Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jul. 29, 2017

Incident Date:
Saturday, July 29th, 2017

The August community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon.  We hope to see you all there!



12:53pm                        Carter St/Geneva Ave                      DUI
Drunk drivers can be a dangerous to themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians.  Officers Smith and Peralta were on patrol when they spotted an older model vehicle without license plates. The officers pulled the car over and made contact with the driver who immediately told them that his driver’s license was suspended.  As the officers talked with the driver, they noticed that his speech was slurred and that his breath smelled strongly of alcohol.  The driver admitted to consuming some alcohol prior to driving.  After administering field sobriety tests, the driver’s blood alcohol level was tested on scene and he was found to be well over the legal limit.  In addition, the driver was in possession of cocaine.  The officers arrested him and booked him on several charges.  Report 170616563

10:20pm                        4600 blk Mission St                         Warrant
Officers Barajas, Archilla, and Lee made a great arrest on Saturday night.  The three officers were working in a plain clothes capacity patrolling the 4600 block of Mission Street when they spotted a suspect know to them from prior police contacts.  They knew that this particular suspect was wanted on two no bail felony warrants for robbery and vehicle theft.  They detained the suspect with no incident and took him into custody.  Report 160600009

Serious Incidents:

8:01am                          Mission St/Silver Ave                       Robbery
MUNI contacted dispatch regarding a robbery.  Officer Chang responded to the scene and found the victim.  The victim was distraught as he told his story to the officer.  The victim said that he boarded the bus at 16th and Mission so he could catch a ride to work.  He decided to sit in the back of the bus and noticed a male and a female that he knew from a prior school they all attended.  The male suspect got up out of his seat and sat down next to the victim.  He asked the victim where he was from and then pulled out a knife.  The male suspect demanded the victim’s cell phone.  The suspect reached into the victim’s pant pocket and took the cell phone out.  The male suspect then punched the victim in the mouth and fled off the bus with his female counterpart.  A witness spotted the two boarding another MUNI bus headed towards City College.  Medics arrived on scene and transported the victim to SFGH for treatment.  Report 170615957

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

7:00am                        5800 blk Mission St                          Stolen vehicle
7:20am                        Burrows St/Peru                               Theft from vehicle
10:50am                      5100 blk Mission St                         Burglary
11:00am                      Holly Park Cir/Appleton Ave           Theft from vehicle
11:06am                      2500 blk Alemany Bl                       Traffic collision          
12:30pm                      Cortland Ave/Banks St                     Theft from vehicle
2:20pm                        Bernal Heights/Anderson St             Vandalism
3:00pm                        Samoset St/Peralta Ave                     Theft of license plate
3:00pm                        Staples St/Foerster St                        Vandalism      
5:00pm                        1800 blk Alemany Bl                        Stolen vehicle
7:02pm                        Dublin St/Persia St                            Traffic collision                      
7:15pm                        San Jose Ave/Shawnee Ave               Theft from vehicle