Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, September 27th, 2010


08:01 am                   Jarboe/Ellsworth                Court Order Violation
Officer Reyes and Officer Altamirano were on patrol when they saw a man who was wanted from a previous police report. The man had broken into his parents house and stole their phone when they tried to call police. The suspect had a court order which stated that he was to stay away from his parent’s home. The man was arrested. Report number 100896779

06:39 pm                   Unit blk Persia                                 Graffiti Arrest
Officer Gonzales and Officer Archilla were on patrol when they saw a man place graffiti on a newspaper rack. When the officers stopped to talk with the man, he took off running. The suspect was caught after a foot pursuit and arrested. He was charged with vandalism and resisting arrest. Report number 100899206

06:40 pm                   1500 blk San Jose              Drug Arrest
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle. The officers found two men inside the vehicle, and saw that they were in possession of heroin and hypodermic syringes. The men were arrested for narcotics related charges including possession of heroin and narcotics paraphernalia. Report number 100899240

Other incidents:                    

08:00 am                   1400 blk Holyoke                            Theft, False Pretenses
A man responded to a puppy for sale advertisement on the internet and sent money to an address in Africa via Western Union.  The seller contacted the victim and asked for more money or the dog would not be sent.  Believing he was being scammed the victim made a complaint with Western Union who advised the the sent money had already been claimed.  PSA Zabarte completed the incident report.  Report number 100897476

08:30 am                   600 blk Edinburgh                         Theft from Locked Auto
A man responded to Ingleside Station and reported to PSA Zabarte that his locked vehicle had been entered and items of personal property were stolen.  There were no signs of a forced entry into the vehicle.  Report number 100897062

09:00 am                   500 blk Huron                                  False Personation
A woman responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Zabarte that someone had opened a Target account in her name without her knowledge or permission.  The account had been charged up over $1,500.  She was advised by the retailer to file a police report.  Report number 100897987

Vehicle Incidents:

01:56 am                   Schwerin/Garrison                          Unlicensed Driver
08:27 am                   3100 blk San Jose                           Traffic Collision
09:24 am                   200 blk Seneca                                Recovered Auto
01:16 am                   300 blk Delta                                     Recovered Auto
02:22 pm                   900 blk Dartmouth                           Traffic Collision
02:35 pm                   Crescent/Folsom                             Suspended Driver
02:50 pm                   Vienna/Italy                                       Suspended Driver
03:20 pm                   Navajo/Delano                                 Traffic Collision H/R
08:20 pm                   San Juan/Capistrano                      Stolen Auto
09:07 pm                   Ocean/Alemany                               Traffic Collision
09:40 pm                   Mission/Randall                               Unlicensed Driver
11:20 pm                   Mission/Trumbull                             Suspended Driver