Friday, March 13, 2015

Mar. 10, 2015

       Incident Date:
                         Tuesday,  March 10th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on March 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
11:39am     700 Blk Brazil                        Hot Prowl Burglary
A homeowner’s dog went to the front window and began barking at something outside. The homeowner became curious and went to take a look. Once there he saw three young men standing in front of his home, one of whom was trying to reach under the front gate and attempting to steal several small items that could easily be squeezed through. The homeowner said the suspect was trying to steal his children’s razor scooter and skateboards. The homeowner opened his window and yelled out to the suspects who immediately stopped and began walking away. The homeowner kept an eye on the suspects while he called the police. When Officers Espinoza and Archilla arrived the homeowner directed them to the suspects’ location. The officers detained them without incident and had the homeowner point out the one who was trying to steal the items. The two that had no involvement were released and the guilty one was charged with the burglary. Report Number: 150214864
Serious Incidents:
8:30 am      1400 Blk Sanchez                   Hot Prowl Burglary
Officer Carew was dispatched to a house on the 1400 Block of Sanchez on a call regarding a bicycle theft. The victim told the officer that he had left his garage open, went back inside his house and upon his return to the garage, noticed that two mountain bikes had been stolen. The resident was unable to provide a description of the suspect, as he was inside when the theft occurred. Officers searched the area for witnesses, surveillance cameras, and any possible evidence, but were unsuccessful. Officer Carew then advised the victim to register the stolen bike at Report Number 150214698
10:35 pm    400 Blk Silver Ave                  Robbery/Assault
Officers Ferronato and Hardy responded to a call in regards to a robbery with a razor blade. Dispatch advised that the suspects were last seen wearing black clothing, a facemask and at least one suspect had a razor blade in their possession. They robbed a man of his headphones and fled down Silver towards Mission Street. On scene, the officers encountered the victim who had a visible cut on his arm and medics was requested to treat his injuries. The victim stated that he was walking eastbound on Silver Avenue when the suspects confronted him. They approached him and shouted “hold up!”, while one suspect placed his arm around the victim’s neck and pressed a sharp object up against it. They then demanded that the victim hand over everything he had, and threatened to shoot him if he did not comply. In an attempt to defend himself, the victim punched the suspect that was restraining him but suffered several cuts on his arm as a result. The suspects then fled on foot down Silver Avenue with the victim’s headphones. There was also one witness to the crime who had initially called “911” from their vehicle, they stated that they were able to witness the entire incident and provided a description of the suspects to dispatch. The scene was then checked by officers who attempted to locate any surveillance cameras in the area, which may have captured the incident, but were unsuccessful in their search. Report Number: 150216848
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
02:00am           Persia/Dublin                            Stolen Vehicle
02:25am           Unit Blk Excelsior                     Vandalism to Property
07:22am           100 Blk Ellington                      Recovered Vehicle
08:00am           3800 Blk Mission                     Theft from Vehicle
11:55am           700 Blk Brazil                          Burglary
12:00pm           Unit Blk Leo                             Theft from Building
03:00pm           1600 Blk Cayuga                     Stolen Vehicle
04:11pm           600 Blk Madrid                        Recovered Vehicle
04:15pm           200 Blk Addison                      Vandalism to Vehicle
04:26pm           400 Blk Alemany                      Theft from Building
05:05pm           Unit Blk Genebern                    Theft from Vehicle
05:35pm           4600 Blk Mission                     Assault
06:30pm           Church/29th                              Theft from Vehicle
07:00pm           Unit Blk Navajo                       Stolen Vehicle
08:00pm           4300 Blk Mission                     Stolen Vehicle
08:40pm           400 Blk Mangels                       Stolen Vehicle
09:00pm           400 Blk Paris                            Stolen Vehicle
09:00pm           500 Blk Alemany                     Vandalism to Vehicle
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.