Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dec. 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, December 29th, 2012

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No Incidents to Report.

Serious Incidents:
1:00am       Mission/Persia               Robbery
Officers Dominguez and Carrasco responded to a call of a robbery that had just occurred at Mission and Persia Avenue. Several Ingleside Units responded as well. Officer Leong was the first unit to arrive and located the victim and a witness. Both the victim and the witness said five male suspects were involved and provided a brief description of all five, which was then broadcasted for the responding units. It was said that three of the suspects fled Eastbound on Persia Avenue, while the remaining two went in the opposite direction. After searching the area, Officers Tam and Cassinelli came across three subjects matching the description given by the victim and the witness. The victim stated he and the witness, a friend, boarded the Muni bus at Mission and 4th Street and sat towards the rear. He said that the five male suspects boarded the bus at Mission and 26th Street and sat directly behind them. The victim’s friend told him that she did not feel comfortable sitting so close to the group and wanted to move towards the front of the bus. As they got up to move, the suspects grabbed the victim from behind and held him down, while one of the five suspects searched through his pockets and took his phone and ripped his pants. All the suspects then got off the bus at Mission and Persia Avenue. The victim and the witness stayed on the bus and got off at the next stop, where they asked a stranger to call the police. The victim and the witness viewed the subjects detained and informed the officers that they were not involved in the robbery. The subjects were soon released. A continued search of the area revealed negative results. Officer Dominguez contacted Muni and requested the surveillance tape from the bus. The case is still under investigation. Report Number 121045709

2:02pm       San Bruno/Wilde           Robbery
Officers Fulgado and Morse responded to a call of a robbery that took place at San Bruno and Wilde. The victim said she was at the bus stop with her Iphone in her hands and her earphones connected from the phone to her ears. A suspect appeared out of nowhere and with one hand grabbed her phone. The victim struggled to keep her phone, but the suspect gained control of the phone and fled on foot. The victim chased after the suspect but lost him in the area of Wilde and Goettingen Street. Officer Fulgado attempted to track the phone with no results. Report Number 121046973

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
  2:30am          100 Blk Congdon                   Stolen Vehicle
10:43am          200 Blk Arlington                   False Registration
12:00am          200 Blk Rome                        Recovered Vehicle
  3:35pm          4700 Blk Mission                   Theft of Services
  4:00pm          1600 Blk Alemany                 Stolen Vehicle
  5:30pm          Bosworth/Lippard                  Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm          100 Blk Laura                        Stolen Vehicle
  6:30pm          5600 Blk Mission                   Stolen Vehicle
  6:35pm          4700 Blk Mission                   Warrant Arrest
  7:30pm          Unit Blk Blythdale                  Theft from Building
  8:30pm          3300 Blk Mission                  Theft
1100pm           100 Blk Chaves                     Hit and Run


Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.