Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar. 12, 2015

       Incident Date:
                         Thursday,  March 12th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on March 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
4:30pm       Kern/Brompton             D.U.I
The call came in as an unresponsive man in a vehicle with the engine running. Ingleside Officers Shugars and Imsand were dispatched and found the driver slouched over the steering wheel of a late model Hyundai. The officers tapped on the window which alerted the driver whose vehicle rolled backward several feet before stopping. The officers asked the driver to step out and he complied. He told the officers that he’s been working long hours and not getting enough sleep. However, the officers noticed his speech was slurred and his breath smelled of alcohol. He told the officers that he had a few drinks that afternoon at a nearby tavern and had only eaten a half of sandwich that day. The officers conducted a roadside sobriety test which he failed. They received permission from the suspect for a breath test which subsequently revealed a blood alcohol level of .120, far above the legal limit of .09.  He was transported to the County Jail for booking and then to General Hospital for treatment of a chronic infection. Because of his illness he was later cited and released with a promise to appear in court. Report number: 150222362
Serious Incidents:
8:58pm       Navajo/Cayuga             Attempted Robbery
A man and his girlfriend had a scary encounter with a man trying to rob the couple. The victim told Ingleside Offices Wells and Jones that after turning northbound on Cayuga from Geneva they noticed a dark colored SUV following them. The couple became more concerned as the SUV’s driver ran a stop sign while pursuing them. The victim’s turned into a driveway in an attempt to turn around and proceed back in the previous direction, but the SUV’s driver pulled up and blocked their attempt to pull back into the street. The victim told the officers that it was then that a man got out of the SUV and approached the right door of the victim’s car. The suspect punched the passenger window out and reached in and attempted to take the woman’s backpack. However the woman passenger held tight as her boyfriend started backing out of the driveway trying to escape. The robber got back into his SUV and fled while the victim backed out and drove off in a different direction. Report number: 150223304
10:46pm     200 Blk Hahn                Theft
A man asked to borrow a cell phone to call a friend and, once he had it in his possession, ran away with the property. The victim described the suspect to Ingleside Officers Naser and Marshal who broadcast a description of the suspect. The officer’s used the IPhone app, “Find my IPhone” and traced the stolen property to the #101 freeway near Potrero Hill. A short time later, crime suppression unit officers detained two men matching the description of the robber at 7th and Market Streets. But the victim, who was brought to the scene by Ingleside officers, could not positively identify either men as the suspect who stole his cell phone and the two men were released. Report number: 150223348
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
03:03am           Unit Blk Whitney                     Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
09:04am           Diamond Heights/Duncan        Traffic Collision
09:30am           200 Blk Ordway                       Burglary
09:55am           900 Blk Rolph                          Fraud
10:00am           700 Blk Moscow                      Theft
10:03am           Ellsworth/Crescent                   Traffic Collision
11:40am           700 Blk France                         Recovered Vehicle
12:00pm           Foote/Ellington                        Stolen Vehicle
12:15pm           400 Blk Paris                           Recovered Vehicle
12:24pm           500 Blk Congo                         Recovered Vehicle
03:01pm           2000 Blk Burrows                    Recovered Vehicle
03:30pm           Mission/Excelsior                    Battery
04:25pm           Mission/Powers                       Theft from Vehicle
04:25pm           200 Blk Hahn                           Warrant Arrest
06:10pm           200 Blk Bocana                       Public Intoxication
08:04pm           4900 Blk Mission                    Vandalism to Property
09:00pm           Unit Blk Chaves                      Theft from Vehicle
09:35pm           1600 Blk Sanchez                    Recovered Vehicle
11:03pm           1600 Blk Sanchez                    Stolen Vehicle 
Burglaries with suspect description:
03:38am          Unit Blk Manchester             Burglary: Suspect #1; White male, approximately 30 to 40 years old, 6’0 in height, about 190 pounds, closely cropped light colored hair and unknown eye color. Last seen wearing a Grey zip-up hoodie and unknown color pants. Suspect Vehicle: White Ford Ranger pickup early ‘2000 model. Items taken: two bicycles from the garage area.