Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Incident Date:
Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


12:39 pm                   Valencia/Cesar Chavez                Poss. Narcotics Paraphernalia
Officer Pedersen and Officer Murphy were on patrol when they saw a man driving while using a cell phone. They stopped the man, who had a suspended license. They also saw that there was a "crack pipe" inside the car as well. The man was charged with several traffic violations and possession of narcotics paraphernalia. His car was also towed. Report number 100901516

12:55 am                   3300 blk Mission                             Battery/Public Intoxication
Officer Hom and Officer Aslam responded to the report of a fight at a bar. The victim, a security guard at the bar, had been assaulted by a patron. The suspect had been acting aggressive toward other customers and tried to fight the victim when he was asked to leave. The man was arrested for battery and being drunk in public. Report number 100903534

Other incidents:                    

10:05 am                   300 blk Naglee                                Graffiti
Officer Rosiak and Officer Smethurst responded to the report of vandalism. They were met by a Park and Recreation employee who reported that he arrived at work at Cayuga Park to find that someone had spray-painted the park building. Report number 100900938

10:00 am            Unit blk Gladstone                         Burglary,Residence,Unlawful
Officers Martinez and Curry responded to a residence where a victim reported that someone had burglarized the home.  The victim told the officer that she observed a black vehicle leaving her driveway as she approached her home.  She did not recognize the vehicle or the Hispanic male driver.  She entered her home and found that entry had been made through a rear sliding window and that numerous electronics and jewelry were stolen from the house.  Report number 100900988

11:40 am          1900 blk Sunnydale                      Burglary,Residence,Unlawful
Officers Sugitan and Chang responded to a burglary call.  A victim reported to the officers that she left a second story window open for ventilation and returned home to find that someone had entered through the window and an MP3 player and items of clothing were stolen.  Report number 100901271

03:54 pm                   200 blk Ocean                                 Battery/ Detention
Officer McMilton with Officers Polovina and Ocreto responded to a fight between juveniles call on a Muni Bus.  The officers met with the caller who had witnessed the altercation and showed the officers video of the event.  The officers had detained one juvenile who was initially thought to have been involved and upon reviewing the video, determined that he was not involved in the batter.  The suspect and victim were not at the scene.  Report number 100902025

04:10 pm                   100 blk Foote                                   Threats
Officer Kneuker met with a victim who told him that her neighbor threatened harm to her for having vehicles towed that were blocking her driveway.  The victim was fearful for her safety.  Report number 100902677

04:40 pm                   5000 blk Mission                             Theft, Shoplifting
A Hispanic male, 20-30years old, 5’7, 185 lbs, entered a gas station mini-mart and stole three pairs of sunglasses.  The suspect left the store and returned a short while later and stole four more pairs of sunglasses.  The clerk, working alone, did not confront the suspect and called for the police.  Officers Reyes and Curry responded and searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  Report number 100902304

Vehicle Incidents:

02:00 am                   Unit blk Faxon                                  Stolen Motorcycle
02:40 am                   College/Mission                               Traffic Collision H/R
09:00 am                   San Jose/Liebig                               Unlicensed Driver
10:18 am                   3000 blk Harrison                            Recovered Auto
11:05 am                   100 blk Cuvier                                  Recovered Auto
04:00 pm                   400 blk Silver                                    Stolen Auto
06:13 pm                   500 blk Raymond                            Recovered Auto
07:45 pm                   Unit blk Cotter                                  Stolen Auto
09:00 pm                   Unit blk Edna                                   Stolen License Plates
09:40 pm                   Geneva/I280                                    Traffic Collision H/R
11:00 pm                   100 blk College                                Stolen Auto