Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apr. 10, 2015

       Incident Date:
                            Friday, April 10th, 2015
The next community meeting will be held at Crocker Amazon Clubhouse, 799 Moscow Street, on April 21, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
Join The S.F.P.D. – San Francisco's Finest
"The San Francisco Police Department welcomes dedicated men and women to join us in serving our City. I encourage you to apply to become one of San Francisco's finest."
- Chief Gregory Suhr
The City and County of San Francisco invites you to join a highly respected police department and serve the citizens of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. San Francisco Police Officers perform a wide variety of duties to promote public safety and security, prevent crime and enforce the law. Police officers perform a number of essential functions. For example, they patrol districts to prevent and detect crime; respond to calls for assistance; conduct criminal investigations; interact with the community to build cooperation and support; pursue and arrest suspects; enforce traffic and parking laws; write reports and maintain records; work with superiors, peers, and others as a team; prepare for and participate in planned events; prepare for court and give testimony; and fulfill other administrative duties when required. This is much more than a job; it is an opportunity to build a career of which you can be proud.
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Applying is Easy!
1.      Apply with the City and County of San Francisco at www.jobaps.com/sf (Entry Level (Q-2) Police Officer)
2.      Go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com, choose law enforcement, and register to take the San Francisco exam ($45). Financial assistance is available.
3.      Choose an available exam date that's convenient for you.
4.      Schedule your exam.
5.      You will receive an email confirming your exam date, time and location.
No Incidents to Report.
Serious Incidents:
12:35am     Teddy & Rutland          Robbery
A man walking home from work was set upon by three robbers. The victim told Ingleside officer Hart that while walking northbound on Rutland he was suddenly approached by three men. One of the men immediately pulled the victim to the ground while the other two punched him several times to the face and arms. The one of the robbers reached into his pants pocket and removed $35 in cash and then all three robbers escaped in an unknown direction. The victim suffered lacerations to his mouth and eye and a bruised arm.  Report number: 150314903
9:05pm       600 Blk San Jose          Robbery
A woman drove home with a friend. When she drove into her driveway, her friend left the car and walked toward her own home. The victim told Ingleside officers DeFilippo and Kikuchi that she pulled into the garage, turned off the car engine, and opened the door and was confronted by a man holding a knife. The victim started screaming and the suspect said, “Stop it. I won’t hurt you”. He then asked, “What’s in your purse?”. The victim responded, “Everything”. The suspect then said, “I don’t want the cards, just the cash.  How much money”? The victim responded, “A lot of money”, and she started counting the cash. The suspect then said, “Stop counting”, and the victim gave the suspect an unknown amount of cash before he ran out of the garage and escaped. Report number: 150314680
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
0:30am             3100 Blk Mission        Vandalism
1:00am             100 Blk Bosworth        H&R
8:30am             100 Blk Miramar         Fraud
8:53am             200 Blk Laidley           Recovered Vehicle
9:00am             100 Blk Foote              Stolen License Plate
9:24am             300 Blk Valley            Recovered Vehicle
9:35am             Brazil/Mission             Traffic Collision
11:30am           500 Blk Monterey       Theft from Building
11:45am           100 Blk Tucker            Recovered Vehicle
12:00pm           1300 Blk Bowdoin      Burglary
12:00pm           Unit Blk Precita          Recovered Vehicle
12:10pm           200 Blk Richland        Recovered Vehicle
12:46pm           200 Blk Bocana          Recovered Vehicle
4:04pm             900 Blk Ellsworth       Recovered Vehicle
4:05pm             900 Blk Ellsworth       Recovered License Plate
4:57pm             4100 Blk Mission       Warrant
5:00pm             200 Blk Colon             Auto Boost
5:00pm             Duncan/Castro            Stolen Vehicle
5:00pm             Excelsior/Athens         Stolen Van
5:30pm             600 Blk Edna              Stolen Vehicle
7:00pm            100 Blk Tioga              Auto Boost
7:00pm            Unit Blk Tingley          Stolen Vehicle
9:15pm            1800 Blk Alemany       Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm          Miguel/Chenery           Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm          500 Blk Los Palmos     Stolen Vehicle
10:10pm          400 Blk Madrid            Att. Burglary
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.