Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mar. 1, 2017

        Incident Date:
                           Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the San Francisco Police Academy Community room located at 350 Amber Drive on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting. All are welcome to attend.

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7:11pm       San Jose & Randall                    D.U.I
Ingleside Officers Garza and Salazar were dispatched to a report of a vehicle stuck on the Muni streetcar tracks near San Jose and Randall Streets. When they arrived they found a 15 year old Toyota RAV4 immobile with the driver outside and a MUNI inspector standing nearby. The officers quickly noticed the driver had bloodshot eyes, a sweaty face, and the strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He admitted not having a valid driver’s license. The driver agreed to take a roadside sobriety test and failed all the measurements. He was transported to Mission Station where he performed a breath alcohol test. The results were almost four times the legal limit. The suspect was transported to the county jail and booked for DUI and driving without a license. Report number: 170172929

10:15pm     Unit Blk. Teddy                          Firearm
Ingleside Sergeants Dunne and Fegan, along with more than a dozen other officers went to a home on Teddy looking for a suspect wanted for two “no bail” warrants out of Napa County for failing to appear at a court hearing and for narcotics violations. The officers found several people inside the home and several packages of methamphetamine and marijuana. They also found a loaded firearm under a mattress. The narcotics and firearm were seized as was the suspect who was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station for booking. Report number: 170173444

Serious Incidents:

1:40am       Unit Blk. of 29th Street              Weapon
A dispute inside a tavern prompted witnesses to call police. The callers said there was a man with a knife threatening other patrons. Ingleside Officers Hermosura and Dilag arrived and found the suspect outside the business pinned to the ground by witnesses. The officers found a folding knife on the suspect and witnesses told the officers the suspect accused fellow patrons of stealing his keys. The dispute went outside and the suspect took out a knife and waved it at other patrons. He was finally subdued when police arrived. The officers cited the suspect and notified the Ingleside Station Investigative Team for possible additional charges. Report number: 170170359

1:30pm       1200 Blk. Alemany                      Hot Prowl Burglary
An elderly and disabled man flagged down his son when he returned home and pointed out an unknown woman exiting their garage. The son told Ingleside Officers Ocreto and Luiz he and his father tried to stop the burglar from fleeing but were unable to accomplish that feat. The suspect first tried to scale a backyard fence. When she couldn’t, she struck the father with a metal pipe and fled out the garage door. The officers summoned medical help to treat the victim. The victims were not able to determine if the thief stole any items from the home. Report number: 170172076

7:00pm       2600 Blk. Diamond                     Hot Prowl Burglary
A child leaving her home for school noticed her home’s garage door open. She told her dad who called police. The victims told Ingleside Officers Paras and Foltz that the door was closed at 7pm the evening before. The homeowner said two bicycles along with various items from inside a car parked in the garage were missing. The officers believe the thieves entered and exited through the garage door sometime between the hours of 7pm at night and 7am the next morning. Report number: 170181657   

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

06:38am           Diamond Heights/Gold Mine               Traffic Violation Arrest
07:42am           400 Blk Alpha                                       Recovered Vehicle
11:00am           100 Blk Trumbull                                  Burglary
12:39pm           Geneva/San Jose                                   Vandalism to Vehicle
01:57pm           Alemany/Industrial                               Recovered Vehicle
03:30pm           Unit Blk Prospect                                  Recovered Vehicle
03:57pm           200 Blk Day                                          Theft
05:24pm           Stoneybrook/Trumbull                          Vandalism to Property
06:00pm           Unit Blk Harper                                     Stolen Vehicle
06:25pm           Mission/Persia                                       Traffic Violation Arrest
06:50pm           2900 Blk Alemany                                Theft from Vehicle
09:30pm           Unit Blk Niagara                                   Theft from Vehicle
11:30pm           Raymond/Delta                                      Battery