Friday, April 3, 2015

Mar. 28, 2015

       Incident Date:
                            Saturday, March 28th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on April 21, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.


1:25am       Mission/Bosworth                  Robbery with Force
A Muni passenger sitting in the bus was punched and robbed of his belongings. The victim told Ingleside Officer Dilag and Hermosura that a teenage female passenger punched him in the head several times while yelling, “Give me your f…..g money”. The suspect then reached in the victim’s pocket took $80 from his wallet and his social security card, dropped the wallet and ran off the bus. Meanwhile, Ingleside Officers Franceschi and Hardy found the suspect a few blocks away and placed her in custody. The victim along with the bus driver identified her as the young woman who robbed the passenger. She was taken to Juvenile Hall and booked for robbery. Case number: 1502725511

7:30pm       1200 Blk Brussels                  Hot Prowl Burglary
A woman burglar with a long criminal record was arrested after breaking into a home. The victim told Ingleside Officers Watts and Calupad that he was in his room when he heard a noise coming from the backyard. He heard a window opening that leads to the living area of the home. When he went to investigate, he found a woman standing in a downstairs room holding three boxes of Air Jordan shoes. The resident yelled, “What are you doing here”. The burglar didn’t respond but instead ran to the other end of the room to escape but there was no exit. She dropped the shoes, and attempted to get out of the home the same way she came in, through a window. However, the homeowner blocked her way and struggled with the suspect to keep the window closed. The suspect pleaded with the resident to let her go, saying, “I’ll give you thirty bucks. If the cops catch me, I’ll go away forever”. She finally overcame the resident’s resistance, and pushed open the window escaping to the backyard and over a fence into the street, leaving one of her shoes on the floor. The police were called and besides Watts and Calupad, several other Ingleside units scoured the neighborhood looking for the suspect. It didn’t take long for Ingleside Officers Hart, Phillips and Sgt. Martin to find the one shoed suspect about a block away. A records check revealed she was on active parole for burglary. She also had a no bail warrant for burglary out of San Francisco. She was taken to the County Jail and booked for yet another crime of burglary, leaving the officers to paraphrase famed defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, “If the shoe fits you might convict.” Report number: 150274921

Serious Incidents:

4:30am       Mission/Precita                        Robbery w/force
 A man walking home was brutally attacked by five robbers. The victim told Ingleside Officers Carew and Stark that while walking near Mission and Precita he was suddenly pushed to the ground from behind by four men and a woman. All five began viciously kicking and punching him before removing his backpack and wallet and escaping. The loss was IPhone, IPad, and a wallet. The visibly shaken victim said he had tracking software on his stolen phone which showed the IPhone in the vicinity of 16th and Mission. Other officers traveled to the area and were unsuccessful in locating the phone or the suspects. Report number: 150272834

6:45pm       Geneva/Naples                       Aggravated Assault
Two motorists lined up to buy gas were involved in a dispute that turned violent. The victim told Ingleside Officer Shugars and Paras that he was inching in a line toward one of the gas pumps when another driver tried to cut in line. Both drivers got out of their vehicles to argue but one of the drivers, the one who tried to cut in line, pulled out a canister of pepper spray and sprayed into the face of the first driver. The suspect fled the area and the injured driver refused medical attention. Report number: 150274818

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:30am           300 Blk London                        Stolen Vehicle
01:43am           Benton/Genebern                      Warrant Arrest
09:48am           300 Blk Havelock                     Recovered Vehicle
11:35am           Lisbon/Geneva                          Warrant Arrest
11:40am           Unit Blk Staples                        Warrant Arrest
01:57pm           Bosworth/Diamond                   Traffic Collision
03:10pm           2700 Blk Diamond                   Theft from Vehicle
05:00pm           1600 Blk Florida                       Burglary
07:00pm           700 Blk Madrid                         Stolen Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.