Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nov. 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

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12:00am     400 blk Geneva   Robbery
Officer Kabanuck and Castillo responded to a call regarding a robbery at Balboa Bart. Dispatch stated three suspects attempted to take the victim’s cell phone. As they arrived on scene, the victim stated he was sitting alone on a bench in front of Balboa Bart Station on his phone. When the victim noticed one of the three suspects approaching, he quickly placed his phone into his pocket. Once the phone was concealed, the suspect started to ask the victim questions about his phone, and then demanded the victim hand over his phone because he had to pay some bills. The victim then leaned to his right in attempt to shield his phone from the suspect. As he was shielding his phone, he noticed the other two suspects approaching him also. Suspect two then punched the victim twice on the head with a closed fist and started to go through the victim’s pockets and belongings as the third suspect stayed several feet back. The suspects then fled on foot towards Balboa Bart Station. During the interview with the victim Lieutenant Engler detained a male matching the suspect’s description on the Bart Platform. The victim agreed to perform a cold show and correctly identified the suspect. Officer Kabanuck then transported the suspect to Ingleside for an interview. The suspect stated he approached the victim and said “What’s up bro, can you spare 50 cents? … Did you get that on black Friday?” the victim was minding his own business when the other two guys started beating the victim up. He told the suspects to stop hitting the victim, but they didn’t stop and he decided to walk away and take the Bart. Officers also conducted a computer check on the suspect and showed the suspect had two outstanding warrants. The suspect was then booked at County Jail. Report Number 120960495

1:50pm       200 blk Tingley    Battery
Officer Yuen and Archilla were dispatched regarding a domestic violence. When they arrived they made contact with the victim who stated she has been going through a breakup and were gather her belongings to move out the house. The suspect then came into the house and started to argue with her. When she finally had enough and locked herself in her room to avoid more arguments. The suspect then started to punch and kick the door until he finally gained access to her room. He then began to put his hands and spit on her. That is when the victim got dressed and started walking towards the front door, when the victim punched her on the face.  Officers Yuen and Archilla went back inside of the house and placed the suspect under arrest. The suspect was transported and booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120961653

8:48pm       100 blk Appleton  Warrant Arrest
Officer Goff, Dudley, Antonian and Hunt were dispatched regarding a wanted person. Earlier during the day the suspect not only rammed a police vehicle while trying to escape, but also violated many vehicle codes sections. According to dispatch an anonymous citizen stated the suspect was currently inside the residence. Several units responded to the location to conduct surveillance of the residence. While on surveillance, Officer Antonian observed a male open the upstairs window and immediately recognized him as the suspect and established a command post of operations. The Tactical unit eventually contacted the suspect who was still inside the residence and placed him under arrest without further incident. He was then transported and booked at County Jail.

Serious Incidents:

9:31pm       Unit blk Castillo  Robbery
Officer Apodaca and Seavey responded to a call regarding a robbery. Then they arrived they met the victim who stated he had been robbed by two unknown suspects. He explains as he got off the bus he noticed two males walking behind him. After a few blocks one suspect struck the victim in his head with his fist. The second suspect then pulled off his backpack and started to punch the victim multiple times. Afterward the beating, the suspects fled on foot. Officer Apodaca and Seavey searched the area in attempt to locate the suspects with no luck. Report Number 120962736

3:06pm       Monterey/Circular   Hit & Run
Officer Hart, Johnson, Obot, and Phillips responded to assist Sergeant Manning who observed a wanted subject.  Manning informed dispatch that a green Ford Mustang was last seen traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound of Monterey. Officer Hart then maneuvered the patrol vehicle in anticipation for the green Ford Mustang. While waiting, they observed the Mustang slow to a stop due the heavy traffic. As the patrol car approached the Mustang it made an abrupt u-turn while screeching its tire. Officer Hart then stopped the patrol vehicle in the intersection in attempts to stop the suspect. The Mustang made no attempts to stop as it made contact with the patrol vehicle’s front driver bumper. The Mustang then fled the scene at a high rate of speed. Officers then lost site of the Mustang as it continued eastbound on Diamond St. Report number 120961841

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

8:00am            400 Blk Miramar                     Burglary
8:17am            Alemany/Silver                        Traffic Collision
9:30am            Unit Blk Phelan                       Theft from Building
1:25pm            Congo/Martha                         Hit and Run
2:40pm            100 Blk Tioga                         Theft
4:30pm            Unit Blk Anderson                  Theft
4:30pm            1200 Blk Bernal Heights         Theft from Vehicle
5:51pm            3700 Blk Mission                    Battery
6:11pm            Geneva/Mission                      Traffic Collision
6:15pm            800 Blk Ellsworth                   Battery
6:30pm            Unit Blk Phelan                      Theft

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.