Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jul. 30, 2017

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 30th, 2017

The August community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon.  We hope to see you all there!



8:09pm                          200 blk Judson Ave                         BB Gun
Officers Archilla and Lee were driving near an address that has had multiple drug sales and other illegal activity occur on numerous occasions in the past.  The officers noticed one individual sitting in a vehicle and the other standing on the sidewalk talking to the man in the car.  When the officers approached, the man in the vehicle exited. This man was on felony probation, so the officers conducted a probation search of his vehicle.  Under the front passenger seat, they found a black handgun.  The man was taken into custody and transported to Ingleside station.  Upon closer look of the handgun, the officers realized that the gun was actually a BB gun that was missing the red tip to make the gun appear real.  The suspect was cited and released from the station.  Report 170620144

Serious Incidents:

There are no serious incidents to report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

9:40am                        100 blk Ney St                                    Theft from vehicle
11:00am                      3700 blk Folsom St                             Theft
1:02pm                        Velasco Ave/Castillo St                       No driver’s license
1:41pm                        Mission St/Excelsior Ave                    No driver’s license
4:17pm                        3400 blk Folsom St                             Theft from vehicle
4:40pm                        900 blk Goettingen St                         Threats
4:40pm                        Mission St/Mt. Vernon Ave                Hit & run collision
7:15pm                        Unit blk Ellsworth St                          Battery
8:39pm                        Unit blk Cross St                                Vandalism

11:15pm                      5200 blk Diamond Hgts Blvd            Theft from vehicle