Monday, July 31, 2017

Jul. 28, 2017

Incident Date:
Friday, July 28th, 2017

The August community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon.  We hope to see you all there!


12:20pm              Unit blk Teddy Ave                         Vandalism
Since parking is so tight in San Francisco, a suspect decided to take it upon himself to create more parking.  Officers Chang and Elliston arrived to find the suspect lying on sidewalk in front of his house.  He was using an electric saw to smooth out the nub of where a metal sign pole had been.  Leaning nearby was the pole with a “no parking” sign attached.  The officers asked the suspect what he was doing and he admitted to cutting down the sign so that he could park in front of his house.  Because of the value of the street sign, the suspect was taken into custody for felony vandalism.  Report 170613672

12:30pm              4900 blk Mission St                         Fraud
Officers Aros, Vong, Paras, and Grabbe were dispatched to a report of a suspect fraudulently cashing a check. As the officers arrived, they were flagged down by the victim who told the officers he was notified that a suspect was attempting to cash a check with the victim’s phone number on it.  Luckily, the business had contacted the victim to ask if he had written the check.  The victim told the officers that his briefcase had been stolen a week prior, which contained checks belonging to the victim.  The victim had been provided with a description of the suspect, which he passed onto the officers.  The officers entered the business and immediately spotted a suspect that matched the description.  They detained the suspect.  The manager of the business told the officers that the suspect had cashed a check the day prior successfully.  She told the officers that when the suspect returned the second time, she grew suspicious because the signature differed from the first check, although allegedly from the same person.  That is when she decided to contact the number on the check and called the victim.  The suspect was arrested and booked on several felony charges.  Report 170614238

1:24pm                300 blk Judson Ave                         Hot Prowl
Disptach reported a hot prowl burglary in progress.  Officers Smith, Peralta, Trujillo, and Thompson responded.  The victim told the officers that he was home in his room when he heard a loud noise.  Suddenly, his door was kicked open and three suspects entered.  They screamed, “Where’s the money?”  The victim told the suspects that he didn’t have any money.  But the suspects only grew angry and one of them slapped the victim and grabbed his neck.  The suspect dragged him into his parents’ bedroom and shoved him onto the bed as he continued to demand money.  The suspects raided the bedrooms and made off with several items, including a safe, cash, and jewelry.  The victim was slapped multiple times during the incident and sustained minor injuries to his face.  Report 170613898

4:30pm                Ocean/Cayuga Ave                          Robbery
A victim came to Ingleside station to report an attempted robbery.  He told Officer Naval that he had been walking with his girlfriend when a suspect approached them from behind.  The suspect reached into the victim’s side pocket and demanded the victim’s cell phone.  Luckily, the victim had his cell phone secured in his front pocket.  The suspect demanded the victim’s cell phone.  The victim grabbed the suspect’s arm and pushed it away from his pocket.  A brief struggle ensued between the two but the suspect eventually fled without the cell phone.  Report 170614006

6:43pm                300 blk Ordway St                          Assault
An emergency call came in with a caller screaming into the phone.  Officers Quinlan and Siracusa responded to conduct a well being check with the address associated with the caller.  When they arrived, they knocked on the front gate but received no answer.  The officers then noticed a small child peering out of an upstairs window waving at the officers.  The officers called to the child to open the door.  A few moments later, a woman came to the window and threw door keys to the officers.  The officers were able to gain entry using these keys.  As they walked to the residence, they saw a table engulfed in flames.  Officer Quinlan ran to the patrol car and retrieved the fire extinguisher as he summoned the fire department to the scene.  Meanwhile, Officer Siracusa detained a suspect inside the residence.  Once the fire was extinguished, the officers located the woman who had thrown them the keys.  The woman told the officers that she was home with her child when the suspect entered the residence through an open sliding glass door.  He demanded to know the whereabouts of an individual who did not live in the residence.  The suspect became irate, grabbed the victim by her hair and dragged her to an adjacent room.  He then grabbed the victim by her wrist until the suspect slipped and fell, letting go of her.  The victim was able to flee towards her bedroom, where her son was.  As she went to close the bedroom door, she saw the suspect coming towards her with a knife, screaming that he was going to kill her.  The victim was able to close the door and barricade herself and her son in the room until the police arrived.  While in the room, she could hear the suspect yelling that he was going to burn the house down. The suspect was booked on numerous felony charges.  Report 170614846

Serious Incidents:

4:30pm                900 blk Geneva Ave                        Robbery
Officers Camarra and Chan were notified of an assault victim at SFGH.  The officers responded to the hospital to meet with the victim.  She told them that she exited the 8x Muni bus when a suspect approached her holding a metal pipe.  The suspect threatened the victim and struck her in the face with the pipe.  The victim fought back, hitting the suspect several times with her fists.  Suddenly, four more suspects jumped into the fray and began punching the victim.  The fight went on for a couple of minutes until the victim handed over her purse.  The victim turned to walk away when she was suddenly struck in the back of the head by what she believed was the metal pipe.  The victim lost consciousness but when she came to, called herself an ambulance and was transported to the hospital.  All five suspects fled the scene.  Report 170613785

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:45am                      500 blk Campbell Ave                                    Theft from vehicle
4:00am                        Guerrero/Duncan St                                        Vandalism
6:30am                        100 blk Prospect Ave                                      Stolen vehicle
8:30am                        5200 blk Diamond Heights Blvd                    Vandalism
9:00am                        Guerrero/Duncan St                                        Vandalism
11:10am                      Mission St/Persia Ave                                     Vehicle collision
11:59am                      Alemany Blvd/Naglee Ave                             Vehicle collision
12:00pm                      5200 blk Mission St                                        Fraud
12:30pm                      4900 blk Mission St                                        Fraud
12:43pm                      600 blk Los Palmos Dr                                   Burglary
1:24pm                        300 blk Judson Ave                                         Burglary
3:00pm                        600 blk France Ave                                         Vandalism
5:05pm                        200 blk Rutledge St                                         Assault
9:15pm                        4400 blk Mission St                                        Theft from vehicle