Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec. 5, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

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8:00am       Crescent/Folsom  Driving without License
Officer Villaruel and Walsh responded to a traffic collision. When the officers arrived they observed two vehicles that were stopped in traffic. Neither driver of the vehicles had injuries as a result of the collision. A translator was also brought to assist the exchange of information as one of the driver’s only spoke Spanish. Upon further investigation, Officer Villaruel discovered one of the drivers had no driver’s license. The other driver was informed of this revelation and officers asked if he would like to sign a citizen’s arrest against the other driver for operating a vehicle without a valid Driver’s license. The driver signed the citizen’s arrest and the other driver was then given a citation. She then contacted her boss who came to the scene and took possession of her vehicle. Both parties were then released from the scene. Report Number 120977547

12:40pm     100 blk Leland    Assault Arrest
Officers Elton and Duffin responded to a call regarding a verbal/physical fight between a store owner and a female patron. When officers arrived, they noticed a male witness, sitting on top of the female suspect, in a full mount position. When the man saw the officers he removed himself off the suspect and told them he was holding her down until they arrived. Officer Elton and Duffin immediately placed handcuffs on the suspect. They also noticed a 2” open wound on the victim’s/store owner’s forearm. Officers then spoke with the victim who advised officers that she noticed the suspect placing various items consisting of toothpaste and socks into a brown bag and attempted to leave the store without showing any intent to pay. While attempting to stop her, the victim was bitten by the suspect as she attempted to leave the store. Officer Duffin then spoke with two witnesses who confirmed the incident. The suspect was then transported to County Jail and booked for burglary and aggravated assault. The items were recovered and given back to the store owner.  Report Number 120981237

3:41pm       50 Phelan            Fire Arm Arrest
Officers Chang and Burlyga, of the San Francisco Community College Police Department, were on patrol outside the campus parking lot, when they noticed a vehicle illegally parked in a handicap parking space. The officers noticed that the vehicle did not have a handicap license plate or handicap placard on the rear view mirror. They exited their patrol vehicle and made contact with two female occupants who were seated inside. The occupants advised the officers that they were not the owners or drivers of the vehicle and that they were waiting for their friend who was inside dropping of some paper work. The occupants then pointed to their friend, who happened to be walking out of the building and headed towards their direction. The owner/suspect noticed that the officers were issuing a ticket for the handicap violation and immediately began arguing with the officers. The owner/suspect then became aggressive with the officers and took a fighting stance, which indicated he wanted to fight the officers. The officers attempted to detain the suspect. The suspect began to resist and fight with the officers trying to elbow, kick and spit at the officers. After a brief struggle, the officers were able to control the suspect and placed him in handcuffs. The officers then released the two occupants from the scene and towed the vehicle from the scene. Prior to towing the vehicle, the officers conducted an inventory search inside and found a Taser Gun and loaded firearm. The suspect was booked for assault, resisting and various weapons charges. The items found were booked in as evidence. Report Number 120981645.
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Serious Incidents:

7:30pm       Geneva/Paris       Robbery
Officer Naval and Morrow were dispatched to a possible robbery. Upon arrival Officers met with the victim who stated she was walking when she noticed an unknown suspect was approaching her from the front. Thinking nothing of it, the victim thought the suspect was going to walk right past her, but out of nowhere the suspect lunged towards her and started to go through her pockets. The victim screamed as the suspect went through her belongings and grabbed her phone and threw it on the ground. The suspect then pushed the victim backwards as he picked up her phone and ran off. Report Number 120982461

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  5:15am          100 Blk Rolph                       Burglary
  7:25am          1600 Blk Valencia                 Theft
  8:51am          Unit Blk Newton                    Recovered Auto
  9:00am          900 Blk Bosworth                 Theft
  9:30am          600 Blk Paris                         Fraud
12:35pm          Unit Blk Phelan                      Theft
12:46pm          Silver/Lisbon                          Traffic Collision
  2:28pm          100 Blk Blythdale                  Warrant Arrest
  3:30pm          700 Blk Ocean                      Battery
  7:00pm          Unit Blk Lisbon                      Recovered Auto
  7:30pm          Italy/Mission                           Stolen Auto    
  8:00pm          4700 Blk Mission                    Harassment
  8:47pm          700 Blk Athens                       Battery
  9:30pm          200 Blk Congo                       Stolen Auto
11:00pm          Unit Blk Chenery                    Burglary
11:30pm          Alemany/Onondaga                Stolen License Plate

 Burglaries with suspect description:
No incidents to report.