Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mar. 9, 2015

       Incident Date:
                         Monday,  March 9th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on March 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
4:58pm       50 Phelan                                 Delaying/Resisting
City College Police Officer Flood was on patrol at CCSF’s Ocean campus when he witnessed a male suspect, whom he believed to be smoking marijuana in the parking lot by Conlan Hall. He then asked the suspect to provide him with some identification; however the suspect hesitated and stated that he likely had a warrant out for his arrest. The suspect then turned away from Officer Flood and proceeded to flee on foot. The suspect’s description was then radioed to other officers in the area and a search was immediately conducted. Officers were then advised that the suspect was spotted running across the pedestrian bridge towards eastbound Geneva Ave. It was believed that the suspect proceeded to enter the Balboa Park BART station and was attempting to hide from officers within the BART system. At approximately 5:25pm, a suspect matching the description was spotted at Glen Park Station by an SFPD officer. In the interest of safety, the BART system was shut down between Daily City and Glen Park stations. The suspect proceeded to run through the BART tunnel towards Balboa Park, and was finally taken into custody. Report Number: 150212965
Serious Incidents:
6:28pm       1700 Blk Geneva                    Assault/Robbery
Officers Shugars and Ismand responded to a call regarding an assault on a MUNI bus. As they arrived on scene, they met with the victim who had visible blood on his face and shirt. The victim also had visible redness on his cheek consistent with being struck and a bump on his forearm. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene to treat the victim. As Officers awaited the arrival of EMS, they questioned the victim to determine why he was assaulted. The victim told them that he was sitting on the bus in front of two unknown suspects, when he briefly turned around to observe his surroundings. The first suspect then stated “You lookin’ at my girl?” at this point the victim turned back when three more suspects confronted him and demanded he hand over his cell phone. Fearing for his safety the victim handed over his cell phone. At this point the suspect threw the phone back at the victim and asked “what else?” The victim then pulled out what cash he had and gave it to the suspect. It was at this point, the three subjects began to hit the victim numerous times. The suspects then got off of the bus and fled in an unknown direction. Report Number: 150213048
10:30pm     Sawyer/Sunnydale                  Robbery
Officers Franceschi and Lee were dispatched to a robbery with a firearm near Sawyer Street. Upon arrival, the officers were met by the victim who stated that as he got off the MUNI bus near his home, four suspects robbed him at gunpoint. The officers took this information and radioed it to multiple units in the surrounding area. The victim claimed to have no prior contact with the suspects prior to the robbery and did not know why he was targeted. He stated that as he was getting off the bus, the four suspects followed him and then placed a gun to his stomach and proceeded to remove his backpack and rifled through it. They then removed his wallet and cell phone and took those items as well. The suspects then took off headed down Sunnydale Avenue. The officers contacted MUNI in hopes of retrieving video surveillance of the suspects when they were on the bus. Officers were able to get in touch with the driver of the bus, and the driver stated that she did see the suspects on her route and suspected that something was amiss. To her knowledge, all of the suspects passed by the buses camera and that the video would be made available to the SFPD. Report Number: 150213775
10:45pm     3700 Blk Mission                    Assault
Officers Peregrina and McMilton were dispatched to the intersection of Mission and Richland in regards to a stabbing. On arrival, they located the victim who had a visible laceration on his lower lip and his clothing was covered in blood. The victim stated that he had been drinking with a friend at a nearby bar when the incident occurred. An unknown suspect then approached him and asked “What’s your problem?” The victim told the suspect that he did not have a problem and attempted to ignore him. The suspect remained aggressive and once again asked what his problem was; the victim then said again that he did not have a problem. At this point the suspect pulled out a pocket knife and stated to the victim that he would cut him. Suddenly, the suspect lashed out at the victim with the knife and cut him on the lip. The suspect fled on foot in an unknown direction. The victim stated that he did not have a previous altercation with the suspect before this incident and did not know why he was targeted. The bar’s management stated that the altercation may have been caught on surveillance video, and a request was made to the business to obtain this footage. Medical responded to the scene and the victim was treated for his injuries. Report Number: 150213872
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
12:01am           900 Blk Cayuga                        Stolen Vehicle
12:07am           Portola/Waithman                     Traffic Collision
01:11am           Unit Blk Sgt John Young          Warrant Arrest
02:00am           300 Blk Harkness                      Burglary
11:32am           Elk/Diamond Heights               Theft from Vehicle
12:50pm           200 Blk Peru                             Recovered Vehicle
03:45pm           200 Blk Dalewood                   Theft from Building
03:47pm           5000 Blk Mission                     Warrant Arrest
04:05pm           100 Blk Dorcas                        Theft
07:00pm           100 Blk Onondaga                   Stolen License Plate
08:21pm           100 Blk Phelan                         Harassing Phone Calls
10:10pm           5000 Blk Mission                     Stolen Vehicle
10:20pm           2300 Blk Diamond                   Vehicle Tampering
10:30pm           Morse/Florentine                      Hit and Run
11:40pm           1400 Blk Cayuga                      Recovered Vehicle
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.