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Apr. 7, 2015

       Incident Date:
                            Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
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2:46pm        1900 Blk Alemany                Theft/Assault
As the victim was rounding the corner after leaving a local grocery store, he witnessed his own vehicle being broken into.  Alarmed and angry, the victim ran up to the vehicle and observed that his vehicle had been rummaged through and had appeared to have been broken into by the fleeing suspect.  The victim then immediately ran to confront the suspect who had a stolen phone charger chord hanging from his front sweatshirt pocket.  The victim identified the stolen property by distinguishing marks on the chord.  As the victim confronted the suspect, tensions escalated and the suspect pulled out a screw driver from his sweat shirt and attempted to swing and stab the victim.  As the suspect missed the victim with his swing, the victim quickly retaliated and swiftly punched the suspect twice in the face with closed fists.  Once the suspect fell to the ground the victim proceeded to kick the suspect and pin him down placing him under citizen’s arrest.  Shortly after, Officers arrived on the scene and detained the suspect and interviewed the victim and witnesses.  The suspect was taken to SFGH accompanied by Officers at the scene. The victim signed a Citizen’s Arrest Form against the suspect, who was later charged with his crimes.  Report Number 150304584
4:50pm        4900 Blk Mission                Vandalism
Two suspects were caught shortly after “Tagging” a wall behind a Safeway grocery store.  Officer Espinoza and Sgt. Ly responded to the graffiti vandalism call.  Upon arrival, Officers Elliston, Ng and Bryant had detained two male suspects who fit the description and with spray paint on their hands.  After searching the suspects backpacks, spray paint cans matching the colors used in the graffiti incident were found and collected for evidence.  Along with spray paint cans, stickers matching the artists ‘tag’ names were found that corresponded with their recent art work.  After speaking with the manager of the store, charges were pressed and the suspects were cited for the vandalism.  Report Number 150305059
Serious Incidents:
12:45am       Alemany/San Juan            Robbery
A good Samaritan came to the aid of a young man being kicked, punched and robbed.  Officers Jones and Wong were waved down by a concerned citizen who witnessed the attack.  As Officers approached the scene they met with the victim who sat on the curb spitting blood from his mouth.  After medics were called for assistance, Officers interviewed the victim and witness.  While walking past a bus stop, the victim first noticed the four suspects.  As they followed him, one approached him and demanded that he give over all of his belongings.  The victim then ran out of fear but was caught at a cross walk where the suspects proceeded to punch and kick him to the ground.  Soon after, a fellow citizen driving in his car witnessed the attack and began honking his vehicle horn causing all four hooded suspects to flee on foot.  The victim reported that during the chase, he dropped his cell phone which the suspects picked up. The victim was punched in the head, but did not lose consciousness.  A description of the suspects was broadcasted and Officers Hermosura and Ferronato searched the area with negative results.   The victim declined medical treatment but was given a courtesy ride back to his residence.  Report number 150305952
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
08:15am          200 Blk London                      Stolen Vehicle
06:00pm          Ogden/Folsom                        Stolen Vehicle
06:00pm          Unit Blk Raleigh                     Theft from Vehicle
07:30pm          700 Blk Chenery                     Stolen Vehicle
09:00pm          100 Blk Ripley                        Burglary
09:12pm          100 Blk Brookdale                  Recovered Vehicle
10:00pm          3200 Blk Harrison                  Theft form Vehicle
11:13pm          4500 Blk Mission                    Battery
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.