February 24, 2011


Incident Date:

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


11:04 pm Mission/Silver             Drug Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Tam and Daggett were on patrol in an undercover capacity. The observed a male and female subject in a verbal argument that in its self is not against the law, but the female was holding an open bottle of wine. The officers stopped to make sure everything was ok. The female subject started to run when she saw the officers get out of the car. She was caught immediately. The officers conducted a warrants check and discovered that the female had a search condition as a result of her probation. Officer Hurwitz conducted a probation search and found a glass pipe and methamphetamines. The drugs were tested and were positive for methamphetamines. The female was arrested and booked on drug charges and a note sent to her probation officer. Report number 110160990

Other incidents:

5:30 am     Russia/La Grande     Found Property
Officer Najarro was sent to investigate a call regarding medical supplies that were found in the park. The officer located the boxes in the park. The boxes were filled with HIV test kits that had been stolen in San Jose earlier in the morning. The officer was able to find out where they had been stolen from and that there was a police report in San Jose. The company that shipped the boxes was notified as well as the San Jose Police Department. Report number 110158664

8:30 am     Duncan/Church                   Burglary
Officer Gomez was sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officer that she left home and locked her doors. The officer learned that when the victim came home she discovered her laptop and jewelry missing. The victim told the officer that her room mates’ laptop was also gone. The officer contacted CSI that will be responding later to process the crime scene. Report number 11016091     

1:00 pm     700 blk Cayuga          Vandalism
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim came to Ingleside Station to make this report. The victim told the PSA that he was going to move his car when his neighbor told him that someone had panted the side of his car. The PSA took photos and booked them as evidence. No suspects were seen. Report number 110159868

1:50 pm     600 blk Holly Park      Assault
Officer McMilton prepared a report regarding an assault that took place on school grounds. The Vitim told the officer that she was attempting to separate subjects involved in a fight and was struck on the face by one of them. Report number 110159313

7:54 pm     Silver/Mission             Battery
Officers Shugars and Castillo were dispatched to investigate a battery that had occurred recently. The victim told the officers that he was at the bus stop listening to music on his cell phone. the victim told the officers that three suspects walked up to him and surrounded him. The suspects then began to punch him for no reason. The suspects knocked him to the ground and continued beating him until a passerby intervened. The suspects then began to beat the other victim and eventually stopped and fled the scene. Report number 110543289

9:18 pm     100 blk Roanoke        Robbery
Officer Contreras responded to investigate a robbery that had just occurred. The victim told the officer that while walking from the Glen Park BART station two suspects followed him and approached him from behind. The suspect grabbed him and held an object to his head. The victim thought it was a gun. The suspect demanded the victim to give them everything, and then forcefully took his suit case. The suspects then fled with the property. A witness called and told officers that he observed suspects going through a suitcase and then throw it out of the car they were in. the on call inspector was notified and is handling the case. Report number 110160796   

Vehicle Incidents: 

  9:00 am        Prague/Rolph                       Traffic Accident
11:30 am       Harold/Ocean                       Traffic Accident
12:00 pm       1100 blk Duncan                 Recovered Auto
  9:53 pm        800 blk France                     Recovered Auto