Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nov. 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, November 29th, 2012

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4:57pm       300 Blk Coleridge           Warrant
Officer Burke and Sgt. Alvarez were dispatched to a call regarding a group of individuals who were smoking marijuana. The officers spotted the group as they were walking away from the scene. As the officers began to identify themselves, six out seven stopped walking. The seventh suspect ignored the officers and continued to walk away. As the officers asked the suspect to come back, the suspect began to run. The officers knew from previous experience that when a suspect runs away it may be because they have narcotics, a concealed weapon, or a warrant. As officer Burke was chasing the suspect officer Preston intervened and told the suspect to stop. The officers took the suspect into custody. Sgt. Alvarez found a small bag of marijuana, and believed that the suspect dropped it as he began to run. The officers were informed that the suspect did in fact have a warrant for his arrest in Contra Costa County. After a record check came back positive for the warrant, the suspect was booked and arrested. Sgt. Alvarez booked the bag of marijuana as evidence. Report Number 120965081

Serious Incidents:

12:30pm     San Bruno/Sunnydale  Robbery
Officers Yuen and Sgt. McDevitt were flagged down by a victim who stated she was texting on her cell phone while riding on a bus. As the bus stopped an unknown suspect grabbed the victims’ phone and proceeded to exit the bus. The victim was able to grab a hold of the suspect until he fell. As the suspect fled the scene the victim lost sight of him. The officers requested a copy of the surveillance video from MUNI. Report Number 120964174

12:41pm     100 Blk Whitney           Burglary
Officer Morgante and several other units responded to a report of a burglary. The victim stated that she was in her home when she heard the door bell ring several times and loud banging at the front door. The victim spoke very little English and wanted to avoid answering the front door. The victim informed the officers that a few minutes later, she heard two unknown suspects upstairs making a lot of noise. The victim hid in her room and called the homeowner. Officers were able to take photos of the scene and take a piece of wood that may have fingerprints as evidence. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120964384

7:30pm       Ocean/Geneva               Robbery
Civilian Police Service Aide Cato was working station duty when a victim came into file a report of a robbery. The victim stated that she was walking home when an unknown suspect approached her from behind, held her to the ground and covered her mouth with his hand. The suspect then told the victim to hand over her phone and money. As the victim reached into her purse the suspect stated “I don’t want to hurt you, just give me the bag!” As the suspect was riffling through the purse a witness approached the two and asked if the victim was injured. The suspect replied “nothing is happening here!” and fled the scene. The witness and the victim informed the CPSA that they would be able to identify the suspect if they saw him again. Report Number 120965495

9:05pm       Cayuga/Lamartine       Robbery
Officers Barajas and Lustenberger responded to a call regarding a robbery with a gun. The officers met with the victim who stated she was walking home from B.A.R.T. when an unknown suspect appeared out of nowhere. The suspect pointed a gun at the victim and told her to give him everything. The victim handed over her purse and the victim fled from the scene. The victim informed the officers that a silver pickup truck fled the scene at a high speed seconds after she was robbed. The officers searched the area with negative results. Report Number 120965724

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  1:05am          Mission/Geneva          Traffic Collision
  1:14am          Mission/Cortland        Traffic Collision
  1:45am          3300 Blk San Bruno   Burglary
  8:00am          400 Blk Raymond       Theft
  8:33am          Burlwood/Emil           Recovered Auto
10:00am          Virginia/Winfield        Stolen Vehicle
10:03am          400 Blk Huron            Recovered Auto
12:07pm          100 Blk Holladay        Recovered Auto
12:18pm          700 Blk Prague           Recovered Auto
  1:00pm          Ocean/Onondaga        Stolen Auto
  3:45pm          Unit blk Anderson      Theft
  3:50pm          4600 Blk Mission        Vandalism to Property
  4:00pm          Unit blk Andover        Fraud
  4:20pm          4900 Blk Mission        Theft
  6:15pm          200 Blk Foerster         Threats
  6:15pm          Niagara/Mission          Traffic Collision
  7:00pm          Unit Blk Gambier       Stolen Vehicle
  7:30pm          5000 Blk Mission        Malicious Mischief
10:00pm          200 Blk Arleta             Stolen Vehicle
11:17pm          4600 Blk Mission        Threats